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Venus in the horoscope describes your (love) relationships in many ways.

Venus is the general significator of relationships (in a wide sense) and love in specific because it rules our social urges.

It also shows what you want to beautify and where you seek harmony and balance in life.

Venus is also about well-being and what you value (the things you appreciate).

We'll now take a look at some delineations that you won't find anywhere else according to the position and configuration of the planet of love.

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Delineating Venus returns

Retrograde Venus in the male natal chart

Venus retrograde

Retrograde planets are seemingly moving backward due to the earth's greater speed.

RE-trograde planets are RE-treating, RE-considering, RE-evaluating, RE-versing...

When Venus in the horoscope is retrograde, it does NOT deny love, it does NEVER prevent you from (falling in) love; it only delays it.

However, the native will also have to live with denial, frustration and maladjustment re matters of love.

Also, bonding with someone who has natal Venus retrograde takes TIME!

A direct moving Venus loves socializing, but when it's retrograde, it becomes more introvert and shy and retreats in a harmonious environment.

When Venus is just in front of a house cusp and about to enter it but due to its retrograde motion will not enter the house, it will hold back and will not take part in the matters of that house.

This can be very frustrating a position because it might bring defeat and the not realization of desires (often love because Venus is the planet of love).

Very often, there is some secret involved too, be it a secret love or something that has to do with the lover.

Retrograde Venus in the horoscope may represent a lover who has been rejected, sent away or who is quite lazy (not taking part in anything).

Indeed, archetypal Venus in itself is a passive planet and when Venus turns back (and inward), it may become self-sufficient, passive and "lazy."

when Venus changes its course and turns backward; it becomes more focused on itself, becomes more "materialistic" and physical.

Retrograde Venus in such a position shies away from people and socializing and tries to find harmony, beauty and love in itself through material goods and tangible things -- the more so if Venus is an evening star.

In all instances though, retrograde Venus makes more shy, more reactive in relationships and lives love on an inner level; without showing it outwardly.

Love can be manifested in a material way (giving presents or gifts) though, instead of saying it with words.

Also, Venus retrograde becomes more suspicious when other people openly manifest their love.

Retrograde Venus is in doubt if this is "real love."

Retrograde Venus in Leo, the sign of love, is in quite good a position because Leo is a charming and creative sign that loves beautiful things which Venus loves too.

Venus in Leo brings artistic flair and productive needs.

Planets in retrogression are almost always in a learning phase and here too, with Venus retrograde, there is something BIG to learn about love and relationships in general.

When Venus in the horoscope turns backward and becomes more materialistic, it might affect your income and/or budget.

Love becomes expensive...

In horary astrology planets turning retrograde have a specific meaning because the planets almost always represent a specific person or object.

It's amazing how often this principle works in natal astrology too but you MUST take into account that the general signification of a planet comes after the rulerships.

The rulerships are primordial in that any ruler of the house stands for the person signified by that house.

For example: the ruler of the 7th house is the significator of your partner.

Venus only comes second.

When the planet changes direction by going retrograde, the person that is signified by the re-trograde planet, re-considers, re-thinks, re-conciles, re-peats, re-builds, re-coups, re-adjusts, re-collects, re-pulses, re-fuses, re-sists, re-paints, re-decorates, re-adjusts...

In other words, the situation almost always gets RE-VERSED.

If Venus represents your lover, (s)he might turn his/her back on you.

Retrograde Venus may reject you (as will any retrograde ruler of the 7th house).

We very much like the way Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, one of the most brilliant astrologers that ever existed, explains the signification of a planet turning retrograde: a planet retrograde will not reveal his nature entirely, keep much to themselves (on the inner plane).

"There is always more there than meets the eye", is her motto.

Moreover, any retrograde planet signifies somebody who is possibly ill or in a "poor condition."

A retrograde planet holds back and is averse to entering "your house", she also adds in many of her books.

Her keyword for retrograde planets is SHYNESS, especially with Venus, planet of relationships and social interactions retrograde.

So, what can we learn from this?

If natal Venus is retrograde, expect a lover to not reveal him- or herself to the full.

Possibly you will meet someone who is ill or in a rather unfortunate situation.

The same is true if the ruler of the 7th house is retrograde in your natal chart!

Another misconception about retrograde Venus in the horoscope is that some authors claim it brings homosexuality in male horoscopes.

We have not found this to be true at all!

In the natal chart of a male person, Venus retrograde almost always points to a very deep friendship or love union with a female born under the Sun signs of Taurus or Libra or with predominant Taurus or Libra traits.

One of the basic principles in astrology is that transiting planets in your natal chart are "players" coming from "outward" into your life.

Mercury, the messenger, is the postman or a document or a letter that you get.

Venus represents a woman or a beloved one or a gift/parcel that enters into your life...

As such, transiting Venus turning backward denotes a beloved one or a woman who is ill, or unfortunate or who is rejected or sent away or for whom the situation is reversed.

In Leo, the sign of love AND children, retrograde Venus can also signify a female child that is sent away, that is ill or...

This is the way to delineate retrograde planets: combining archetypal meanings into a consistent picture (like pieces of a puzzle you put together).

Doing so, you'll be astonished with all the knowledge and wisdom (ancient) astrology gives you!

To read our empirical research pertaining to retrograde Venus in the male natal charts, click here.

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Venus out of bounds (OOB)

Planets are "out of bounds" when they achieve a declination greater than the maximum declination of the ecliptic (23N28 or 23S28).

Out of bounds planets are said to be beyond the limit, "beyond the norm", beyond expectations,...

Out of bounds planets represent something EXCEPTIONAL and the greater the declination, the greater the extraordinary influences.

When Venus, planet of love, beauty and harmony is out of bounds, there is a huge need to live in a harmonious and beautiful environment without arguments and disputes.

In male charts we have observed that they almost exclusively have been married to extremely gorgeous and highly attractive women.

These men prefer exquisite and EXCEPTIONAL beauties.

In female charts the love life is often very overwhelming and obsessive (at times self-destructive too).

In almost all instances the woman is an extraordinary beauty.

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Venus as a Morning Star (Lucifer)

Venus is the Morning Star when it rises before the Sun (for example: Venus is at 12° Aries and the Sun is at 6° Taurus).

Venus in this position takes the lead and is quite self-sufficient.

Venus is courageous and acting on impulses (often resulting in the possibility of (more) affairs).

Learn more about the cycles of Venus and how jaw-dropping the Universe can be.

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Venus as an Evening Star (Hesperus)

Venus is the Evening Star when it rises after the Sun (for example: the Sun is at 12° Aries and Venus is at 6° Taurus).

In this position, Venus in the horoscope is more sensual, less active and more reactive and introvert.

You don't jump into love easily and are more hesitant resulting in the possibility of less affairs. Love is lived internally.

The focus is more on creativity.

Learn more about the cycles of Venus and how jaw-dropping the Universe can be.

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