The ARIES Love Horoscope

The Best Sign For You To Love

On this Aries love horoscope page we will delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, the Moon and Venus, starting with the female horoscopes.

From ten thousands of natal charts (among others analyzed via the AstroDatabank) we tried to find common patterns, events, characteristics etc. that mark the before-mentioned bodies/points in the four elements.

In doing so, we also made a difference between male and female horoscopes.

This way, the delineation of the Love Horoscope is based on strict empirical research.

The Elemental Division

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

It took us more than two full years to accomplish this project.

When we found lots of data for the same elemental division, the presented results will be highly accurate.

In case there were not a lot of data available, the results will vary.

The most prominent and significant traits are printed in bold.

For additional Aries traits, also check out the Aries Sex Horoscope page on which we delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, Venus and Mars.

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.

Sun in ARIES

Moon in fire Venus in fireloves to be outdoors, adventurous, sociable, devoted, sharp, firm, direct, separated from parent(s)
Venus in earthloves gardening, childhood abuse possible, insatiable, jealous, issues with child(ren), loves music, creative
Venus in water(very) slender, age difference with partner, loving or close family, large family, one lengthy marriage, loves dancing
Venus in airyouthful, very curious, spontaneous, two marriages likely, two children (or less), important or special events at ages 5, 7, 13 or 21, informal
Moon in earth Venus in fireage difference with partner, incompetent partner, selfish, astrology-minded, traumatic family events, sensitive or poor health
Venus in earthexpatriate, many moves, loves to travel, loves performing and drama, lasting marriage
Venus in watervery sexually active, many moves, long lasting marriage or relationship
Venus in airincest or physical abuse possible, car accidents, gorgeous appearance, multiple love affairs, throat problems/damage or injury
Moon in water Venus in fireemotional, sensual, obsessive, too much imagination, hypersensitive, cesarean or difficult birth, issues or problems related to child(ren)
Venus in earthself-absorbed, expert in her field, changes name or uses a nickname, divorce possible, travel for work, astrology-minded, metaphysical, loves writing
Venus in waterloves fine art, painting and design, loves massage and 'stress relief', astrology-minded, depressive (with possible suicide attempts), short life possible
Venus in airinterracial relationship, many lovers, physical abuse possible, strong sexuality
Moon in air Venus in fireloves jewelry, many lovers, reads romance novels, outgoing, cheerful
Venus in earthcharming, artistic, passive, indecisive, noted mate or partner, in most cases at least two children, pushy
Venus in waterdiplomatic, youthful, coquettish, criminal victim, physical hindrances, possibly abused
Venus in airvery curious, coquettish, instable relationships, different marriages and divorces, adopted, foster or step kids, one long lasting marriage

Moon in fire Venus in fireinstant marriage, attracted to fire, exciting events, macho, sports-minded, homicide or criminal victim, unusual death, criminal cases, criminal perpetrator, travel for work
Venus in earthmultiple marriages, (very) handsome, self-taught, domestic violence or problems, issues with parent(s), teacher, educator, temper, large family, achiever, fiery, sports-minded, eye problems
Venus in waterpopular and sociable, mental breakdown, mystical, writer, philosophical, emotional, erudite, brain or head problems or injuries, many love affairs, cancer, psychological problems, "exiled"
Venus in airinstinctive, sociable, playwright, travel for work, accidental death, severe injuries through accidents, fast speed sports (racing, motorcycle,...) or baseball - basketball - rugby
Moon in earth Venus in fireart collector, glassware, art books, addictions, at least one long lasting marriage, many children possible, extensive education, homosexual
Venus in earthspiritual, writer, traumatic events regarding kids, humorous, unusual birth circumstances, witty, small stature
Venus in waterartisan, sculptor, social, very active, perfectionist, intense/obsessive, celibacy, exceptional or eccentric, articulate, travel for work, accidents regarding water (when Venus is in Pisces)
Venus in airwell-liked and popular, accidental or unusual death, original, researcher, originator, age difference with wife, with Moon in Capricorn: architect, building trade and planner
Moon in water Venus in firevulgar, very changeable (contradictory), unusual death, writer, exceptional mind, isolated, loves extremes, lives on the edge, difficult birth, original
Venus in earthparty animal, loves nature, physically active, large family or many kids, sports-minded, sociable, hard worker, chauvenist, temper, popular
Venus in wateremotional, intense, suspicious, same job for long, problems with lung(s), financial problems or issues, wealthy, has to do with beverages
Venus in airloves water and swimming, has to do with law, abstract thought, different marriages, active, expatriate or travel for work
Moon in air Venus in firemacho, daredevil, loves speed, traffic accidents, work related accidents, same job for long, wealthy, heart disease, confrontational, expressive, travel for work, ambitious
Venus in earthloves jewelry, illustrations, glass sculptures, traumatic events regarding wife or partner, artistic, ambitious, raised in poverty, cancer, bone problems, from rags to riches
Venus in watertoo obsessed with work, travel for work, twins, comedy, sociable, different marriages, hard worker, witty, humorous, difficult birth
Venus in airloves the outdoors, plane accidents (with Venus in Gemini), loves to fly, loves planes, lung problems or disease, parents divorced or separated, neglected child

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