Individual Sex Horoscopes to
Reveal Your and Your
Partner's Sexual Life

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Please do keep this in mind: before comparing both sex horoscopes, start with the individual sex horoscopes of both partners separately as explained below.

You may wonder how we can read something about the sexual life in the individual natal charts. After you've followed our rules you will know the answer!

So, what should we look for?

As always, there is NO SINGLE rule or factor that points to your (or your partner's) sexual life.

It's always a combination of different planetary aspects, pictures and factors that will tell the story. BUT...

...there are some single important and comprehensible factors in the individual sex horoscopes that will show you enough.

You must be 18 or older to read on or click the related individual sex horoscopes pages.

In the astrological literature you will read that, to interpret the individual sex horoscopes you should look at the position of Mars (in the horoscope of a woman) and Venus (in the horoscope of a man).

We, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), do not agree with these simplistic explanations.

Though Venus and Mars are important when talking about sex, they BOTH are as important in a man's horoscope as in a woman's horoscope.

  • Venus relates to the receptive desires (expectations from the other)

  • while Mars relates to the instinctive desires (coming from the Self).

In our opinion, every planet and every sign in the individual sex horoscopes has a certain (and a different) outlook on sex. We should consider them all and try to see the big picture.

Very important is the division by elements. We already discussed this on our sign compatibility page and we remind you once more that this division is one of the foundations of astrological knowledge.

1. The Elements (Triplicities)

When discussing individual sex horoscopes we first have to look at the division by element as the preponderance of one or more elements brings YOU in YOUR 'element'.

So, take your (or your partner's) natal chart and look at this division. The horoscope printout of Astrodienst AG shows the division in the following box:

The F means Fire,
the A means Air,
the E means Earth,
the W means Water.

If a preponderance of planets are in

  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces):
    in female horoscopes: very fertile or infertile, passive, subordinate, accommodating.

    in male horoscopes: hesitation, seldom takes the initiative, wants to be conquered by the woman, overly caring.

  • Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn):
    in female horoscopes: subservient, too much a focus on the physical body causing tension and stress - disturbing the act, needs a hug.

    in male horoscopes: sexual active if the woman is sensual and rather passive, persevering, wants to control the female partner, demanding.

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius),
    in female horoscopes: very fertile (!), impatient, wants to take control, needs a lot of admiration, confrontive, somewhat bold.

    in male horoscopes: very expressive, too much and too soon, wild, too self-centered, superior demeanor, low sperm count.

  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius):
    in female horoscopes: disposition to frigidity and/or infertility (or diminished fertility), experimental, calculating, talking not to 'feel' anything/feelings, talking and communicating during the act can disturb the partner, too analytical.

    in male horoscopes: lack of understanding, spoiled mentality, impatient, immature.

Our research has shown that people with the majority of planets in fireand water signs are very fertile and should be very careful when having unsafe sex since an unwanted pregnancy can eventually cause friction between the partners.

These meanings are quite general and will be modified by some specific constellations, factors and planetary pictures in the individual sex horoscopes that we will discuss now.

2. The Sun, The Moon, Venus And Mars

In astrology there are two planetary pairs that represent the archetypical male-female polarity.

We're talking here about the Sun (male) and the Moon (female) on the one side, and Venus (female) and Mars (male) on the other side.

These 4 planets/bodies are very important when discussing the subject of physical attraction and sex in the individual sex horoscopes.

When analyzing the individual natal charts we must at least look at these 4 personal points to decipher the individual sex horoscopes.

The other planets and points do have their meaning too, but delineating the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars is your first priority.

Because the Sun and the Moon will be discussed more in detail when we talk about compatibility and relationship horoscopes, we will for now explain the Venus-Mars polarity.

  • Mars is the self-centered instinctive drive and impulse, the sparkle and penetrating force. Mars is somewhat awkward and extrovert. Mars is very inconsiderate and purposeful. Mars = sex.

  • Venus is the receptive, harmonizing and balancing force. Venus is refined and introvert. Venus shows what you 'love' and enjoy. Venus is attractive. Venus = erotic.

And as it goes, opposites attract, so that a male planet on a female planet in the partner's horoscope may cause a powerful magnetic AND ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTIBLE attraction (but more on this later when we discuss the chart comparison).

The position of Venus and Mars (blended with the position of the Sun and the Moon) in your individual natal chart (or in the chart of your partner) point to your sexual behavior and sex outlook.

At the risk of overgeneralization, we will only describe the meaning of the planets in the elements here.

So we will drop the description of the planets in the houses at this moment.

However, remember that the position of the planets in the houses are more personalized than the planets in the signs and that you will miss some valuable information.

Moreover, the interpretations we give below, will have to be modified by some other factors too: the most exact aspects, the most elevated planet, retrograde planets, intercepted planets, especially the Moon's position and an awful lot more....

