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General Comments

I have followed astrology reports for years. Had various interpretations on the phone. This site by far uses the most accurate information, which I find astounding. Especially the 1 page profile report!!! I received a Singles Love Line report recently. I am 74 and have had especially nice relationships in 4 of the specific areas over my lifetime.
C. F.

One of my very favorite astrology sites! I ALWAYS look forward to the months Cosmitec Newsletter- It’s an outstanding monthly run-down and I love so much the Uniqueness added for specific birthdates based on Sun degree - pure genius;) Luc is one of the sweetest, giving and brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure to receive guidance from while I continue to self teach the amazing gift that Astrology brings for Us - Thank you for your unlimited resources and time! :) -C
Casey Dureau - NH - United States

The First Advice report I ordered from CosmicTec exceeded my expectations. My specific concerns regarding my current love situation were thoroughly and concisely addressed with corroborating planetary evidence. The answers were spot on and delivered in a non judgmental format. I was also able to ask questions and seek additional clarifications for information quickly & succinctly. First Advice is worth every cent and I highly recommend this service as well as the many other dynamic and highly accurate services provided by CosmicTec. 100% pleased.
C. A. - Pennsylvania - United States

This is one of the best readings I have ever received--paid for or not. It is also the first astrology reading I feel has been worth every penny AND wait. For reference I purchased the Full Personality Report. Past readings that varied in pricing pales to the work Luc De Jaeger has done. In less than 30 pages, my natal chart has been opened up to me in a way I have never been exposed to before! Past readings I purchased from other sources felt overly wordy of paraphrasing beginner and intermediate level astrology google searches of positions and aspects. The succinct precision of expert material work and research was as accurate as it could be. I have learned so much about myself and of astrology itself. It is truly a worthwhile investment. Thank you for your hard work, and for opening up another pane in my Johari window.
Long story short: Luc de Jaeger's work is highly recommended. Especially for astrology amateurs ready or interested in next level readings!
Wants to remain anonymous

I'm impressed by the first advice service and I would really like to thank Mr. Luc De Jaeger for his professional suggestion on my private issue. I will def. seek advice again and I feel incredible by Mr. Jaeger's method to make forecast by midpoints and moon phrases.
Wants to remain anonymous

I have been into astrology since I can remember, reading my daily horoscope in the Maui newspaper since I, I have come across great Astrologers, and Luc/CosmiTec is one of the most GENEROUS Astrologers I have ever encountered, not to mention great! He is detail oriented, specific, mathematical, yet warm, engaging and most helpful. I have contacted him via email with random questions and he HAS ANSWERED EVERY ONE PERSONALLY. No other Astrological website has ever done that. And I go to all the main ones, from Cafe Astrology to Astrodienst ( and others who have written books. I'm a Scorpio here, so I'm very detail oriented, analytical and dig deep, mark my word, if you order a personalized reading, you will not be disappointed...I love this site, and the person behind it, not only for their commitment to accuracy and truth, but for their Generosity of Spirit!
Kimberly Szabados - Phoenix/AZ - United States

The free reports are very interesting and thought-provoking. Also, I have found no other site that offers the same "astromap" service, and free as well, so thank you very much for those. I ordered an annual report, and I'm very pleased with the depth and detail. I also appreciate that you provide a very traditional astrological report -- no psycho-babble, just the facts! I highly recommend your website services. I ordered my personalized annual report and received it the very next day. For prompt service and quality products, I have not found a better web site.
Wants to remain anonymous - Lexington/KY - United States

CosmiTec is a wonderful site full of thought-provoking information that I have never before come across in my search for astrological understanding. Luc is truly a gifted astrologer and shares his gift with kindness and expertise. Thank you Luc!
Wants to remain anonymous - Los Angeles/CA - United States

Luc touches on many aspects regarding the Natal chart in a very efficient and clear manner. I found it very helpful and I would liked to thank Luc for his great help and insight into astrology.
M. P. - United Kimgdom

This is a great web site for anyone who wants predictions, and profiles to help them in their search for a perfect match with their astrological chart. I can't wait to see more of the predictions unfold.
D. H. - Indiana - United States

I am so impressed with the accuracy and speed with which you produce reports as well as the clarity and ease of use and understanding. I also really enjoy reading your e-zine. You are excellent astrologers, keep up the good work!
S. I. - United States

Thank you for your generous free service. Such devotion and kindness to help people achieve their dreams. I hope you achieve yours also!
S. B. - Australia

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Baby Gender Prediction

The baby gender prediction has been true in may case. I got a boy in every other prediction methods but a girl predicted by cosmitec. And I gave birth to my little angel.
Wants to remain anonymous - India

Cosmitec guessed my baby gender as boy when I was 12 weeks. I delivered a baby boy last week. I used to check old wives tales out of curiosity to know the gender however nothing gave me such a acute prediction.
B. H. - India

Predicted the right gender for me! Having a little girl in November after 2 boys! So excited!
Thank you!
S. M.

