The Scorpio Horoscope

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Our delineation of the Scorpio horoscope follows a very logical method, based on ancient basic and archetypal principles. It's NOT about stereotypes.

Every zodiac sign is the result of the so-called Quadruplicities or Modes (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and Triplicities (related to the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

The Scorpio horoscope is based on the Fixed Water energies:

  • The Fixed principle is about stability, holding tight and clinging. It implies concentrated, stabilizing and controlling energy.

    Fixed is unchanging, undisturbed and settled. Fixed represents the "getters", "havers" and "preservers."

  • The Water principle is about emotion and compassion. Water runs deep and is highly sensitive, working in a subtle, non-physical way. It is quiet, receptive (introvert) and collecting. Water is imaginative and hiding, retiring (invisible).

Blending fixed water into something tangible or material, you get the keyword "ice."

The main characteristics of the Sun (representing your self-expressing life force) in the fixed water sign Scorpio are:

  • reserved but forceful and penetrating (persistent and firm)
  • (self-)destructive behavior
  • cumbersome, turns everything upside-down or reverses things
  • secrets and the hidden things attract
  • determined
  • holds onto old pains and emotional issues
  • wants to merge instead of bonding
  • has many secrets to hide!!

Depending on your birth date, the Scorpio horoscope divides into the following three decanates:

October 24-31

  • closed, reserved and reticent
  • has lots of relationships
  • intense and possessive
  • jealous
  • friendly
  • can be very venomous when under attack
  • very demanding
  • extremely discriminating
  • polarized personality traits
  • seductive but destructive!
  • does not accept excuses
  • does not forgive
  • destructive conflicts
  • sharp analyzer
  • has few friends
  • sense of humor
  • a teaser
  • will find your weak spot and make use of it

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November 1-10

  • passionate
  • encounters quite some disappointments
  • mystical
  • serious
  • very concentrated and intense
  • competitive
  • worries over finances
  • empathetic
  • faithful and steadfast
  • inflexible
  • very physical

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November 11-22

  • ambitious
  • has public appeal
  • loves the sea, home and the family (wants to have some water around the home)
  • intuitive
  • unstable emotional life
  • sorrow through shared resources
  • realistic
  • self-satisfied
  • successful careers
  • a lot of hidden inner conflicts
  • needs self-sufficient people/lovers
  • when they laugh they are in good shape, if not, there's a problem
  • unstable love relationships
  • highly sexual (not always in a soft way!)

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