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Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Just face it, even the best possible marriage horoscopes can become divorce horoscopes.

Life is about cycles, ups and downs, the good days and the bad days...

Marriages are no exception and will undergo these tidal changes as time moves on.

Remember that astrology too is about (life) cycles.

As every planet has its own cycle and moves through the heavens, astrologers can follow a (life) pattern as the planets constantly build angular relationships with their natal positions.

No doubt, marriage horoscopes are pictures of the planetary positions at that moment, but in reality it's just a starting point on which the whole marriage is built up and will unfold as time goes by.

The periodic differences in our life are due to the continued movements of the planets as they move through the sky and transit some points in the horoscopes (natal, marriage or divorce horoscopes,...), return to or oppose their own positions.

From a metaphysical point of view people are attracted to one another because of a higher purpose; most often because they have to learn lessons or live an experience so to make them more and more perfect over time.

When a relationship (or marriage) has learned the necessary lessons to the partners, it's often time to let the relationship (or marriage) go and move on with life.

Astrologers can 'see' from the marriage horoscopes when some marital problems may arise and when the marriage horoscopes may become divorce horoscopes.

We want you to know some of these rules too, so that you can know in advance when your relationship may start deteriorating and when divorce horoscopes are likely to become part of your life.

Or, when it's time to try to save your sinking boat...

Or just move on with your own vessel...

Anticipating can be really very helpful in these instances.

Nevertheless, consider two important things:

Firstly, it's very important to know that everything changes, even the most difficult and challenging planetary contacts.

These contacts will pass too as time goes by and as the planets keep moving on...

You sometimes will have to be (very) patient, though (but read on...).

So, you can offset divorce horoscopes.

Secondly, living with one another is not only about sharing positive feelings, but sharing more negative experiences and emotions as well.

In the end, only the (shared) negative life experiences will hold relationships together, as only these make relationships grow and bring people closer together.

So, don't think your marriage is over when, for some time, it is not going as you wish for.

life is ALWAYS about learning lessons, living experiences and/or being on  a mission.

Also understand the Universal Law of polarity: you can(t have the day without the night, warm without cold, the north pole without the south pole, love without hate...

EVERYTHING changes and goes from one pole to the other.

Nothing ever stays the same, even not in matters of love.

What keeps people together, despite the reversing poles of love and hate is compassion; the deeper understanding and insight that we are all here to learn, to experience, to grow and develop with and through each other.

Now to the rules regarding the divorce horoscopes.

What astrological indications can be found in divorce horoscopes?

  • Take a look at some very important astrological divorce research from the Netherlands to see if both your natal charts in synastry may "presage" divorce.

  • Uranus transits the 1st or the 7th house in the natal chart or the marriage horoscope. This transit often points to divorce horoscopes.

    Transiting Uranus is the most disruptive planet, able to break up any bonds.

    With this disruptive planet in the houses that symbolize the relationship, we can expect some estrangement between the couple.

  • Saturn transits the 1st or the 7th house. Transiting Saturn always points to 'problems', delays, friction and challenges.

    Transiting Saturn in one of the mentioned houses in marriage horoscopes is a challenge for the relationship.

    Marriage horoscopes may become divorce horoscopes then.

    However, in our opinion, it seldom is a reason to quit the relationship. Just wait till Saturn passes.

  • One (or more) outer planet(s) (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) quincunx or inconjunct (aspect of 150°) the Ascendant.

    The quincunx requires balancing and adjustment, mostly due to external circumstances.

    Inconjuncts reflect incompatibility and blind spots.

    Ideals and expectations always will have to be moderated. The relationship will have to settle for attainable goals and success.

    Sometimes the relationship will have to be reconsidered so that this aspect often marks divorce horoscopes.

  • An Eclipse quincunx or inconjunct (aspect of 150°) or semi-sextile (aspect of 30°) the Ascendant.

Also consider reading Gary Smalley's best-selling Making Love Last Forever too so that your marriage horoscopes don't become divorce horoscopes!

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