Hey Guys, You people are just awesome. Your predictions were 100% accurate. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
A. M. - Delhi - India

We were delighted with Luc's prediction. He predicted I would have a baby girl the last time I was pregnant and we did. After 2 boys, we were delighted with our little girl.
Wants to remain anonymous - Ireland

I happened to find a link to this website from another mom who recommended it. So I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try, which didn't cost me a cent. I entered all of my exact information that was needed and was predicted to have a boy. Today, we had an ultrasound and did indeed find out that we are expecting a BOY!!
K. B.

I am happy to see his predictions on my baby is perfect and 100%. We have a daughter and expected to have a son also. So tried for it, we noted down the time (most likely/approx) which given to him for calculation. Got prediction after some days and result is "boy". we still need to wait for another 4 months for the Real result. I am happy that its 100% accurate if time of intercourse we noted down correctly. Hats off to Cosmic Technologies.
Wants to remain anonymous - Tamil Nadu - India

Luc is amazing... he predicted this baby would be a boy and he was right...again! He has predicted all SIX of my children correctly! Thanks again Luc, you're the best!
K. D. - United States

I would just like to thank you for all of the effort you put into your baby gender predictions and to let you know that you have been 100% accurate with my last two children. Thank you so much.
P. T.

After 2 girls I was really hoping for a boy... Luc predicted last year my 3rd baby to be a boy! Low and behold I had a beautiful baby boy in February 2014. Awaiting to see if Luc is correct with my next baby, will update in a couple of weeks when I find out gender. Thanks Luc.
N. G. - United Kingdom

Hi. I'm just coming to say thanks for your accurate prediction of my baby gender. You predicted girl, and I am indeed expecting a little girl. I am very happy and grateful.
M. D. - Australia

True... Thanks, you said I will have a boy and I have a beautiful boy Zion.
O. J.

As expected a baby boy was born! I was hoping that he had mistaken, because I wanted a girl: P! But now I am the happiest mother in the world.
Deborah Giordano - Roma - Italy

Hello Mr. Luc,
Thank you!! You were right it's a girl. I just couldn't believe it, all along everyone thought it was a boy, I believed it too, but the ultrasound confirmed it was a girl. I am sure I am going to take this test again when I plan to conceive second time, Regards,
M. T. - Germany

I was expecting twins and they predicted at least one girl. I ended up with two girls! Thank you!
A. L. - Canada

I am so impressed with your prediction! It was spot on! Yes we had a baby boy! Let's hope next time you can predict I am having a girl?
Wants to remain anonymous - United Kingdom

I filled this all out a week ago and had my baby before I got the results, of course my baby was born 2 weeks early, however the predictor whas 100% right for me!!! I had a girl and got the results that said she would be a girl!!
J. L. - Knox/TX - United States

This worked great everything pointed to my baby being a girl but this said boy!!!! An ultrasound confirmed this and on January 23rd I gave birth to the cutest baby ever!!! We love him :-)
Carmen Ortiz - Rupert/ID - United States

I decided to have a check on the baby that I already have, where the gender is known. I have a boy... and they said that I would have a boy! Definitely impressed.
Wants to remain anonymous

Luc responded to my inquiry on whether I was having a Boy or Girl, on 30 Mar 2012, and I just wanted to tell him thank you so much, he was absolutely correct!:) I had my 19 week Ultrasound today and there is no doubt about it, IT'S A BOY! I have to admit I cried and still feel a little down because I dearly had my heart set on a Girl however a healthy Baby is what I am praying for ultimately and I'm sure I'll get used to the idea of a Boy (plus there is always the next time as we will be trying for Baby number two in about a year). Thank You so much Luc, you were spot on and I just wanted to be sure I let you, and everyone reading this, know. Very impressive! Thanks so much once again.
Janet Gooden - Elkridge/MD - United States

