Lunar Cycle Fertility Techniques
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Was He Born To Love You?

It may seem weird or strange to read that some lunar cycle fertility techniques exist that can help you when you are not able to conceive a child, on condition that there is no medical problem that prevents you from getting pregnant.

There is even more: these tips can possibly help you to choose the sex of your future child too.

At first, we, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), were reluctant to bring these lunar cycle fertility techniques to you.

We read quite some literature about it and while it's perhaps not infallible, there may something on to it.

If we can use absolutely natural non-invasive and inexpensive techniques, based on lunar cycle fertility, we ask you, would we do harm by this? We bet you the answer is NO!

Because having a child is (or can be) a major concern of most women (or parents), we just present you with these lunar cycle fertility tips, that - hopefully - bring you the luck and happiness you so deserve.

These techniques have the advantage of being non-invasive and quite simple so that you can almost help yourself in all privacy!

The lunar cycle fertility techniques we hereby present are most valuable and relevant to

  • pointing to fertility and your personal SUPERfertile days (this is the most important benefit of the techniques and highly reliable too)

  • pointing to the gender of your future baby (of secondary importance though)

DISCLAIMER: Some of the below mentioned astrological fertility techniques are controversial and rejected by scientists/MD's. We, at Cosmic Technologies, have NOT researched these techniques by ourselves.

However, we have been studying quite a lot of information on lunar cycle fertility and can only tell that, while these lunar cycle fertility techniques are not infallible, in practise they DO have their merit and they DO work.

We can give NO guarantee that the rules/techniques always work in 100% of the cases, even if some astrologers do claim and promise a success rate of 90-100%. We keep the success rate at 70-75%, which is, we must admit, fairly good!

If there are medical problems that prevent you from getting pregnant, these techniques (alone) will NOT work.

Determine the periods of maximum fertility to enhance the possibility of getting pregnant

Once upon a time.... there was a Czechoslovakian psychiatrist and astrologer, Dr. Eugen Jonas, who (re)discovered that there seemed to be a connection between the position of the Sun to the Moon in a woman's chart and when she was truly fertile.

The moment (once in a month) when the Moon is at the exact distance from the Sun as it was at one's birth is the key to lunar cycle fertility.

According to Dr. Eugen Jonas, this is also the moment of maximum fertility.

If this moment also falls at the time of your estimate ovulation, we are pretty shure you will conceive, though there is anecdotal evidence that the lunar phase angle returns overpowers the menstrual cycle and that you CAN get pregnant by having intercourse during menses!

Practically, you have to look at your natal chart and count the distance between the Sun and Moon (also called the luminaries) in acounterclockwise direction and always starting from the position of the Sun.

Let's give an example. To make it all as clear as possible, we're using European style wheels (that always show a tick for every degree in the chart wheel).

Moon Phase and Fertility

The Sun at 20° Capricorn and the Moon at 23° Scorpio are 303º degrees apart.

If you say that the Sun and the Moon are 57° apart, you don't understand it properly and this may result in errors (and the wrong dates!).

We're talking about phases here, not about aspects. Phases are calculated taking into account the speed of the objects/bodies, the slower body being the "fixed" one and the faster is the moving one.

In the example above, the Moon (the faster body) is in a 303° phase following its path counting from the slower Sun.

Saying that both bodies are 57° apart is an error because you have two ways of calculating the aspect of 57°: rising before the Sun or rising behind the Sun. Only taking into account the aspect results in two possible positions, one of which is wrong.

There is only ONE way to calculate phases though so that you can never be wrong here and will get the correct dates.

Now that you know the distance between your Sun and Moon, you should look at the moment (each month) when the luminaries are atexactly the same distance/phase (in our example they should be 303º degrees apart).

But, how do you know when exactly, every month, the distance between the Sun and the Moon is the same as in your birth chart?

There are some possibilities

  • if you have some astrological software, check if the program can calculate the distance between the luminaries (synodic returns, phase returns, Sun/Moon phase angle return, etc.). In case your software has such a feature, you already have all the information you need at hand.

  • If you do not have such software and do not want to spend money on this, we, at Cosmic Technologies, do recommend you use a free online tool by Astrodienst that instantly calculates your most fertile days according to the lunar cycle fertility methods researched by Dr. Jonas.

    Click here to learn more about receiving your free Lunar Cycle Overview.

  • If you want to avoid gnawing doubts and uncertainty about when you will (ever) get pregnant, just order a more complete and expanded paid version (that also shows if and when it's likely to give childbirth in a given timespan).

    Click here to order your individual Expanded Lunar Cycle Overview
    (while it lasts because the software we use to generate the Overview is no longer available AND, above all, the software only runs on an old Windows XP computer because it's NOT Windows Vista or Windows 7 Compatible/Compliant!).

    That's why you should NOT be astonished if you will no longer be able to order this report tomorrow. If you want such an expanded overview, you better don't wait too long. You're warned!!

  • If you really want to know your most fertile and peak fertile days (especially of importance if you encounter difficulties in getting pregnant), click here to read more about our own calculated Astrology Fertility Calendar.

If you were unable to conceive for a rather long time, we suggest you do the following:

  • Know that a woman really is only fertile during some specific periods of time and that the natural way (to know when you are fertile OR not) is just about checking your own cycles in many ways as explained beautifully in this article (no commercial link!).

    Don't follow the 'mainstream knowledge.'

  • Do follow - aside from the lunar cycle fertility techniques - and the tips mentioned in the first bullet, the hints and tips mentioned by Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts in their fabulous and most successful book Healthy Parents Better Babies: A Couple's Guide to Natural Preconception Health Care.
  • Astro-homeopathy can help you too - beside the lunar cycle fertility tips.

    So, for example, it is found that Moon-Pluto connections (aspects or configurations) in a female horoscope may indicate problems to conceive a child due to 'blocked feelings'. A dose of Belladonna LM 18 (this remedy has a Moon-Pluto signature) weekly is able to free the woman of blockages so that a pregnancy can occur.

    This example is for informational purposes only, and we cannot claim any cure or medical condition when using Belladonna or any other (homeopathical) product.

    We recommend that you consult an experienced and professional homeopath to help you enhance the possibility of getting pregnant the natural way. We just want to point to the fact that there is more between Heaven and Earth.... and that the right(!!) homeopathical simillimum works like a magic bullet.

  • Learn about this simple and almost free natural infertility treatment option that makes use of the Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview and that you MUST know. Do not underestimate the power of this method...

But it does not stop here... Find out how lunar cycle fertility and baby gender prediction relate.

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