Where to Find Love on Planet Earth
Sometimes, love is just not "around the corner"...

The Best Sign For You To Love

Wondering where to find love on planet Earth?

In the "good ol' days" (when was that?) people were quite home-centred and found a lover in the neighbourhood, or at school, or while going out or just somewhere nearby...

After all, travel and mobility were not such an item so that the choice of a lover was rather a "local affair." After all, you had no other choice too and not a lot of options where to look for love.

Most often, love was just around the corner, the girl or the boy lived just "next-door" so that the question where to find love was not really such an option.

However, with the ever increasing technologies, people became more and more mobile, and travelling and moving were becoming a hot topic -- and often a daily experience too.

Suddenly, you encounter more people, visit more places, your consciousness broadens and the world becomes "smaller and smaller."

You can fly to Adelaide, Madrid, Kaapstad, Texas or wherever... and you suddenly realize that in these places there live humans too ;-)

People, like you and me, craving for attention, recognition and love...

You can fall in love with these places -- and with the people that live there...

You realize, sometimes, love is just not around the corner...

Love is all around!

But how to know exactly where to find love on this planet?

The best love that you deserve.

Will it be in Spain or in New Mexico, or just in your neighborhood? Or will you find love in Denmark? Why do you feel more attracted to (people from) Argentina than to (people from) California or Siberia - for example?

The answer is in astrology.

Astrology can exactly point to the place(s) and area(s) where to find love!

Moreover, astrology is not only able to show you where to find love, it will also show you the "strangers and foreigners" you should consider relating with, without even travelling or moving to the specific countries or areas.

  • Why did Australian born Rupert Murdoch marry a Chinese woman, Wendi Deng, born in Hong Kong?
  • Why did Olivia Hussey from Buenos Aires, Argentina marry the Japanese singer Akira Fuse?
  • Why did Germany born Topmodel Claudia Schiffer marry Matthew Vaughn, born in Beverly Hills, California and grown up in England?
  • Why did Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands marry the German Claus von Armsberg?
  • Why did John Lennon marry a Japanese woman named Yoko Ono?
  • Why did Michigan born Madonna marry Hatfield, England born Guy Ritchie?
  • ...
Because their astrological love-lines where posited in or crossed the countries or areas their lovers were born or reside in.

Where to find love really is in their "love-lines"...

Check these out (click the pictures of the maps to enlarge):

  • John Lennon's Venus is square his IC in Tokyo, Mars and the Moon trine his MC there and the relationship breakthrough midpoints Pluto/Chiron and Node/Chiron are on his Ascendant in this area. Wooow!
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of John Lennon
  • Queen Beatrix's Venus/Node, Sun/Node and Jupiter/Node marriage midpoints are on the MC around the Hamburg area (the birthplace of Claus von Armsberg). That's weird!
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Claudia Schiffer's Venus trines her IC in London, the Sun trines her Descendant in London, Jupiter is on her Ascendant and the Sun trines her Descendant in England. Love is in the air in England!
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of Claudia Schiffer
  • Olivia Hussey's Venus/Jupiter and Sun/Mars marriage midpoints are on her Descendant in Tokyo and Venus trines her IC in Japan. Japan is all about love for her
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of Olivia Hussey Click to enlarge the Midpoint Love Lines of Olivia Hussey
  • Rupert Murdoch's Venus, planet of love, is on the IC near Hong Kong while venus squares the Ascendant/descendant axis there. Love, love and more love. No doubt where to find love!
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of Rupert Murdoch
  • Madonna's Sun is on her MC and the Moon trines her Descendant around Hatfield/London, England. Nice relationship configurations!
Click to enlarge the Love Lines of Madonna

Clearly, the astrological love-lines show you where to find love.

By following your astrological love-lines you too can know where to find love (or improve and even "heal" a crumbling relationship)!

  • No more searching in the wild. Laser beam your search for a target!

  • No more struggling and uncertainties to find that someone special

  • No more 2nd hand loves that you will find everywhere. Go for the real love that you will only find in specific areas

  • Narrow your search to the areas where love is around and highly increase your success rate to find your hubby

  • Don't waste your time anymore. Think about all the time you could have spent with real love interests instead of "nice guys or girls, but..."

Where to find love - What's in it for you and how to proceed?

  • If you don't live in or around an area where your love-lines cross, you can either move or relocate to these areas and places where your love-lines cross

  • Or you can also contact people who were born or live in these places or areas

Clearly, the second option is more suited if you live in a small country and don't want (and even don't consider) to move or relocate abroad.

If you are a member of (an) online dating service(s), this is just a major breakthrough in laser beaming the search for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Check all the countries, areas and places where your love-lines run through by ordering your free astrocartography chart via Astrodienst's web site.

  1. Click on the "Free Horoscopes" button in the top navigation bar

  2. Click on the "Extended Chart selection" link.

  3. Under the title "Methods" you'll notice that the words "Circular Charts" are printed in red.

    On the right of the red text, you'll see the "Special Charts" link.

    Click on the "Special Charts" link. It now turns red and is no longer underlined.

  4. In the pull-down menu of the "type of chart to select" you will see the default setting of "Astromaps World".

    You can change that to either Astromaps Europe or...

  5. Click on the blue button which reads "click here to show the chart".

    In case your own birth information is not yet entered (under My Astro), you will be asked to enter the birth information and save it for future use.

    It will appear under the "My Astro" link too.

Search in the database of the online dating service for people that live in or around these areas and places.

Take a look at their profiles, contact the ones that keep your interest and be surprised and stunned!

This way astrology can be a big help in dating the right person.

The answer to the question "where to find love" really is in the stars!

Also, if your current relationship is crumbling, do relocate to your love-lines!

Your love life will improve and prosper again.

No more questioning where to find love!

This really works!

More about finding your love lines on the astromaps, click here.

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