Hi, I have gone through with the gender prediction quiz and just want to inform you that the result is 100% accurate in my case. I delivered a baby boy and that is what you have predicted for me. gr8
Wants to remain anonymous

My prediction was right once again!! I had a prediction done during my pregnancy in 2008 and that was right too!
C. R. - United States

Correctly predicted my son and predicted girl for my current pregnancy! Thank you! Will update with 2nd child when I find out :)
Wants to remain anonymous

Thank you. I had my ultrasound and your prediction was correct; I'm having a boy.
K. B. - Eureka/CA - United States

Nice job, filled out the form and the Baby Gender Prediction technique got it right, I had a boy in 2010. I don't have more children right now to provide you/me a better statistical model, but I will be tuning in to your pages and research with interest!
N. M. - Texas - United States

You have been right every time for me and my sister and I will let you know if this time you are right. I hope so because this is our last child and we have 3 boys now and I would love to have a little girl :)
Wants to remain anonymous

Your prediction was correct for me, you predicted boy and yes I did have a baby boy. Very impressive result.
Wants to remain anonymous

Requested the baby prediction - the result was BOY with a current accuracy of 80% (at the time). We have now had it confirmed (backed with 4d images) we are definitely having a little BOY. Want to thank you again for the prediction, totally amazed at the accuracy - a lot of the other free predictors. Thanks again.
Lucy Price - United Kingdom

I was predicted to have a boy and I did in fact have a baby boy. I was amazed that this was right. Thank you so much.
Suzi Phipps - Omaha/NE - United States

I just entered in all my information for the baby that I conceived in 2008 (now 2010). Luc got back to me very quickly and said that based upon all my information I had a boy- and this is correct! We had a baby boy! Pretty cool! I emailed back immediately to ask when can we make a girl?! :)
E. K.

It's a girl you were right :)
N. H.

You were right! My baby is a boy as you predicted! Thank you! Greetings from Italy!
Wants to remain anonymous - Italy

It was pretty awesome. Yall said he would be a boy & he is most definately a boy! I did this prediction when I was only a month into my pregnancy & my son is 3 months old now & absolutely precious!
J. H. - United States

I asked months ago to Baby Gender Prediction to predict the sex of my baby (will be born in March 2011) and the answer was a GIRL. Last week I had result of Amniocenthesis and it is exactly a GIRL. So you were right: thanks!!!
C. G.-P.

You were right! I just had my third baby boy on September 30.
A. H.

I've tested this out on my first child - a boy - it was right! I really hope you are right about my current pregnancy too as we are longing for a girl this time! I will post again when we find out.
L. W. - United Kingdom

This is to let you know that your prediction was accurate for me. All the Chinese charts predicted girl but we are so happy to know that it's a boy...... Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.
K. S. - United States

Your prediction was the only one that said we were having a girl. All the online quizzes said we were having a boy, even the Chinese gender chart said boy - they were all wrong! Your prediction was right! We had the gender confirmed by ultrasound and it's definitely a GIRL!!!!
J. J. - Ohio - United States

You were absolutely right!!! I entered my info and received my results within a couple days. It said you were 80% sure I would have a boy and did!!!!
J. P.

You were correct on both of my boys! I have now ordered the calendar so that hopefully I can finally get the girl I've been dreaming of. Thanks!
J. C. - Brownstown - MI - United States

The prediction was right for me. He predicted girl, and my u/s last week confirms it's a girl! Thanks.
A. N.-R. - Binghamton - NY - United States

Many Thanks, You got it right, we had a little Girl on 23rd February 2010.
We were so thrilled to be given the chance to have a Girl as we already had 2 Boys.
Thank You so much for this wonderful web site and for your superb prediction.
Wants to remain anonymous - Margate - Kent - United Kingdom

Both my gender predictions were correct! Thank you once again for your amazing work.
Wants to remain anonymous - Sydney - NSW - Australia

I have just received my prediction and it is correct! I am expecting a boy in around 8 weeks time.
S. C. - United Kingdom

Hi, when I was 16 weeks pregnant I was bummed about the fact that I had to wait so long to find out the gender of my baby. So I turned here and gave all the info you guys asked and you guys predicted it was a boy! Now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I found out that I am indeed havng a baby boy!! :)
Julianna Hernandez

