The Zodiac Signs In Love
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The Best Sign For You To Love

Much has been written and much can be found pertaining to the zodiac signs in love.

Actually, we don't like popular Sun sign astrology and simple zodiac sign readings because that's definitely NOT what astrology is about!

However, we understand that lay people may find real astrology way too complicated (and believe us, it is!) to understand and that's why we will try to give you some insight into the individual zodiac signs in love.

The basics of the zodiac signs in love can be found in some archetypal principles that are related to the so-called Quadruplicities or 3 Modes (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and Triplicities (related to the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

Some medieval and ancient techniques will not be forgotten too in our delineation of the zodiac signs -- if the methods have stood the test of time in their accuracy that is.

To bring a more personalized reading, we divide every single zodiac sign into three parts (based on the the so-called decanates) and analyze the basics, essentials and fundamentals of the zodiac signs.

Also, on a sub-page we list all the birthdays for the zodiac sign and discuss how the individual birthdays behave when they are in love.

This way, you will know the quirks of the zodiac signs in love in first instance, without experiencing the trouble ;-)

Now, click your Sun sign below to read about our preliminary findings...

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Zodiac Signs Sub-Pages

  • The Aries Decanates
  • Aries Birthdays
  • The Taurus Decanates
  • Taurus Birthdays
  • The Gemini Decanates
  • Gemini Birthdays
  • The Cancer Decanates
  • Cancer Birthdays
  • The Leo Decanates
  • Leo Birthdays
  • The Virgo Decanates
  • Virgo Birthdays
  • The Libra Decanates
  • Libra Birthdays
  • The Scorpio Decanates
  • Scorpio Birthdays
  • The Sagittarius Decanates
  • Sagittarius Birthdays
  • The Capricorn Decanates
  • Capricorn Birthdays
  • The Aquarius Decanates
  • Aquarius Birthdays
  • The Pisces Decanates
  • Pisces Birthdays

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