A Natural Infertility
Treatment Option In 2 Steps
Simple And Almost Free!

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

The infertility treatment option we hereby present may be one that few people will understand or even know of.

However, it has numerous advantages: it's very simple and inexpensive (almost free).

And, while nothing can be guaranteed, it may actually work very well too!

Numerous infertility treatments often cost unreasonably much, often leaving a couple in emotional and financial despair.

We recommend trying solving infertility by the method we present hereby first.

It's MUCH more enjoyable, will cost less and is just so very simple.

What are we talking about?

Astrology is all about being at the right place at the right time.

Our infertility treatment option follows these two astrological principles and, as such, consists of two parts (steps) that we will discuss in more detail:

  1. The right timing: get your Free Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview on which you can find your 12 or 13 peak fertile dates in a year

  2. The right place: relocate to your fertile places during these 12 or 13 peak fertile dates

Let's examine the infertility treatment option, hopefully solving infertility issues, more in-depth:

1. Get Your SUPERfertile Days For Free

On our Lunar Cycle Fertility page, we discussed that your individual Moon Phase return marks the period of your maximum fertility.

The findings of Dr. Jonas are very important because, indeed, the Lunar Cycle Phase Returns are primarily indicating peak fertile times.

The Moon phase return is a fertility cycle on itself and works regardless of your own ovulation cycle.

Your fertility peaks whenever there is a Moon Phase return.

Only ttc by following your own ovulation cycle means that you may miss a lot of other (more) fertile times!

That's why you should also ttc on your Moon phase returns if you want to reverse infertility issues.

So, actually, our first recommendation solving infertility is to get here your free Super fertile days instantly.

Yes, you get it instantly online and at no cost from the highly reputable Swiss Astrodienst's web site.

2. Get Your Free Astromap (to relocate to your most fertile places)

If you have your SUPER or peak fertile days, than you are able to proceed to this 2nd part (step) of our recommended infertility treatment option: getting your Astromap to relocate to the place(s) where you are most fertile.

On our Where To Find Love page we discussed the importance of the love lines to find the places where you may find love.

The principle is the same when trying to solve fertility problems.

Every place in the world has some kind of energy that vibrates with your own and that is reflected in your horoscope.

Some places will bring love, riches, renown... and others will bring despair, violence, poverty...

By relocating to your places that promote or bring fertility you are increasing the odds of reversing infertility.

We bet you will not be able to find a better natural solution to solving infertility!

To find your fertile places, you need your Astromap or Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) chart though.

How to get this map or chart for free?

  1. go to Astrodienst's web site
  2. in the top navigation bar, click on "Free Horoscopes"
  3. click on "Extended Chart Selection"
  4. click on "Special Charts" under the Methods header
  5. select the type of chart in the pull-down list (Astromap World, Europe, etc...)
  6. hit the blue "click here to show the chart" button
  7. in case your birth information is not entered yet, you will be asked to enter the information. Follow the instructions on the screen

With your Astromap at hand, find your most fertile place(s).

What are your most fertile places that our recommended infertility treatment option is about?

  • Your most fertile places are situated on or around the line where the Moon is on your Ascendant:

On the left image, the red arrow points to the blue line connecting all the places, locations where the Moon is on your Ascendant, marking super fertile places.

  • In case you don't find any "Moon on the Ascendant" line within your reach, look for a Moon on the IC contact:

On the left image, the red arrow points to the blue line connecting all the places where the Moon is on your IC, marking secondary fertile places.

  • Choose a place on or in the neighborhood of your Moon-Ascendant line (or your Moon on the IC line) where you would love to reside or stay during your peak fertile dates.

By following this simple and free astrological infertility treatment option, chances are you may be able to reverse infertility.

We cannot guarantee any results though, but in our opinion nothing beats following a natural solution to fertility problems that cost no arm or leg first, before considering other options and treatments.

You will only have to pay your trip and overnight stay, but we're sure this money is better spent than giving it away to extremely expensive unnatural treatments.

Just give it a try and enjoy your voyage!

If you still need assistance to solve a specific question regarding your Astromap(s) and this infertility treatment option, click here to contact us.

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