You are absolutely spot on with the prediction of a baby boy we had in 2006! I am amazed!!! We will definitely be using the gender prediction calendar to TTC for a girl. Thanks so much!!
Miranda Mills - NSW - Australia

Your prediction is right. Got my scan at around 24 weeks it's a boy, and you had predicted the same.
Wants to remain Anonymous

Thanks for your prediction. Though 80% accuracy worried me but it was baby boy. My wife conceived on 4th September 2008 and delivered a healthy boy on 12th may 2009. lol
Mohan Chauhan - Mumbai/Maharashtra - India

I wanted to see if you were right with my previous children, you got the third one right but the first 2 wrong. I wasn't exactly sure though of exact day of intercourse so maybe that has something to do with it? Thank you for your reply, this was fun to do.
Wants to remain anonymous - United States
Our Comment
Indeed, we do need the EXACT day of intercourse to calculate the correct gender. The gender often changes from day to day so that it's mandatory to have the correct day.

Hi, YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY 100% Right! I loved using this and will let you know when we plan our third baby!
Wants to remain Anonymous

Just wanted to confirm that the baby gender prediction was 100% correct! Well done and keep up the good work! Thanks again for all that you do.
S. B. - Australia

Thank you for your baby gender prediction. You told me I'll have a boy and I did gave birth to a baby boy last week. I'm very impressed with the accuracy and it's also free of charge. I'll recommend you to others.

True to their word, I am having a girl!! I was pleased with your prompt response as well as your correct prediction! Thanks again. Add me to your list of correct answers!
J. S. - Orlando/FL - United States

It was 100% accurate for me, and I didn't have the EXACT date on intercourse for them to go on!!!
M. G.

CosmiTec was right on for me. The tools all told me to expect a little man and I sent a request just for curiosity's sake. It said boy and now I found out - I am having a son!!
A. C.

Your prediction is so accurate on my first child. You are the best.
C. W.

I just wanted to let you know that I was going through some old emails and found an email that you sent me on April 23rd 2008. In the email you told me the results to my gender prediction. You told me that I was going to have a boy. My husband and I did not find out the sex of our child but did want to let you know that on May 1st 2008 we had our first child.. a healthy baby boy! I will def be telling my friends and come back to you as soon as I get pregnant again!
Rachel Schaffer

Amazing... I had 3 little girls got pregnant and then sent Luc a message. He returned an email saying I was having another little girl. Sure enough I had another little girl. All the Chinese calendars were wrong. He was the only one right. I now have four girls and am pregnant with my 5th. This time Luc predicted a boy. I can't wait to see if he is right yet again.
S. F. - United States

Thanks for the feedback....100% accurate! Great website!
Wants to remain anonymous - Australia

You predicted that I would be having another boy and according to the ultrasound it's a boy.
S. B.

Hi, Just wanted to email and let you know I went for my 20wk ultrasound today. You done a prediction for me back in October 2008 saying this baby would be a boy. I really wanted a girl but found out today that you were indeed correct, I'm having another wee boy. All the Chinese charts and oldwives tales pointed to a girl! You were the only one to say it's a boy. So thank you very much for your time and will be writing to you in future when we try for a little princess! Regards.
C. Y. - New Zealand

I was predicted to have a BOY, and found out last week a BOY indeed!!! The chinese calendar was wrong and said girl.
Wants to remain anonymous

Every single gender prediction method was wrong for me except this one. All of them said girl and I have a boy just like this website said. Thanx Luc. :-)
M. M. - Perth - Western Australia - Australia

Luc was correct in predicting the sex of my son...even though we were so wanting a daughter!! I think his method in predicting gender is pretty accurate!
K. H.

I found this site by accident & tried it out for fun. I already have two little girls and my husband & I really wanted a little boy too. When you predicted I was having a boy, I tried not to get my hopes up but at my last ultrasound they confirmed it. We are expecting our first little boy in February!
Amanda Powers - Missouri - United States

I received my email with my gender prediction of a boy on Monday, Oct 13. I had my ultrasound on Oct 16 and it is indeed a boy!
Amanda Rudd - Kentwood - MI - United States

Ciao Luc ti ho richiesto di dirmi il sesso del bambino concepito il 23 maggio 2004 e mi hai detto maschio:è nato un maschio!

I just wanted to say that this prediction was 100% accurate for me. We had an ultrasound today and our 2nd child was confirmed all boy by the ultrasound tech, which was the prediction we recieved on this site! Thank you so much! I am in awe!
M. M.

