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Is He The Right Man For You?

On this page we will assess the sex horoscopes in different ways.

Because, in our opinion, sexual astrology is just part of compatibility horoscopes we can

  • either evaluate the sexual influences, expressions, needs, outlook etc... as described by your (or your mate's) individual natal chart or horoscope. This topic will be discussed on our individual sex horoscopes page,

  • or, we can compare both horoscopes together and look for (and measure) sexual compatibility or incompatibility (in astrology we call the study of the comparison of two or more horoscopes synastry).

We will discuss BOTH meanings, not to disappoint you ;-)

Moreover, we will not only discuss the methods of Western astrology, but also mention the systems used by Hindu astrologers in Vedic or Indian astrology (Jyotish) as well.

This way, we are pretty sure that the different ways we will look at sex horoscopes may reveal quite a lot about sexual compatibility.

How important a comparison of the sex horoscopes of both partners (synastry) may seem, the emphasis still is on the individual's sex horoscopes.

We first have to assess each individual natal chart prior to beginning a sexual compatibility analysis for a couple.

In astrology there is one important axiom you should keep in mind: things will never happen when they are not presaged in the (individual) natal chart. It's what is commonly called "the natal promise."

So let's check the individual sex horoscopes (natal charts) first to unlock some stunningly accurate sexual secrets...

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