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In astrology, the 7th house (opposite the 1st house) in your natal chart represents everything and everyone that is outside of yourself.

It's a cardinal air house denoting that it's about (superficial) encounters, meetings and interaction with the outer world (at large), with the public, an audience etc.

Because of the air element, it's about communication, exchange of thoughts and ideas and all kinds of interactions.

Because it's a cardinal house, it's also about (im)pulses and initiating urges.

It's above all about our "social urges" and the need to "connect."

In the 7th house, we find the impulse to meet and encounter the outer world. The 7th house is about socializing, about the people we live with, the "others" we meet (clients, customers, vendors, people in the street,...).

Because of the polarity with the 1st house (representing your own self), it also relates to what attracts you or whom you are attracted to.

It's also about your "significant other" as a person and being.

It's not really about marriages.

In our opinion, marriage is part of the whole 3rd Quadrant (houses 7, 8 and 9). Why? Because:

  • in the 7th house, you just meet/encounter the other (the cardinal principle).

  • in the 8th house you bond with the other (it's a fixed water house, representing emotional connections and bonds) (the fixed principle).

  • in the 9th house you make the bond and "the other" public (mutable houses spread and become visible) (the mutable principle).

The zodiac sign(s) on the cusp and in the 7th house describe these other people and situations you are attracted to. The planets in the 7th house, which we want to delineate now, reveal yet more about the other(s).

We only list the planets separately. In case two or more planets reside in the 7th house, the meaning can alter substantially (in our opinion, you CANNOT blend the meaning of the individual delineations as such -- the outcome seems to be more than the sum of the parts).

It seems that stelliums or multiple conjunctions in the 7th house have their own meaning which still needs further research!

And now to the delineations of the planets in the 7th house...

The Sun in the 7th House

  • The Sun represents your ego and physical body. You want that the outer world sees you physically.
  • you want to get noticed physically
  • other persons (or your significant other) are related to mile stones in your life that raise creativity and more self-expression.
  • you tend to attract (male) persons of authority
  • relationships become a focal point in life

The Moon in the 7th House

  • you crave meetings and encounters
  • you are attracted to sensitive people who, quite often, love children
  • there is no real stability in meeting people (people come and go) but encounters are quite cyclic (you meet the same person again after some time, often following a certain cycle).
  • you tend to attract moody people
  • you may be attracted to children and/or childish people
  • you tend to talk to your partner as if you talk to a child (childish, with diminutives and often degrading the other)
  • there is some calculation in everything you do

Mercury in the 7th House

  • you need a public to talk to, to communicate with
  • you need a mental and intellectual relationship
  • you are attracted to (much) younger people and/or slim people
  • you love poetry, writings etc...
  • relationships tend to be full of opportunism and are often a calculated act

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Venus in the 7th House

  • you need aesthetically pleasing people full of charm
  • you cannot live without people in your environment
  • you tend to be attracted to rather passive (lazy?) people who cannot stand a fight or argument
  • you love multi-tasking because it makes you feel less lonely
  • because Venus cannot stand arguments, chances are that differences in this relationship are not spoken out, resulting in miscommunication and dissatisfaction in the long run
  • you need a partner to shine

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Mars in the 7th House

  • you always tend to blame the other, the outer world for everything that does not go as you wish for
  • you need an argument with the other as part of your competitive nature
  • the other person, the outer world acts too much on impulses

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Jupiter in the 7th House

  • you are attracted to wise and insightful people
  • you have a very idealistic view of others
  • you expect a lot of the other(s)
  • you need a dynamic relationship to feel happy
  • you need humorous people in your environment
  • you tolerate that others are differently
  • in some cases, Jupiter here brings different marriages
  • you are always on the ready to give (unsolicited) advice which can be annoying at times

Saturn in the 7th House

  • you are attracted to older people
  • you should never marry when young because Saturn will bring a bitter divorce then
  • you tend to live alone later on in life
  • love is at a distance or not available (for whatever reason: the other is married, lives abroad, travels or works a lot,...)
  • relationships are measured by the norm in society and are very much influenced by it
  • you tend to be very cautious and hesitant towards other people
  • you set limits to others

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Uranus in the 7th House

  • you are attracted to unconventional, intellectual people
  • you want to live according to YOUR own conditions and rules, making living under one roof with someone else not easy
  • often, there is a remarkable difference in age or social background with the other person
  • you tend to love someone at a distance, who is out of reach or who is unavailable
  • you are not easy to catch in matters of love (especially not when emotions get involved)

Neptune in the 7th House

  • you seldom see "the other(s)" as is
  • you tend to merge too soon with "the other"
  • you tend to become too personal (and intimate) with others too soon and know no limits
  • you can be overwhelmed
  • you tend to believe in fairy-tales
  • you eternally long for an ideal and imaginative person making you easily dissatisfied with the ones you live with or encounter in reality
  • the other person lives isolated, in seclusion,...
  • you should not marry before your personal Saturn return (not before the age of 28-29) because Neptune here tends to dissolve any relationship

Pluto in the 7th House

  • you are attracted to very complicated people
  • relationships are very emotional experiences, intense, and can be a real challenge
  • you are too extreme, black-and-white, in your dealings with others
  • some encounters can have a really immense impact upon your life, close to obsessions
  • very often, you are rejected in matters of love
  • you and your significant other tend to live in an isolated world in a very close bond (often resulting in co-dependency)
  • your expectations regarding relationships are unrealistically high, resulting in dissatisfaction
  • you want to be the perfect partner, so much so that kind of some (subconscious) self-destructive behavior is noticeable

The Moon's Node in the 7th House

  • often, you are married twice
  • you need to learn to take into account the urges and drives of the other

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