I was told I was having a boy. I was so happy, this presiction was right on time thanks for the high hopes and believing in this calendar. I always wanted a boy escpecially after two girls!
T. A.

Thank you so much for your predictions for my three friends' children! Out of five children (3 born and 2 are on their way) you were correct in 4 cases! Considering that the ultrasound is also right for the unborn babies... That's just amazing accuracy! You predicted all 5 to be boys. One of the children, born in 2004, was a girl. But her mother was not sure about the dates... I will tell the results to my friends, and I am sure they will appreciate your service and use it in the future. Thank you again!
Anonymous - United States

They were right!!!! After having 3 girls, I never thought I would have a boy, but they predicted it months in advance!!!!!!
Anonymous - Oneonta - AL - United States

Thank you for your gender prediction. You were right when all the chinese calendars were wrong!
D. K. - United States

I just received my baby gender predictions from Luc. I had submitted my information for my current pregnancy, but the skeptic that I am, I came back to submit information for the three children that I already have. Well, Luc predicted correctly all three of my sons. I can't wait to meet my fourth child in June 2008 and see if Luc correctly predicted the gender one final time. :)
A. M. - Calgary - AB - Canada

Thank you soo much i really wanted a girl and you predicted i would have a girl and you were right im so happy :)
Jodie Simpson - Manchester - United Kingdom

VERY ACCURATE and will definately use again!! I had three gender predictions and only two sites were right and this was one of them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
K. W.-C. - United States

I had my 20 week U/S today and I am having a boy! I can't wait to recommend this site to my friends!
Heather Claridy - Fort Bragg - North Carolina - United States

I just receved my report that my baby based on dates would be a BOY and that report was 100% correct :) We now have one very beautiful baby boy!.
D. P. - Australia

Although we had followed all the low tech methods for a boy, tracking ovulation, body temp etc...our outcome confirmed by sonogram is a girl. Your prediction of a girl was absolutely right. Look forward to using your services in the future.
A. D. - United States

WOW, right for all 3 of my boys! No other gender predictor has ever done that..
K. H. - United States

My baby, which is due in August was predicted to be a girl in February. I had an ultrasound on March 22, and guess what? The ultrasound tech said she is 85% sure it is a girl! Thanks so much I am ecstatic because I have 3 boys already and really wanted a girl..
Andrea Sweeney - Bedford, Massachusetts - United States

You were right, I had a boy! Quite impressed as the Chinese Lunar calendar chart says that I should have had a girl. I am following your dates to try to conceive a girl this time so will let you know how I go. Many thanks, Emma
Emma Rose - Australia

It was right about my firstborn- he is indeed, very much a boy! Assuming the ultrasound is correct, then they are correct about my soon to be born son as well..impressive
Anonymous - Texas, United States

You are the only out of 1,000's of gender predictors I've checked that accurately predicted both of my children to be boys!
S. K. - United States

Hi you were right:) You predicted a boy and my son was born Dec 5th, 2006. I will def. use your site again. Happy Holidays.
K. B.-C. - United States

I am SHOCKED. I am pregnate with my fourth baby. I entered in the dates of the my 3 previous pregnancies and your prediction was correct on all three (ALL BOYS). You are the first predition site on line to get ALL three correct. For my fourth child you predicted a Girl. I of course got very excited, I have been praying for a Girl. I had an Ultrasound at 16 weeks, and my Doctor said she thought it may be another boy, but wasn't 100% sure, that I would have to wait until my 20 Week ultrasound to find out for sure. Well since I have a track record of having boys I just assumed that my Doctor would be right and it would be another boy. Well, I just had my 20week ultrasound two days ago, and I was SHOCKED and AMAZED to find out we are having a GIRL!!!!!!!! I can't believe it I am floating on cloud nine. So, Thank you. Your prediction was correct AGAIN. WOW you got all four of my children correct. I am telling everyone I know about you.
S. A. - Brandon, Florida, United States

You're prediction was right! We are having a little girl in a couple of months! What a fun thing to do to pass the time!
Wants to remain anonymous

He was right for me! He said BOY and sure enough I have one son. Way to go!
J. B. - OH, United States

You were right I had a baby boy on March 11th how cool is that, thank you
Rae - Canada

your prediction that i would be having a girl from 4th February 2004 were correct. my little girl was born on 15th November 2004. i just hope your right about me having a boy from 4th June 2006!
United Kingdom

This prediction said the baby was a boy. All the Chinese gender charts indicate a girl. We had our ultrasound last night and it revealed 100%, without a doubt this baby is a...BOY!! This is the only prediction chart that has been right. Thank you!
R. K.

