Order here Your Expanded Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview
Lessen Doubts and Uncertainty About When You Might Conceive The Child You Want!

On our lunar cycle fertility page we discussed the relationship between the lunar cycle and fertility. We also mentioned how it's possible to determine the sex of your future child.

Here, you can order your own personal Expanded
Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview that will show you
WHEN and IF you will be able to conceive the child you want.

What do you get when you order this Overview? (Text in purple points to what you will get on top of the Free Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview):

  • You get a listing in Adobe PDF ("Portable Document Format") containing the following data:

    * Your natal Chart Wheel
    , with Fixed Star ring and a very detailed aspect grid.

    * a 5 Year Annual Analysis by the Astrodamus 1.0™ Prognostic System to see if and when childbirth may happen.

    * the date of the exact lunar cycle returns (= the moments of maximum fertility) for the next 5 years (the current year and the next 4 years).

    * the time of the exact lunar cycle returns (= the moments of maximum fertility).

    * the gender of your future child when you schedule intercourse during the mentioned time-periods.

    * the odds of conceiving a child.

  • You get a short 'user guide' on how to read the document.

    We send the Guide either in ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE or in ITALIAN (at your choice).

  • Both documents will be sent by e-mail as an attachment.
Click here to download a sample of the Expanded Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview will work in 100% of the cases.

Though the method is reliable, it is NOT infallible.

The Lunar Cycle is primarily a fertility cycle and only in the 2nd place a baby gender prediction method.

As the exact moment of insemination cannot be known, the baby gender prediction method may still occasionally fail!

We only claim that by consistently following this Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview according to our guidelines, you will highly increase the odds of conceiving!

We are not responsible for the way you use the Overview or the outcome as we cannot know how strict you follow the guidelines.

You are sole responsible for your own deeds and actions.

Avoid gnawing doubts and uncertainty,
just order your Overview, while it lasts
(do know that the software we use to generate the Expanded Overview
is no longer available, so, this offer will not last eternally!).

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