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If you want to know all about Scorpio in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Scorpio zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Scorpio or if your partner is Scorpio, just find out what we know about Scorpio in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on October 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of October 22 and October 24 as well.

Birthday How's Scorpio in Love?
October 23 Easily bored. Controversial. Unstable love life. Impulsive. Popular. Possessive and jealous. Adventurous. Needs a challenge. Stubborn. Not very romantic. Wants to do things his/her way.
October 24 The explorer. Serious. Highly magnetic. Assertive. Perfectionistic. Very difficult to live with. Possessive and jealous. Wants to be in control. Playful. Questionable relationships.
October 25 Silent. Controlling. Tends to live in a rut. Secretive. Wants to do things his/her own way. Likes a challenge. Strong and self-centered. The eternal romantic.
October 26 The reformer. Intense. Reckless. Does not reveal the inner feelings. Not easy to live with. Distant. Tough. Needs power. Challenging love unions. Strong-willed. Love and money are intertwined.
October 27 Impulsive. Dynamic. Manic-depressive. Needs heaps of attention and affection. Possessive. Highly sexed. Intuitive. Charming. Youthful. Dreamy in matters of love.
October 28 Neurotic. Sarcastic. Rigid. Very demanding. Loyal and devoted. Emotionally intense. Needs time alone. Control issues. Escapist tendencies. Possessive.
October 29 Domineering. Manipulative. Ambitious. Caring en (too) protective. Goes to extremes with ups and downs. Can be irresponsible. Artistic and creative.
October 30 Talented. Loves to travel. The perpetual wanderer. Always on the move. Multicultural friendships. The Chameleon. Versatile. Is not meant to settle. Multiple marriages/love unions. Changes relationships and lovers frequently. Co-dependent. Tragic or painful relationship losses (in a wide sense). Needs an intelligent partner.
October 31 Caring and compassionate. A fighter. Leads a conflictual life. Detached. Too critical of the partner. May hold grudges. Suspicious. Loves to shine. Controlling.
November 1 Active. Busy. Aggressive. Lacks self-confidence. Assertive. Magnetic. Not easily pleased. Independent. Very controlling. Not too romantic. money fixations. Work comes before love.
November 2 Needs changes and transformations. Interest in power, money and sex. Secretive. Black-or-white attitude. Highly sexed. Enjoys traveling. Financial expenses and/or losses. Productive. Needs an intellectual partner.
November 3 A fighter. Combative. Cool. Sarcastic. Popular. Penetrating insight. Lives a stable and static life. Gets in a rut easily. A hard worker. A teacher.
November 4 Domineering. Powerful. Wants to be served. Generous. Emotionally dependent. Possessive. Strong sense of purpose. A challenging and unique life. Fixed and strong-willed. Expressive but misunderstood.
November 5 Realistic. Silent and/or reclusive. Curious. Controlling. Needs an active social life. Business-minded. Principled strongly. May be lazy.
November 6 Enthusiastic. Energetic. Physical. Has charisma. Has overwhelming demands. Loves the game of seduction. Cannot commit easily. Highly impatient. A propagator. Inclined to self-delusion. Restless.
November 7 Adventurous. The explorer. Charming. A heartbreaker! Needs a challenge. Self-sufficient. Moody. Outerly very cool but very easily upset. Stuck in details. Stubborn. Gets in a rut easily. Restless on an inner level. Struggles through life. Mental issues are possible.
November 8 Unconventional. Intense. An underground figure. Needs lots of free room but also extremely possessive. Power acts like an aphrodisiac. Does not want to be rushed. Wants to juggle a lot. Needs variety. Worries a lot. Multiple marriages/love unions.
November 9 The seducer. Complicated personality. Underground figure. Lives on the edge. Highly sexed but still romantic. Lives on the mental plane. Mental issues possible. Talkative and argumentative. Aloof appearance. Partner may have health issues.
November 10 Reclusive. The reformer/transformer. Demanding. Critical. Controlling. Hard to live with. Needs a challenge and drama. Needs an intellectual partner. Very creative. Needs lots of experiences. Can handle different jobs. Versatile. Independent. Unstable relationships.
November 11 Turbulent. Extremely controlling and possessive. Attractive. Macho behavior. Lots of worries. Single-minded. Very emotional behavior. Devoted and strong romantic desires. Sensuous. Extramarital affairs and/or infidelity. Loves children.
November 12 Sensual and attractive. Wild. Forceful. Lighthearted. Selg-engrossed. Stubborn. Needs to be in the center of attention.
November 13 Realistic. Opinionated. Moody. Suspicious. Jealous. Difficult to sustain love unions. Smart. Argumentative. Extramarital affairs. Needs to learn honesty and integrity.
November 14 The researcher. Ambitious. Intense. Very moody. Big EGO. Needs recognition. Intellectual. Lives on the mental plane. Cerebral. Communicative. Has a short attention span.
November 15 Confrontational. Patient. Unstable love life. Vindictive. Does not easily talk about feelings. In love with love. Should not marry. Cannot commit easily. Unhealthy habits. Disruptive love relationships.
November 16 Competitive. Love's sorrow. Dependent on others or the partner. Turbulent love life. Extremely stubborn and fixed in his/her ways. Determined. A hard worker.
November 17 Calm. Disciplined. Detached. Materialistic. Not easy to live with. Very private. Lonely. Mental issues are possible. A pessimist. Needs to be honest. Questionable love affairs. Secret love affairs. Lives in the mind. Deceiving. Neurotic.
November 18 Temperamental. Sociable. Needs attention. Private. Penetrating insight. Co-dependent. Controlling. Irritable. Neurotic. May have an aggressive partner.
November 19 Very self-confident. Aggressive. Demanding and controlling. Bold. Secret love affairs. Many (unstable) love affairs. Should not marry. Changeable and restless. May be a gambler.
November 20 A fighter. Sarcastic. Practical. Impulsive. Intense emotional personality. Stubborn. Devoted. Attracted to power and money. Charming. A playboy. Questionable relationships.
November 21 Gracious and elegant. Self-destructive. Intelligent and magnetic. Flirtatious. Playful. Unstable love life. Issues about (in)fidelity. Self-indulgent. Discontented.
November 22 Immature. In love with love. Playful. Does silly things.

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