You were right on for my first child in '02. I was pretty sure about the date.
C. W. - United States

My prediction was correct! I am having a boy! Thank you so much.
I. D. - United States

My baby is due 8/24/06. On Jan 2, when I was only about 6 weeks along Cosmitec predicted that I would have a boy. Yesterday, I had my 20 week sonogram and the sonographer said without a doubt I am going to have a BOY!
M. S. - TX - United States

We found out today that it is a girl. You were right! I didn't think it was going to be a girl, but we're so happy it is. Thanks.
A. S. - United States

I have three children, and I am now expecting my fourth. I entered in all the information for my three kids the best that I could remember and all three results came back saying BOY. Well, you were right I have three beautiful BOYS. I enter in info for the baby I am carring now and it came back GIRL!!!! I hope your prediction is correct, my heart just prays for a GIRL. I will let you know in a few weeks. Thanks.
S. A. - Tampa, FL, United States

I am pregnant with my third child and have been thinking from the start that it's a girl. I have been trying various techniques to see what they claim, and decided to give this a shot. Before trying it, I wanted to test the acuracy of the site. I tested for my two sons and this got them correct. I was only slightly sure of the day of conception. It said this one is a girl. I will find out in a couple months and let you know!
Nicole Thomas - Maine, United States

I conceived my last son on July 4,2001.I am currently going to start ttc a girl so I checked Lucs prediction on my last child. And he was right, so I will be sticking to this to conceive my dd.
Wants to remain Anonymous

I just found out that I will be expecting a GIRL, same as you predicted!!!! I also entered information from my last pregnancy prior to finding out the sex on this baby and you were right on target again!!!! I will definately use you again next time!!!
Wants to remain Anonymous

Once again your predictions were right.. thank-you so much!!
Mellissa Ramirez

You were right on the money and predicted that I would have a boy (80%) and that is what I had a little BOY! Plan on using your site along with martine Laflur to try for a little girl.
S. B. - United States

I really appreciate your quick response. I already have three girls so I guess I was excited to hear that you felt that this time around this would be a boy. My first child (from another relationship) who is a boy will be almost as excited as I will be if your prediction is correct. My husband on the other hand will probably think I had an encounter with the milk man because we have only created females :) Thank you again, it is nice to find someone out there who is not trying to make a dollar off of peoples happiest moments, your service could bring hope to many. I will tell my friends
N. W.

I wish I found this website sooner! I was secretly wishing for a girl, the Chinese Lunar Calendar indicated a girl, yet our ultrasound shows it's a BOY. Just did this test and it also indicates it's a BOY. Very impressive! I will revisit the site if/when we try for our third child and first girl! Thanks!
T. C. - New Jersey - United States

Well, you got one out of two. Both of my children are boys and I am positive as to the date of intercourse on both. But it was fun to try!
Our Comments:
Thank you for your testimonial. Because you were so sure of the days of intercourse, we were able to modify some of the weights and rules we use! We really do need this reliable information to increase the accuracy rate of our baby gender prediction techniques! Thank you K.V.!

Hi Luc, just letting you know that you predicted GIRL for us and the ultrasound today shows that we are indeed having a GIRL! Thanks for your prediction and feedback.
S. M.

hello just to let yu know you predicted the sex of my baby being a girl i have just found out today that im having a girl thanks.
J. D. - Bolton - United Kingdom

You were correct in indentifying the sex of both my children. One was conceived in London and one in Australia and you got them both right. Thanks! Here's hoping you can help me get the gender of my choice for my next child!
M. McD.

Was right on 1 of the births. The other one not;but also I was very unsure of the conception date. I had you predict the baby we are ttc and was doing everything to get a girl;you predicted a girl and hopefully that will be the case!
T. M. - United States

It was the exact opposite for my first two children. It said I should have had girls, but I didn't, I had boys, and this is my 3rd and final pregnancy. I tried for a girl, and I'm thinking that's what I'm having, but this said it's a boy. I'm pretty sure that Cosmitec was wrong for all 3 of my children!
Kim Ralph - NV - United States
Our Comments:
Yes, we DO fail (occasionally). Our baby gender prediction methods rely on the exact day of intercourse and Kim was very sure about these days! However, most women are NOT so that our methods are still not (yet) rock solid. The more feedback we get from women who are (very) sure about the day of intercourse, the more we will be able to increase the accuracy rate of our predictions! We would like more women to chart or keep track of their fertility/days of intercourse. Thanks Kim for your very important feedback.

