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If you want to know all about Libra in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Libra zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Libra or if your partner is Libra, just find out what we know about Libra in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on October 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of October 22 and October 24 as well.

Birthday How's Libra in Love?
September 22 Sociable. Vaccilating between offensive and defensive behavior. Unstable. Competitive. Restless. Shocking attitude. Very sensitive to the surroundings and needs harmony. Very receptive.
September 23 Expansive. Competitive. A fighter. Sociable. Charming. Detached. Needs a partner. Lives in the mind. Conflicts between family and work. Discontented. Highly romantic ideals. Too high love expectations. Blinded by materialism. Many interests.
September 24 Unstable. Adventurous. Difficult to live with. Eccentric. Restless. Vulnerable and easily upset. Falls in and out of love easily. Charming. Many lovers and admirers. Argumentative and competitive. Generous.
September 25 Cool. Detached. Introvert and emotionally closed. Perfectionistic. Difficult intimate relationships. May easily get into questionable relationships. Feels pulled in two directions. Does not want to be tied down. Needs a challenge. Shopaholic. Charming. Lives in a male-oriented environment. Attractive. Lazy. Co-dependent. May have addictions. Female natives are most often blond. Changeable.
September 26 Determined. Obsessive behavior. Secrecies. Driven. Needs a partner. Issues about control. Needs to be in charge. Many lovers. Secret love affairs. Immature. Questionable relationships. Independent. The doormat. Needs to be responsible for her- or himself. Unfulfilled needs. Plays the victim.
September 27 Lacks confidence. Very sensitive. Distant in love relationships. Sentimental. A very complex and chameleon-like person. The boss. Needs an audience. Willful. Work-related love encounters.
September 28 Charming. Many love relationships. Destructive behavior. Sensual. May cheat. Strongly sexed. Unsettled. Dissatisfied. Financial losses. Cannot commit easily. Creative.
September 29 Attractive. Accident-prone. Unstable life. Takes each day as it comes. Popular. A dreamer. Lives a comfortable life. Multiple love unions. A womanizer. Abusive.
September 30 Gorgeous. Lacks tolerance. Very defensive. Argumentative. Fickle. Self-expressive. A business-owner. Interest in finance and accountancy. Challenging health issues. Enjoys traveling. Very suspicious and a control freak. Must watch mental health. Disappointments from beloved ones.
October 1 Egocentric. Driven. Unique. Passionate. Dislikes restrictions. Many love unions. Spendthrift. Forceful. Creative. Loves to experiment.
October 2 Argumentative. Destructive. Negative. A good listener. Restless. An escapist. Very fixed.
October 3 Trendy. Cannot be pinned down. Exhibitionistic tendencies. Needs lots of romantic involvments. Needs an audience. Innovative. Driven. Needs to learn to be honest.
October 4 The spirit of a survivor. The patriot. Avoids arguments. Cannot stand disputes. Very restless. Discontented. Can be irresponsible. A fixed mind. Cannot commit easily.
October 5 Lively. Needs attention and tons of appraisal. Flirtatious. Cannot stand disputes. The business-(wo)man. Needs to be in control. Charming. Fixed attitude.
October 6 Needs a challenge. Romantic. Sociable. Well-liked. Does not like being alone. Dislikes quarrels. Enjoys traveling. Lots of health issues. Attracts dominating partners. Tends to worry a lot.
October 7 The rebel. Ambitious. Strong willed. Principal. Eccentric. Solitary. A very fixed mind and attitude. Argumentative. A stable home life. Real estate owner. Intellectual and cerebral.
October 8 Romantic. Complicated love relationships. Needs recognition and worldly success. Enjoys traveling. A "restless heart." Needs an adventurous and freedom-loving partner.
October 9 Attractive. Talented. Sensitive and sentimental. Loves to party. Easygoing. Tends to fall passionately in love. Addictions are possible. Forceful and controlling. A stable family life. Well-liked. Gets in a rut easily.
October 10 Analytical. Needs a comfortable life. Needs to learn to share. Very seductive. May be aggressive. Restless. Unstable love life. Willful. Changeable. May have secret love affairs.
October 11 Has a lively imagination. Cannot stand to be alone. Needs a comfortable life. Submissive. Needs beauty and pleasant surroundings. Many health issues. Argumentative and one-sided. Self-centered. Needs to maintain honesty.
October 12 Domineering. Flamboyant. Egocentric. Indecisive. Ambitious. Very fixed. Artistic. Challenging love life. Discontented.
October 13 Stubborn and rigid. Inert. Difficult love relationships. Very refined. Very sensuous. Enjoys lots of sex. Cannot live alone. Inherits money.
October 14 Cool and detached. Rather inert. Submissive. Doesn't hurry. Lives in the mind. Cerebral and intelligent. Very stubborn. Stable family life.
October 15 Independent. Controversial. Eccentric. Needs attention. Enjoys being admired. Indecisive. Struggles through life. Driven. Lots of financial expenses and money losses. Secret love affairs.
October 16 Sound vision. Impulsive. Can be tough. Needs to learn to walk the talk. Self-indulgent. Very idealistic love notions.
October 17 Unstable. Explosive. Stubborn. Too high expectations. Needs material wealth and success. Fears betrayal. Many secret love affairs. Adventurous. Unrequited love. Difficulties in finding real love.
October 18 Takes the lead. Sociable. Stressy. kindhearted. A chameleon-like personality. Attracted to questionable partners. Fears betrayal.
October 19 Lively. Controversial. Critical. Possessive and defensive. Strongly sexed. Many love affairs. Unstable love life. Can be very confused. Drawn to co-dependent behavior.
October 20 Leads a double life. Materialistic. Stubborn. The outer appearance is important. Spontaneous. Attractive and persuasive. Cannot live alone. Playful. Too talkative. Not selective in relationships.
October 21 Unique. Critical and argumentative. Cerebral. Very talkative. Sociable. Easily bored. Cannot live alone. Co-dependent behavior. Lives in extremes.
October 22 Seductive. Issues about (in)fidelity. The rebel. Manipulative. Love and sex go hand in hand. Needs solitude. Elusive and difficult to pin down. Not selective in relationships. Charming. Business-minded. Inherits money. Business-partnerships.

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