The Circumstances Of Love
How To Find The Situations
That Might Bring Love

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Your natal chart gives many hints pointing to the circumstances of love to knock on your door. You only have to (learn to) "read" your natal horoscope. We are happy to help you hereby...

An age-old rule in astrology states that the signs point to your (internal) disposition, perspective and attitude while the houses point to the environment and (external) circumstances and influences.

The signs are "fixed", the houses "move" around.

From our own experience, we can confirm the validity of this very important and much neglected rule.

But, what does this mean to your love life?

If the houses describe the environment or external circumstances, we should be able to find the external events and situations that lead to love and romance.

We only have to find the sign that signifies love and romance and look at the house position it is in.

We all know that Venus is the planet of "love" (actually, it's rather the planet of relating) but what about the sign of love? Love that is playful, yet comes straight from the heart.

The sign of love is Leo, this fixed fire sign, symbolizing burning charcoal that never extinguishes... Leo symbolizes the internal life force, the heart and creative self-expression.

Love IS creative self-expression!

So, the sign of love definitely is Leo.

That's why the house cusp Leo is on will point to the circumstances that lead to love and romance!

If Leo is on your 3rd house cusp, love is seldom far away from your place of residence.

It may be in your neighborhood, in the same street or not far off.

You may fall in love with younger people or students as well.

If Leo is on your 6th house cusp of working environment and co-workers, you'll find love at the working environment (almost always a co-worker is involved).

Also, Leo on the 12th house cusp brings love and work together, but this time in quite another way.

Don't forget to use the derivative house meanings here.

The 12th house is the 6th house (of working environment) of the 7th house (the others, the people you encounter and meet).

Also, it's the 7th of the 6th house.

In other words, your 12th house points to clients and customers!

So, no doubt that Leo on the 12th house brings love and romance with a client or a customer.

That's why Leo on the 1st house often brings romance with a brother or sister of a friend of yours.

The first is the 3rd house (sibling) of the 11th house (of friends).

Also, it's the 11th (friends) of the 3rd (your siblings), connecting love with the friend of a sibling.

Leo on the 7th house cusp connects romance and love with social gatherings and meetings.

Also, public places where people gather, where there is "an audience" (the movies, the theater, manifestations, concerts,...).

Leo on the 8th house cusp connects love and romance with a sibling (3rd house) of a co-worker or employee (6th house).

Leo on the 9th house cusp often denotes romantic affairs with a member of your family-in-law.

Also, people living away from your place of residence (be it in another town, state, county or country) bring romance into your life.

So, don't be surprised your future partner is a "foreigner", someone living abroad (another country) or from another culture or society.

Leo on the 10th house cusp (MC) brings love and romance with your employer or boss.

Also, you may find love with older people, especially if you are a woman, or people of higher standing.

Leo on the 11th house cusp relates love and romance to the organisations and groupings you're a member of.

Friends may become lovers.

Love may be found when socializing.

Because the 11th house is the 3rd house of the 9th house as well, pay attention not to fall in love with your brother- or sister-in-law.

Just be a little creative to find the true meaning of Leo on the different house positions.

And, you may ask, what if Leo is intercepted in a house?

This is a very important indication.

Interceptions almost always denote something secret or hidden or something that is not disclosed or that is invisible.

Also, interceptions point to things that are fenced in, that are in-between something.

If Leo is intercepted, your love life will almost always unfold in a secret or a hidden way.

Also, there may be a love triangle (you are fenced in or in-between someone else) and/or experience an impossible relationship (unrequited love, for example).

Also, your partner may be single or live a reclusive life as well.

You'll be astonished to see how valuable these delineations are and how much more insight you will gain.

Astrology works !

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