This really worked for me. My test results said I would have a boy and I did. I'm really happy that I knew ahead of time so I could decorate the nursery and be ready for Bryan's arrival(I named him Bryan). I hope everyone tries this!
Kylie Edwards

This is the only gender predictor that has worked for all four of my sons. I plan on using Luc's dates in hopes of having a daughter join our family
K. T. - Swartz Creek - MI - United States

I was a little iffy about this whole prediction thing at first, but we were just told that we were 100% having a BOY! This is the same answer I got here. Thank you so much.!
K. A. - Jacksonville - Florida - United States

Hello Everyone, I had amnio done on Monday... I'm having a boy!!They were 100% right. Thank you...!
Angela Demmons - Auburn - NH - United States

You predicted that I was going to have a boy. I was hesitant to believe it since my husband has only fathered 3 girls so far.... much to my surprise when I had my ultrasound done on 3/1/08 - we are really having a boy!! Thank you!!!
Wants to remain Anonymous

Hi i am just writing to let you know that your predictions were absoutly right. i wanted to test this out on my son that is already born and your predictions were right. I am pregnant with my second and i thought it might be fun to see what your predictions would say. Thank you for your time.
A. D.

The prediction I received from this site was 100% accurate. I am having a boy!!!! Thanks!
M. S. - United States

Thank you very much for the reading. You were on absolute right track while predicting my baby's gender. Keep up this good work. I am looking forward to enjoy your services when I try to conceive my baby next time as gender preference.
Shipra Nehra - India

Was skeptical about trying this test. And when you said BOY I had a hard time believing, cause in my mind I always thought it was a girl. But you were right. It was a boy after all and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much.
D. S.

100% correct - well done. I honestly did the test as a joke and didn't expect you to be right, so your either a lucky guesser or you have indeed got knowledge in this.
Wants to remain Anonymous

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Baby Gender Prediction Calendar

Hi Luc,
I just wanted to let you know that your gender prediction calendar worked and I gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl on the 28th March 2009! Words can not express how happy I am! Thank you so very much for the calendar. I ordered a 6 month calendar and conceived in the second month! I will recommend your site to all my friends. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Wants to remain Anonymous - Sydney - NSW - Australia

Hi, I just want to thank you for the part you played in helping us get the gift of our precious little girl. After 3 months using your calendar I fell pregnant and now we finally have the little girl we have wanted to complete our family. We have now referred other families to your website. Many thanks for all your help.
Wants to remain Anonymous

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Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview

Hello, Many many thanks for this spectacular website. I have conceived a babygirl following your advised chart where the date and time has been given.I truly believe ur calculation and i am ready to have a baby boy following your guidance. Thanks again.
S. M. - Claymont, DE, United States >

Excellent and stellar service. Very self-explinatory. Thank you !
J. E. - CA, United States

A me, ha funzionato....giorno consigliato: 21 marzo, ho seseguito! mio figlio è poi nato il 7 dicembre!!!!
Wants to remain anonymous - Rome - Italy

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Perfect Love Match Birthdays

I've recently replied to someone on an astro-match site (my first and last visit there and the only contact I made) and got a reply from someone born on 7.feb.1959 and we're having truly great correspondence. We have many similarieties and share many interests. It's been very easy to communicate with this person and although we live on different continents and may never meet i am sure we'll be friends for a very long time. One of the compatible dates you've determined for me was 8.Feb.1959 which is just a day off from this person's birthday. I'm writing this just to let you know that your program seems to be working very well. Thank you, regards
J. P. - Australia

Interesting!! My former boyfriend (of 13 yrs ago) was born on Jan 12, 1965. He was the love of my life...but we broke-up. He's married now w/ kids. Such a shame. Thank you! Quite interesting! You have a great system. I'm impressed!
P. M.

