Venus in The Elements

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

The elemental division is one of the foundations of astrology.

Together with the modalities, they are the building stones and blocks of what we call the Tropical Zodiac.

The 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) each represent a quality of being and a state of matter.

The Elemental Division

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Whenever a planet or body changes an element, its background (theme) changes too.

You can't go wrong materializing the elements in all their forms to find out what they mean in our physical world and how they would work out.

What we will do now is delineating Venus, the archetypal planet of love, in the different elements.

However, Venus is just more than the planet of love.

It's also a receptive force, the planet that represents our taste, that which we want to beautify, that which brings harmony and peace into our life, among others.

Venus in the element Fire

Fire is always making itself noticeable and when Venus is in Fire it does not come as a surprise that Venus takes the first steps in matters of love.

Because Fire is 'showy', you will see Venus in fire and flame when love knocks at the door.

Venus in Fire radiates warmth and is full of enthusiasm.

It easily gets excited.

Venus in Fire may love an atmosphere that represents its element: candlelight dinners or enjoying a drink or meal in front of a fireplace may bring Venus in Fire in the right mood.

When in love, Venus in Fire becomes very spontaneous.

Venus in Fire loves upbeat events to attend.

It cannot stand passive situations that are found to be too boring.

Venus in the element Fire needs some action and (adventurous and/or outdoorsy) activities.

Venus in the element Earth

Earth is the most moderate and modest element of all, and also the most 'heavy.'

It radiates rest and calmness.

The element Earth is the most physical element that you can actually take and keep in your hands.

It's the most tangible one and that's why Venus in Earth needs tangible tokens of love in its life.

No talks or chatter but 'real things'!

Venus in the element Earth may love an outdoor picnic or a romantic dinner with flowers on the table.

Earth is very nature-loving.

Venus in Earth loves a hug, a gentle stroke or touch on the skin or a massage -- all things material or physical.

Venus in Earth can be very sensual but it's also very reticent and easily holds within.

Venus in Earth is very dependable and needs matter to live in and around.

Venus in the element Air

Air is the most volatile element that you most often can 'hear from far.'

Indeed, Air is noisy and with Venus in Air expect lots of talks and chatter.

Venus in the element Air is communicative and loves to inform.

Air is very mental and cerebral and, unlike Earth, dislikes physical contact.

Unlike Water, Air does not feel well when emotions come up.

That's why Venus in Air may often give a rather detached and cool impression.

Venus in Air always needs some sounds (music for example) in the environment.

When in love, Venus in Air becomes very talkative.

Because Air is a positive (extravert) element, Venus in Air wants to go out and meet people, socialize and connect one way or the other.

Venus in Air is superficial (not penetrating nor attaching) and therefore is often called the 'social butterfly.'

Venus in the element Water

You seldom hear Water, it's the most silent element of all.

Venus in Water is a very private and retentive position.

Silent waters run deep and Venus in the element Water just loves deep emotional and spiritual (soul) connections.

No words needed.

That's why Venus in Water is very subtle and a little shy in matters of love.

Because Water is a negative (introvert) element, it's not blunt or bold.

Venus in Water loves a watery environment (near a fountain, enjoying a walk along the Beach,...).

Venus in Water needs a secret or private place to withdraw.

Venus in the element Water seldom takes the initiative.

Water is the most sensitive element and Venus in Water easily feels hurt.

The atmosphere is of the highest importance to Venus in Water.

Venus in Water can be quite clingy at times and it has to learn to let go.

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