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If you want to know all about Taurus in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Taurus zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Taurus or if your partner is Taurus, just find out what we know about Taurus in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on April 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of April 22 and April 24 as well.

Birthday How's Taurus in Love?
April 21 Stormy love life. Different marriages/divorces are likely to occur. Needs physical pleasures. Sensual. Needs lots of excitement. Too nervous. Popular. Addictions possible. Extremely detail-oriented.
April 22 Not really sociable, business-minded and materialistic. Solitary. Needs a sexual (physical) relationship. Very stubborn. Transitory love unions. Impatient. Always on the move. Cannot commit.
April 23 Sociable. Needs a secure environment. Family-minded. Gregarious and vibrant. Very determined and quite stubborn. Very cerebral. Loves to play games. Argumentative. Can be irresponsible. Accident-prone.
April 24 Family-minded. Caring. Stressful marriages. Tragic love life. Possessive and demanding. Tends to be rather slow. Very cerebral. Freedom-loving. Lots going on in the mind. Transitory love unions. Issues about (in)fidelity. Has tons of inner strength.
April 25 Needs attention and admiration. Physical. Stubborn. Demanding and quite moody. Not easy to live with. High sex drive. Issues about (in)fidelity. Highly sensuous. Many love affairs. Over-indulging.
April 26 Extremely stubborn. Solitary. Perfectionist. Cool and calculating but innerly very hot. Seldom shows his or her feelings. Loves a stroke and touch. Determined. Opinionated. Very set in his/her ways. secret love affairs. Very hardworking.
April 27 Needs privacy. Home-loving. Loyal. Destructive temper. Romantic. Extremely stubborn and set in his/her ways. Very jealous and possessive. A pessimist and often bitter. Secret love affairs. Struggles through life. A challenging life. Money issues.
April 28 Very stubborn. Patient. The outer appearance is very important. Reliable. Impulsive in matters of love (swept away easily). Temperamental. May be lazy. Talkative. Many love affairs.
April 29 Domineering. Steadfast and persistent (even very rigid). Not flexible. Reliable. The outer appearance is very important. Introvert and reserved. Passive in matters of the heart. Secret love affairs. Career drive more important than love. Very ambitious.
April 30 Domineering. Can't stand disputes and confrontations. Stubborn. The explorer. Needs verbal stimuli. Argumentative. Easily drawn to dishonest or questionable and abusive partners.
May 1 Not talkative. Not sociable but respected. Avoids confrontations. Sensual. Realistic. Slow to settle down. Dynamic and lots of sex appeal. Single-minded. Dissatisfied. Restless. Enjoys traveling.
May 2 Domineering. Business-minded. Perfectionist. Lacks tact. Jealous and very possessive. Usually calm but can be very temperamental too. Workaholic. Business-owner. Can be wealthy.
May 3 Charming and realistic. Sociable. Witty. Exciting and original. (Too) articulate. Challenging life. Honesty can be a problem. Must learn to stay positive.
May 4 Risk-taker. Magnetic. Caring. Loyal. Controlling. Oversensitive. Power plays and power struggles. Worries too much.
May 5 Needs attention. Stubborn. Jealous. Wants to be free from commitment. Friendly on the surface. High love ideals. Painful relationship issues. Wealthy. Attracted to people of power.
May 6 Lacks emotional stability. Imaginative. Forceful and often compulsive. Compassionate. Argumentative and fretful. Cannot decide. Too much into perfection. Extremely stubborn. Competitive. A business-owner and/or very business-minded. Wealthy. Creative and artistic tastes.
May 7 Very loyal. Religious. Sensual. Solitary. Self-made. Conservative. Uncomfortable showing feelings. Feels misunderstood. Difficulies in marriage. Charming. Loves variety. Financial expenses/losses.
May 8 Outspoken. Traveler. Needs to learn to share. Takes it slowly. Inflexible. Rigid. Immature. Persuasive.
May 9 Idealist. Charisma. Loves beautiful things. Warm and easygoing. Devoted. Selfish. Fickle. Loves money and may be wealthy.
May 10 Solitary. Impulsive. Self-sufficient. Charming. Adventurous. Bossy. Very talkative. Argumentative. Unstable financially.
May 11 Excentric. Imaginative. Possessive. Lives in a material/physical world of tangible things. Changeable nature. Fickle. Indecisive.
May 12 Activist. The rebel. Cool. Flirtatious. Popular. Provocative. Very creative and unique. Strong-willed. Romantic.
May 13 Very sociable and beloved. Physical. Restless. Demonstrative. Needs luxury. The teacher. Needs an audience.
May 14 Restless. Perfectionist. Impatient. Adventurous. Hard to hold on to. Very set in his/her ways. Dislikes routine. Needs variety. Easily bored. Dissatisfied. Needs to learn to be honest.
Males: divorced (most often 2 marriages)
May 15 Solitary. Reclusive. Quite slow. Takes it easy. Charming. Business-minded. The playboy/playgirl.
May 16 Eccentric and extravert. Selective. Solitary. Difficulties in love relationships. Multiple love unions. Jealous. Enjoys traveling. Inconsistent in matters of love.
May 17 Outspoken. Controversial. Proud. Passionate. Polite and gracious. Needs bold expressions. Into real estate. Often obsessed with money. Secret love affairs.
May 18 Domineering. Outspoken. Magnetic. Overindulging. Does not want to be rushed. Distant love unions. Restless. Loves adventures and traveling. Promiscuous. It's best to remain single!
May 19 Self-made. Too rational. Charming. Possessive. Wants to be in charge. Popular. High love ideals. Home- and family-minded. Addictions are possible.
May 20 The traveler. Restless. Needs change and variation. Self-expressive. Overly critical of others. Impatient. Changeable. Inconsistent.

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