The Planets In Love...
What Do The Planets and Bodies Signify For Your Love Life

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

In astrology, every planet or body has some signification for your love life.

This "planets in love" page lists the planets and bodies with the corresponding meaning for your love life.

Planets and bodies (the Lights, Arabic Parts etc.) are the actors who play in a certain environment (the houses) with certain traits (the signs).

While we can never change the position of the planets and bodies in the signs (planets in signs signify onborn traits that are related to the time of birth), we can change environmental influences (which are based on residential influences or the place of birth/residence).

So, changing the place of residence, may be able to alter the way one lives the onborn traits.

To read or learn more about the signification of the planets in love, click on a planet or body below to jump to the delineations related to your love life.

The Sun



The Moon







The Moon's Node

The Vertex

The Ascendant

The Descendant

The Arabic Parts

The Part of Fortune

The Part of Marriage




The Ruler of The 7th House

Conjunctions to the Ruler of the 7th House

Planets In The 5th House

Planets In The 7th House

The Love Degrees

The Fixed Stars

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Planets and Points in Love Sub-Pages
The Meaning of The Planets, Points and Bodies for Your Love Life

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  • The Descendant and Your Partner Types
  • The Ruler of The 7th House
  • Planets In The 5th House
  • Planets In The 7th House
  • The Vertex
  • The Asteroid Juno
  • The Dark/Black Moon Lilith
  • Venus in The Natal Chart
  • Venus Aspects
  • Degree Areas That Bring Love
  • The Arabic Parts
  • The Fixed Stars

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