The GEMINI Love Horoscope

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

On this Gemini love horoscope page we will delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, the Moon and Venus, starting with the female horoscopes.

From ten thousands of natal charts (among others analyzed via the AstroDatabank) we tried to find common patterns, events, characteristics etc. that mark the before-mentioned bodies/points in the four elements.

In doing so, we also made a difference between male and female horoscopes.

This way, the delineation of the Love Horoscope is based on strict empirical research.

The Elemental Division

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

It took us more than two full years to accomplish this project.

When we found lots of data for the same elemental division, the presented results will be highly accurate.

In case there were not a lot of data available, the results will vary.

The most prominent and significant traits are printed in bold.

For additional Gemini traits, also check out the Gemini Sex Horoscope page on which we delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, Venus and Mars.

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.


Moon in fire Venus in firedepressive tendencies, traumatic family events, marital stress, danger of being abused, unstable relationships, divorced or widowed
Venus in earthloves Art (into art), sexual abuse possible, travel for work, (very) assertive, talker, critical, bone injury or problems, financial problems, teacher or public speaker, loves job, weird rituals - 'cult' or religion, raised outside family
Venus in watertalkative, sociable, astrology-minded, addictions, gorgeous, attention seeking, on average no kids
Venus in airsharp tongue, talkative, writer/speaker/translator, marital stress, model, divorced, confrontational, sharp, vocational awards, active
Moon in earth Venus in firenervous, issue with diet, eating or cooking, creative and artistic, financial windfalls, loves dancing
Venus in earthmultiple marriages, financial success, marital stress and domestic violence, lesbian, surgery to regain health, adopted child(ren), sports-minded, beautiful voice
Venus in waterprivate, modest, cautious, birth defect or handicap, lonely or loner, astrology-minded, solo, adores animals and pets, sensitive (frail) constitution, financial gain/winnings, prone to accidents and injuries, traumatic family events
Venus in airdepressive, nervous breakdown, psychological or mental problems, long lasting marriage, teacher, astrology-minded
Moon in water Venus in fireversatile, contradictory, critical, talker/teacher, abrasive, divorced, large family, wealthy
Venus in earthage difference with partner, domestic stress, beaten or abused by partner or husband, bitter divorce, compatible marriage if husband is (much) older, noted partner/husband
Venus in watercompassionate, loves Art and Antiques, very nurturing, noted partner, large family, widowed
Venus in airvery fickle, mentally hypersensitive, extravagant, gracious, loving and warm, noted family, widowed, popular, if kids at least one daughter
Moon in air Venus in firewants to be seen/heard, loves dancing, vulnerable, abused, brief or short marriage, feels abandoned or neglected
Venus in earthhard worker, charming, wants to be conquered, blonde hair, noted partner/husband
Venus in waterbrunette (or dark hair color), coquettish, detached when stressed, needs time alone when stressed, talkative, nervous, attention seeking, no problem going nude, raised out of the family, into physics or chemistry, gorgeous, extravagant, opportunist
Venus in airvery curious, confused, altruist, wealth through partner or husband or marriage (Venus in Gemini), determined

Moon in fire Venus in firehumorous, many moves, lecturer/public speaker, traveler, unique personality, writer, poor childhood, job-related injuries, critical, traumatic childhood event(s) regarding parent(s)
Venus in earthtravel for work, fine Art Artist (Venus in Taurus), Designer, many moves, top executive, financial success, physician
Venus in watersculpting, many moves, entrepreneur, photography, publisher/writer/Editor/Advertiser (Venus in Cancer), business owner, unusual (accidental) death, extramarital affairs, high sex drive
Venus in airhandsome, loves acting, eye problems, severe accidents, sociable, accidental death, disciplined
Moon in earth Venus in fireintelligent, legal problems, injury through gunshot(s), public speaker, marital problems, exceptional mind, mentally gifted, homicide victim or accidental death
Venus in earthyoung looking, spiritual an mystical, eccentric, hard worker, same job for a long time, into metaphysics, astrology-minded, humorous, sleep disorder (night owl), educated
Venus in waterstubborn, self-absorbed, adopted, outdoorsy, cancer, exceptional mind, persistent, stressful work, business owner, ambitious, flamboyant
Venus in airassertive, divorce possible, actor, changeable, unstable, many sex affairs, short marriage, into the field of food and beverage, restaurateur, sociable, age difference with partner, different marriages
Moon in water Venus in firewriter, obsessive, spontaneous, unrealistic, different marriages, public office worker, homosexual, throat problems, temper, entrepreneur, teacher
Venus in earthentrepreneur, travel for work, business owner, public office worker, teacher or public speaker, ear surgery/problems, liar (Venus in Taurus and Moon in Pisces), spiritual
Venus in waterwell liked, long lasting relationship, long life possible, large family, criminal perpetrator, expatriate, traveler
Venus in airbusiness owner, perfectionist, seldom many kids, interested in food and dinner, traumatic family events in childhood re parent(s)
Moon in air Venus in fireprincipled, fickle, individualist, psychological problems, (nearly) fatal or severe accidents, criminal perpetrator, public office worker, into politics, perfectionist
Venus in earthartistic, business owner, government employee, fine art artist (Venus in Taurus), creative, sports-minded, humorous, teacher (Venus in Taurus), talkative, artist (Moon in Gemini and Venus in Cancer), aggressive, combative
Venus in watertemper, intelligent, cynical, humorous, supportive family, quick to anger, teacher (Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Cancer), small stature (Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Cancer), artist (Moon in Gemini and Venus in Cancer)
Venus in airintelligent, discoverer, extramarital affairs, teacher (Venus in Gemini), astrology-minded, sociable, creator/originator, into physics or biology or chemistry, vocational awards, widowed, business owner

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