One of the birth dates that you chose for me as a Zodiac love match was May 1 1958. Well that is not exact, but the person that I met 9 months ago who cares very much about me as I do him, has a birthday of May 1 1948 and I think that this is close enough in your predictions for me
Jacqueline Miller - Gwynn Oak, Maryland, United States

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Love Match Horoscopes (Synastry)

Thank you so much. It was so amazingly accurate. What you had wrote about our compatibility, played out just a few days before.
D. S. - Canada

Received some very useful advice on compatability matching as well as my own natal potential for relationships. Request everyone to go for it. Very insightful. Thank you.
M. C. - India

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Free Love Forecasts

July 2011 horoscopes: I read in the monthly newsletter that if born around January 25th than hospitalization on 24 or 28, 29. I was in hospital from July 23rd to July 25th 2011, THEN NURSE CAME HOME TILL 29TH TO GIVE ME MEDICINE. NOW DISCHARGED WITH FULL ACTIVITY. I am suppossed to travel to Europe from August 5th thru August 19th 2011. Please let me know if you see hospitalization again during the dates or see any other problems. Please reply soon. Thank you.
Wants to remain anonymous

March 2010 horoscopes: You said;
"Be prepared to get on your feet again the day after when Venus at 2° Aries opposes Saturn at 2° Libra. This day may bring you a headache and love's sorrow. Love is at a distance and is really cooling off. It may hurt you deeply and will take time to heal."
BAM! March 8th, that's exactly what happened to me.
You are good Luc!

I found your monthly horoscope for 2008 true. A Libra took away my pisces girlfriend in october. I am a cancer. Is there any way i can get her back? And also what are the chances of them being together for both long term and short term? Also this libra was born on october 12. Your 2008 monthly horoscope said, "Expect many lovers to break up the relationship and marital problems. A sudden separation from beloved ones will occur too." He was born on one of the dates that this was expected to happen to.
Wants to remain anonymous

Thank you so much for your wonderful monthly newsletters... which I anxiously look forward to every month! I have a request regarding your upcoming 2009 zodiac forecasts; would you PLEASE consider including specific time frames for monthly birthdays and also include Ascendant degrees when sharing your forecasts (like you did in 2005/2006). I have found them to be so helpful and amazingly accurate. Thank you.
Wants to remain anonymous
Our Answer:
Thank you so much for your remark and feedback regarding the Love Letter and forecasts.
The problem with the annual or yearly forecasts is that it takes so much time to delineate it with the Ascendant degrees etc..
For every zodiac sign I need two full days to delineate the forecasts (meaning it's 24 full days for all the zodiac signs) and then I still have to write it all down in HTML to upload it on my website (which takes another day for every zodiac sign).
Unfortunately, I don't have this spare time anymore to delineate it all that way due to the many other orders and requests I receive.
However, your feedback is most important to me and I'll try to do anything to make sure you get some more individualized 2009 forecasts. Perhaps, I won't write any other article in the next love Letter issue and devote my time to the 2009 forecasts.

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Astrodamus Reports

Omg, the basic analysis really wants to make me fix myself, but it's so good, and I'm lucky in general. I really want to get annual analysis for 10 years!
Wants to remain anonymous

I had a the date of my wedding as a 'trial' to see what it would show and to my did show things that happened on and around that day!!!
N. A. - La Mesa/CA - ISA

Stephen Hancock

Thanks for the free report! I appreciate the time taken to provide new /potential customers an insight into their future. Much appreciated!
P. P. - Somerville/MA - SA

This is extremely accurate. Though fortunately the diseases haven't set in as yet.
M. C.

This is a wonderful analysis.
avg bvg - India

I recognized everything contained in my basic analysis as my own experience. It claims 95% accuracy and while I would like to dispute this I find I cannot. My own appears to be 100% accurate.
L. W.

My natal chart report was very insightful. It detailed a number of things that I was not aware of. Thank you very much, CosmiTec.
J. C. - Philippines

Thank you mr Jaeger,
I found the medical analysis very very acurate. Aside the chronic ones that emerge through taking ill care of oneself, you listed all eventual complications that I already feel or have. Thumbs up from my part!
I. M.

Thank you very much. Amazed how true it all is. Thank you for taking the time to do it.
M. R. - Queensland - Australia

Dear Luc
Thanks so much for the free Natal Chart and basic information. Accuracy is about 60%. Errors in Personality and marriages noted. My language is refined, never crude. Financial situation has been high all my life. Really enjoyed reading and several areas spot on. With grateful thanks
Elizabeth Mary Conroy - Amman, Middle East - Jordan

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