The Dark or Black Moon Lilith
In Chart Comparison

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

In this article we will delve deeper into the meaning of an uncommon point called Lilith, also named the "Dark Moon" or the "Black Moon", the empty focal point of the Moon’s orbit around the earth, which is also the apogee of the Moon’s orbit.

So, this is NOT about the Asteroid Lilith (#1181), which is a very different body with very different meanings!

The very confusing names Lilith, Dark Moon and Black Moon make it difficult to find out what astrologers are talking about when writing about Lilith.

The Moon travels along an elliptical path around the Earth and one focal point is occupied by the Earth, the other focal point is called Lilith.

Just as there is a "mean" and a "true" Lunar Node, so there is a "mean" and a "true" ellipse and a "mean" and a "true" Lilith.

Unlike in French speaking countries, in the English speaking countries, Lilith is still little known.

Many books about Lilith have been written in French, some in German and, lately, there are some publications (or translations) in English too.

Moreover, the Lilith talked about in the English speaking community, most often refers to a body/satellite traveling around the Moon which is NOT what we are talking about here.

To be perfectly clear, we're talking about the mean apogee of the Moon (it's a sensitive point) in this article, not about a body.

There has not been a lot of ('scientific' or empirical) studies so that its meaning is still unclear.

Because of the confusion related to what point or body one is talking about when mentioning Lilith and because of the lack of serious research, the interpretations found in books, articles and on the internet must be taken with huge grains of salt.

Please, keep this in mind when trying to find the interprettaions of this sensitive point!

Though we incorporate the mean apogee of the Moon in all our research studies, we have not been able to pinpoint the very essence of this sensitive point in the chart comparison yet.

What we can tell for sure though is that its meaning in the natal charts differs substantially from the transiting or progressed meaning.

The same holds true for Lilith in chart comparisons.

Seldom have we found the interpretations of Lilith described in lots of astrological books consistent or valuable.

Most significations are philosophical, unpractical, esoteric and too spiritual to understand properly.

As far as we can tell from our own conducted research so far, Lilith in synastry relates to "fascination."

Because Lilith has not yet shown to be extremely important in chart comparison, we recommend you don't rely too much on the aspects it receives from another person.

Don't obsess about it and don't jump to conclusions too soon when some inter-aspects are exact.

In synastry, there are WAY more important and powerful things to consider first than the position of Lilith!

For the moment, you may even disregard it (except when you want to conduct your own research of course).

When we have more (conclusive) information available about Lilith in synastry, we will let you know right here.

Click here to download free Ephemerides of Lilith through the web site of Astrodienst.

The positions of Lilith can be found in the last columns but one (just before Chiron's positions).

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