Nevertheless, with the given descriptions below you already WILL be astonished how much accurate information you can get.

Venus and Mars in the grouping of the 4 elements can already reveal quite a lot, and as always, we will make a difference between male and female individual sex horoscopes.

Just because we are reviewing the planets in the elements, you will remark that a lot of descriptions are repeated when describing the planets in the same element.

That's because the division by elements is a generalization that should be modified by other factors. So please do not forget this!

For your convenience, below we have listed the different descriptions of the position of Mars and Venus in the elements for every Sun sign, followed by some individual sex techniques (You must be 18 or older to click the links!).

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

3. Astrology, Sexual Behavior and Dysfunctions in The Individual Sex Horoscopes

Sex may be an important factor in love compatibility but it only gets extraordinary important when it doesn't work out...

Sexual problems and dysfunctions are periodically part of everybody's life. The reasons can be stress, physical or medical problems, fear etc...

The intensity of our sex drives is not at all times constant too. After all, everything in life is cyclic with its ups and downs...

It's part of life if you like it or not.

We may assume and are very sure that periodical dysfunctions are nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, however, people have a disposition for sexual 'dysfunctions', be it a low-functioning sexuality or an insatiable compulsive sex drive...

Do the individual sex horoscopes reveal our sexual disposition and 'onborn' sexual behavior and dysfunctions?

Hmmm... There is some research that points to it, but, on the other hand, it's not easy to gather accurate information and birth data.

We think that's the reason why this still remains an untouched field of astrological research. It's far easier to compile information about severe sexual distortions in individual sex horoscopes.

Any good forensic astrologer (i.e. an astrologer who is an expert in the fields of astrology and criminology) will have analyzed all possible horoscopes of notorious killers and sexual delinquents.

On the other hand, what are sexual abnormalities and what is normal sex?

Much depends on morality and a shift in the meaning to sex and sexual (in)activity!

There are numerous signatures that may point to sexual behavior and dysfunctions in the individual sex horoscopes.

In general, the following astrological rules may apply when looking for sexual behavior and dysfunctions in the individual sex horoscopes:

  • analyze the planetary positions of both Venus and Mars in the individual sex horoscopes (regardless of the gender of the person).

    The more Venus and Mars are conjunct, the more sexuality becomes problematic (especially when the planets are in a tight conjunction in an air Sign).

  • take a look at the rulerships: the ruler of the 5th house in a square, opposition or quincunx aspect to the ruler of the 8th house may denote a conflict between the will for sex and the act of sex.

  • some midpoints may point to sexual dysfunctions too (if you don't know what midpoints are, we refer to our midpoints page).

    The Venus-Mars midpoint in aspect to Saturn is a good example.

  • some zodiac degrees point to sexual dysfunctions: the 6th degree in fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) seems to be the most important one.

    According to C.E.O Carter's Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology the two worst degree influences are 25° Leo-Aquarius and 8° Aries-Libra.
  • Esther Leinbach on the other hand has found the following degrees to be highly sexed: between 24°-25° Aries; between 12°-13° Virgo and between 24°-25° Pisces.

  • any planet conjunct the Fixed Star Algenib at 7° Aries seems to indicate sexual problems too.

    According to Ted George and Barbara Parker (in The Fixed Stars, Health and Behavior Imbalances), Mars conjunct the Fixed Star Graffias (at 2-3° Sagittarius) denotes an obsession with anal sex, whereas Mars on the Fixed Star Princeps (at 2-3° Scorpio) denotes a distorted sexuality (obessed with sex for the sake of sex in both male or female horoscopes).

    We have not been able to verify the findings of these authors, but from our own experience we do know that they have often amazed us by their highly accurate descriptions!

We, at Cosmic Technologies have found that the Sun and Jupiter in fire Signs (or both making a conjunction in a fire Sign) in the individual sex horoscopes often denote public nudity or exhibitionism.

The Sun symbolizes the body, while Jupiter is very outgoing and 'open'. Fire signs too are very outgoing and 'showy'. Persons with such a configuration often seem to have no problem going nude.

This may be true with all EXACT Sun-Jupiter aspects though, but especially when they are in fire signs.

Nicholas de Vore states in his Encyclopedia of Astrology that a combust Venus shows nymphomania in a woman's chart (any planet within an orb of 8° of the Sun and in the same sign is called "combust").

There is a propensity to masochism and/or sadism when Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all making an adverse aspect to each other.

Mars-Neptune and/or Mars-Saturn aspects may indicate impotence in male individual sex horoscopes, especially when Mars (the penetrating force) is weak (for example in Taurus or Libra) and Neptune or Saturn is strong.

In female individual sex horoscopes; frigidity may be indicated by Venus-Saturn aspects, especially when crystallizing, contracting and constricting Saturn is strong and Venus is weak (for example in Scorpio).

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