Is It One Way Love
Or Reciprocated Love?
How Astrology Helps You To Find Out!

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

One way love is unreciprocated love that you want to avoid before you burn out needlessly, reaching devastating levels of heartbreak and self-destruction.

Astrology can help to find out in a snap if you might experience unrequited love with someone else.

In doing a chart comparison between two people it's always best to focus on the standouts to find the essence of the relationship.

Many times clients ask and wonder: is this love, is it just friendship or sympathy or is it lust...

Astrology can tell you.

For the moment, we discovered two different astrological conditions that each point to one way love. 

  1. only one partner has planets conjunct the angles of the other partner
  2. there are NO inter-aspects between the Ascendant of a partner and planets of the other partner

In any case, both conditions boil down to the following important underlying rule:

The planet partner (sub- or unconsciously) triggers the Ascendant partner.

In other words, (only) the Ascendant partner is "in love."

The reason why?

In our opinion, the angles (the most important one being the Ascendant) are 'receivers', while the planets are emitters or 'radiate' energy.

The receivers 'capture' the energy of the transmitters and respond or react accordingly. 

Let's clarify this all now.

1. Only one partner has planets conjunct the angles of the other partner

One of the most important factors in a chart comparison, among others, is the analysis of the planets and bodies that conjunct the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant and IC) in the natal chart of the other person.

This is one of the best indications of attraction between two people and this should never be neglected when you compare two charts for mutual attraction.

The analysis of the planets and bodies that conjunct the angles of the other person (orb 6° but the closer the orb the better) describes whom you are attracted to and vice versa.

To a lesser extent, the other aspects (squares, and especially sextiles or trines) can be important too ON CONDITION that they are exact.

In this article we will only focus on the most important aspect of all: the conjunction.

The rule goes as follows: the person whose angles are conjunct a planet or body in the natal chart of the other person, is in love or feels highly attracted to the other (planet) person.

The more the conjunction is exact (0°00' - 0°01'), the more powerful and irresistible attraction and overwhelming love becomes.

While an orb of 6° still works, we do prefer smaller orbs.

The reason is that a wider orb may be overruled by other exact aspects and/or midpoints.

FYI: exact midpoints between two persons always overrule the aspects and it's likely some exact midpoints too may point to one way love irrespective of the inter-aspects between the partners!

If you read the articles published on our web site, you will know how much we pay attention to very very small orbs and exact aspects!

This works and will keep you to the very basics and standouts too.

Example: when the MC of person A is conjunct Venus of person B, then person A is in love with person B.

B will only be in love with person A (reciprocal love) if his/her angles too are conjunct a planet or body of person A.

So, if in the chart comparison you only find that planets of one person aspect an angle in the natal chart of the other person, than you do know that there is just one way love or unrequited and unreciprocated love!

If in the chart comparison, you find that planets of a person conjunct an angle of the other person AND a planet of the other person conjuncts an angle of the 1st person, then we know there is reciprocated or shared love.

The most important bodies to conjunct an angle in the natal chart of another person are the Moon and Venus. Both bodies bring real love to the foreground.

  • The Moon points to a comfort zone, something that is familiar and is related to the one you un- and subconsciously turn to.

  • Venus denotes adorable love. It cannot get better than this. If you have Venus conjunct an angle in the chart of the other person, this is the purest love possible, creating an affectionate bond.

Aside from the Moon and Venus, any other planet or body (the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) can conjunct the other's angles too, which is also good an indication of attraction.

  • Neptune brings devotion and longings.

  • Mars is related to physical attraction but may also result in physical violence if other configurations point to it.

  • Jupiter brings tolerance in some way.

  • Mercury is related to mental stimuli and insight.

  • The Moon's Nodes are highly important too and can bring kind of a fated attraction.

  • Also, when the angles of one partner conjunct the angles of the other person, you may be magnetically and irresistably attracted to each other.

    In our research, we found this combination in numerous instances between married people, especially when one of the angles is exactly conjunct one of the other person's angles.

    Almost always, in an almost infallible way, people whose angles (the 4 angles) coincide and thus are exact, are destined to marry.

    The love relationship will last forever too (there will be no divorce that is).

Do know that, when there is one way love, the "planet person" may just feel sympathy for the "angle person" (and not love) and may (easily) quit the relationship for another person/lover.

Mind though that attraction as such has nothing to do with endurability or lasting love.

It's not because a planet of the other person conjuncts one of your angles and vice versa, that you will build a lasting love union.

A planet conjunct an angle is just a very strong and powerful indication of attraction and when the Moon or Venus are involved, there is love from one side (one way love).

Also, the "angle person" is the most vulnerable one, because his/her feelings of love are triggered.

This may result in unrequited love and lover's burn-out, denoting that the "angle person" does EVERYTHING to satisfy the (needs of the) "planet person."

No need to say that this drains the own energy field.

If love is not reciprocated, the "angle person" may hopelessly chase a fata morgana, fill a bottomless bottle.

Though there may be sympathy from the "planet person", consider that sympathy is NOT love and the feelings are not of the same kind, intensity and "frequency"!

This way, there is no balance between two people resulting in love to become a very painful and even destructive experience for the "angle person."

There is nothing more painful than love that is not returned, not reciprocated and it's best to advice the "angle person" to do everything possible to let the "planet person" go.

There is no need to chase something one cannot obtain.

There is no way to force fate because that's just going against the flow of life and higher energy fields we cannot change or overpower.

We all must learn to go with the flow and not go against it.

It's senseless to burn ourselves out and make our own life a misery.

You may ask, how can this all be clarified?

Our theory is that the angles (and house cusps) are sensitive points that receive or suck energies while planets and bodies radiate or send energies.

If radiating energies from the "planet person" are received by the "angle person", it triggers a charge or a vibe.

This sending-receiving combo acts like a totally irresistible magnetic North-South pole attraction.

When the receiving angles coincide, this may result in sucking energies which result in a vacuum that glues two people together.

Planetary combinations (conjunctions and aspects) are a lower kind of polarized combinations, resulting in minor attractions.

That's why we assume that planetary inter-aspects are less important than planet-angle combinations and inter-aspects.

Here too Nature seems to be based on a hierarchy (in order of importance, the most important and powerful combo above):

  1. coinciding angles
  2. coinciding angles and bodies
  3. coinciding bodies/planets

The coinciding factor is above all a conjunction, followed by other exact aspects.

2. There are NO inter-aspects between the Ascendant of a partner and planets of the other partner

We discovered that when natal planets of partner 2 aspect the Ascendant of partner 1 AND NO planets of partner 1 aspect the Ascendant of partner 2, there is one way love.

In such a case only partner 1 is attracted to partner 2 while partner 2 does not feel anything for partner 1.

Let's take a look at the image below to clarify this.

Inter-aspects in synastry pointing to one way love

The Ascendant of partner 1 (see the horizontal purple rectangle) 'receives' quite some planetary aspects from partner 2 while the Ascendant of partner 2 'receives' NO planetary aspects at all.

Clearly, in this example, partner 1 is 'in love', but not partner 2.

If planets of both partners aspect each other's Ascendant, there is a reciprocal force or energy that brings mutual attraction and interaction between both -- for good or ill.

If the aspects are disharmonious or challenging (lots of (semi-)squares, for example), the interaction may be a bumpy road.

If, on the other hand, the aspects are harmonious and fluent (like all sextiles or trines), the interactions are more agreeable and enjoyable, though a little detached.

A blend of harmonious and challenging aspects brings more emotional interactions, more awareness (for good or ill).

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