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If you want to know all about Virgo in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Virgo zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Virgo or if your partner is Virgo, just find out what we know about Virgo in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on August 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of August 22 and August 24 as well.

Birthday How's Virgo in Love?
August 23 Rather detached and cool. Egocentric. Solitary and principled. Energetic. Aggressive tendencies. Easily shuts down emotionally. May be unemotional. Health issues.
August 24 Mystical. The Discoverer. Complicated. Very high expectations. Tactful. Refined. Talkative. Popular. Stuck in details.
August 25 Exhibitionistic tendencies. The Vamp/Playboy. Very physical. Charming. Overly critical. Easily hurt. Tactless. Very restless and curious. Issues about (in)fidelity. Irritable. Stressful.
August 26 Servile. Modest. Solitary. Cool. Dedicated. Devoted. Needs to be in the spotlight or in power. Stubborn. Very materialistic. A business-owner. Narrow-minded.
August 27 Negative mind-set. Cynical. Needs intellectual companions. Very touchy. Very set in her/his ways. Worries a lot. Women may have masculine traits.
August 28 Very cerebral. Talkative. Restless. Judgmental. Meticulous. Very independent. Submissive and servile. Critical. Many love affairs.
August 29 Chaotic love life. Asocial. Very physical. Issues about (in)fidelity. Emotionally unstable at times. Aims for perfection. Wealthy. Attracted to power and money. Self-centered.
August 30 Financial and economical interests. Emotionally closed. Emphasis on the intellect. A pessimist. Many love issues and disappointments. A depressive attitude.
August 31 Needs public attention. Charming. Wants to be cherished. Overprotective. Wants to think things over very carefully. Manipulative. Worries a lot. Needs to learn to walk the talk. A seducer. Stands in the center of a group.
September 1 Combative. Workaholic. Shows love by being helpful and dependable. Wants material success and recognition. A workaholic. Bossy. A business-owner. Love and work are intertwined.
September 2 Workaholic. Temperamental. High standards. Serious. Self-restrained. Very reckless and accident-prone resulting in injuries.
September 3 Gorgeous. Controversial. Cool. Extremely friendly. Enjoys telling stories. Very versatile. Cannot stand feelings and emotions. Very set in her/his ways. Extremely fixed and stubborn. Too independent to commit.
September 4 The Builder. The Collector. Needs to be cherished. Compassionate. Very stubborn. Extremely restless. Needs a change. lots of disappointments in love. Always on the move.
September 5 Excessive pride. Lots of imagination. Playful. Cannot stand emotions. Does not show his/her feelings. Financial issues. Should focus on work rather than love.
September 6 Loyal. Romantic. Detached because of fear of rejection. Refined and cannot stand discord. Needs lots of harmony. Struggles through life in the 1st half of life. Dissatisfied. Needs a creative lover.
September 7 Driven. Competitive. No words but actions. Extremely high standards. Self-doubt. Business-minded. Work partnerships. Easily gets in a rut. Toggle relationships.
September 8 Stubborn. Egocentric. Rather unemotional at first sight. Can hide his/her worriesome nature. Lots of trials and tribulations in life. Enjoys traveling. Needs to refrain from materialism.
September 9 Bored easily. Egocentric. Secretive. Considerate. Solitary. A story-teller. Needs a public or an audience.
September 10 Conservative and traditional. Needs a partner to look up to. Impulsive. Highly independent. Nature-loving. Enjoys traveling. Spendthrift.
September 11 Easily bored. Manipulative. Hypercrytical. The gardener. Meticulous. Loves the finer details.
September 12 Flight/escape tendencies. Nervous. Needs a solitary place. Problematic love unions. Self-expressive. Ambitious. Pushy and driven. Willful. Changes her/his mind often.
September 13 Passionate. Loyal. Reckless. Physical. Cannot relax. Talkative and even argumentative. Needs to let go. Can be reckless and irresponsible. Very cerebral.
September 14 Critical. Opinionated. Needs comfort. Unconventional. Fear of intimacy. Critical. Always in motion. (Too) Self-conscious. Very cerebral. Addicted to power. Pushy. Dominating.
September 15 Shy. Patient. Materialistic. Cannot relax. Very demanding. Critical. A negative thinker. Needs to learn about integrity. Insightful. Sexual. Caring and devoted.
September 16 Combative. Argumentative. Passionate. Jealous. Moody. Problematic love unions. Can be inert and very fixed. Sports-minded. Tough.
September 17 Serious. Obstinate. Reserved. Controlling and demanding. Loves avriety. A restless mind. Many love affairs. Needs to learn integrity.
September 18 Reclusive and solitary. Secretive. Needs a peaceful environment. Religious. Very sensitive. Can be lazy. A dreamer. Needs to learn to walk the talk.
September 19 Gorgeous. Needs attention. Can be impulsive. Very critical. Very restless. Curious. Enjoys traveling. Cannot easily commit.
September 20 Group-minded. Emotional issues. Cannot open up emotionally. Loves nature. A sales person. Questionable relationships. Business partnerships.
September 21 Keeps an eye on trends. Creative. Gorgeous. Cannot open up emotionally. Self-expressive. Problematic intimate relationships. Communicative. A performer. Needs an audience. Needs variety.
September 22 Talkative. A teacher. Co-dependent behavior. Lots of inner conflicts.

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