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If you want to know all about Leo in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Leo zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Leo or if your partner is Leo, just find out what we know about Leo in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on July 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of July 22 and July 24 as well.

Birthday How's Leo in Love?
July 22 Unstable love life (successes and failures). Unstable life in general. Temperamental. Needs attention. Emotionally needy but not always able to deal with the own problems. Gets stuck often. The propagator or teacher. A catalyst. Loves to be in love. Overindulging. Should learn to walk the talk. A very fixed attitude. Questionable relationships.
July 23 Uncertainties. Interest in history and behind-the-scene stories. Protective. Extremely set in his/her way. Strong sex drive. Very stubborn/opinionated. Extremely fixed. Curious. Secret love affairs. Triangular love affairs. Cannot commit.
July 24 Needs change. Unstable life. Nervousness. Emotional. Sudden break-ups of relationships. Needs attention. Lives for the own desires. Argumentative. Questionable relationships.
July 25 Traveller. Lots of imagination. Confrontational. Honorous. Adventurous. Complex personality. Solitary. Possessive and jealous. Enthusiastic. The author, communicator or teacher. Erratic.Loves variety. Can be confused.
July 26 Focused in one direction. Controversial. Assertive. May lack empathy. Demanding. Great sense of humor. Talkative. Questionable relationships. Neurotic. It's all in the mind...
July 27 Decision-takers. Intimidating and often aggressive. Attentive. Idealistic. Promiscuous. Feels lonely very easily and cannot live or be alone.
July 28 Big EGO and easily wounded! Survival-attitude. Driven. Impatient. Needs to give love unconditionally. Competitive. Demanding but sunny. The Hero. Loves power. Argumentative.
July 29 The patriot. Loyal. Family-minded. Protective. Needs financial security. Flirtatious. Charming. Attractive. Quite lazy. Sensual. Can be co-dependent. Addictions are possible.
July 30 Very materialistic. Body-culture. Not spiritual. Love is physical, not emotional. Magnetic and lively. Cannot be pinned down. Immature. Cannot say 'no.'
July 31 The humanist. Idealistic. Workaholic. Problematic one-on-one relationship and more society-minded. Very proud and resolute. Appears self-assured. Selfish. Loves power. Wants to be in the spotlight.
August 1 Domineering. Egocentric. Forceful. Controversial. Charming. Needs drama. Very demanding. Needs lots of flattery and ego stroking. Proud. Vain. Multiple marriages. Critical. A negative thinker. Cannot sustain relationships. Inconsistent.
August 2 Eccentric or unconventional. Passionate. Self-sufficient. Flirtatious. Cheerful. Persuasive. Playful. freedom-loving. In love with love.
August 3 Risk-takers. Needs excitement. Outgoing. Ambitious. Wealthy. A business-owner. Career-minded.
August 4 The role model. Eccentric. Loves nature. Bossy and interfering. Independent. Talkative. Needs to learn to stay on the right path. Can be reckless.
August 5 Resolute. Cool. Dynamic. Wants to conquer. Needs free room. Women often have blond hair. Dominating. Radiant appearance. Shopaholic. Many love unions.
August 6 Easily bored. Intense. Disappointing love relationships. Cannot live alone. Demanding. Very good taste. Unique. Restless. Creative. Difficult personality.
August 7 Mysterious. Very private and even secretive. May lead a "double-life". Very passionate. Possessive. Takes it (too) easy. Lazy. Cool.
August 8 The actor (actress). Loyal. Devoted. Bossy. Cold and distant. Has charisma. Calculating. Lives on the mental plane. Analytic.
August 9 The coach. Opinionated. Loyal. May lack some empathy. Very optimistic. Generous. Restless. Very humanitarian. A hard worker. very fixed. Materialistic. Stable love union(s). Power struggles. Stuck at work.
August 10 Often has a very nice voice. Lively. Entertainer. Ambitious. Emotionally detached. The outer appearance is very important. Very jealous. restless. Communicative. Many love unions.
August 11 Eccentric. Controversies and disputes in love relationships. Very proud and stubborn. Craves beauty. Demanding. Business relationships. Wealthy. Principled. Argumentative.
August 12 Traditional and conventional. Hectic life. Big EGO. May lack tolerance. Sociable. An indiviualist. Juggles different jobs. Distant love relationships. Enjoys traveling.
August 13 Difficult life. Unique personality. Emotionally detached and private. Needs excitement and action. Possessive. Ambitious. Wants to be the boss. Stuck in details. Easily gets in a comfortable rut.
August 14 The instructor. Ironic. May lack empathy. Paradoxical personality. Fears intimacy. Impatient. Lives on the mental plane. Stressed out. Emotional issues.
August 15 The leader. Wants and needs adoration. High standards. Rigid. Big EGO. Expansive traits. Wants to be cherished. Overly sentimental. Lives in the mind. Loves a debate. Illness is part of his or her life.
August 16 Very sensual and attractive. Eccentric. Seductive. Needs a kick. Possessive. Too high expectations. Very creative and artistic. Restless. Multiple love unions. Juggles different jobs.
August 17 Explosive temper. Domineering. Overly argumentative. Love-hate relationships. High standards. A negative thinker. High sex drive. Questionable relationships. Issues about infidelity. Loves glamour.
August 18 Lots of hurdles and blockages in life. Fearful. Problematic relationships. Vulnerable. Has stamina and endurance. A dreamer and idealist. Artistic. Very stubborn and a fixed mind.
August 19 Illusive. Manipulative. Eccentric and unconventional. Secretive. Wants to be noticed and admired. Needs an audience. Issues about infidelity. Needs to be honest.
August 20 Clings to the past. Secretive. Serious. Silent and calm. Dislikes arguments. Loves reading and talking. The propagator. Easily gets stuck in sensual pleasures. Often lacks a purpose or sense of direction in life. Highly critical and even 'averse.'
August 21 Lives in reclusion. Needs time alone. Private. Attractive. Outgoing. Popular. A researcher. Changes the place often. Can talk people into sex and/or a convincing speaker. Enjoys free love.
August 22 Modest. Patient and calm. Original. Loyal and sincere. Generous. The Perfectionist. Needs a lot of pampering. Self-critical. Questionable relationships. Needs to be honest. Tends to be (mis)used.

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