Compatibility Horoscopes:
When Two Become One

Was He Born To Love You?

Compatibility horoscopes are a must if you want to know how you both match and how your relationship might evolve in the future.

If you have found your mate and buddy and you have analyzed her/his personal horoscope and know who (s)he is, well then, it's time to look at both of you (together).

Both of you as a symbiosis of two unique creatures, becoming one and forming a unity of we instead of me.

The WE can be found in the compatibility horoscopes.

Please, do keep this in mind: before comparing both compatibility horoscopes together, you MUST start with an analysis of the individual horoscopes of both partners separately as explained on our sign compatibility page and sex horoscopes page.

Analyzing compatibility horoscopes is not that difficult and we will present some comprehensible tips so that you can try to interpret the compatibility horoscopes by yourself.

So keep your horoscope at hand or go to the web site of Astrodienst AG to get your free Chart Wheel.

In fact, we, at Cosmic Technologies, do recommend that you try to grasp the basics of astrology and delineate your own or your partner's horoscope and related horoscopes.

The benefits are numerous:

  • you get more insight in your and your partner's life, and in life in general (and you DO learn to moderate).
  • you will see that astrology is NO psycho-blah-blah, but a very useful tool in daily life.
  • you will gain a higher consciousness and awareness.

  • you will no longer judge, but understand the other or circumstances and experiences happening.

  • you have not the impression that others should tell you who you are or who you should be. You are in control of your own life. You CAN take life in YOUR hands! And keep it that way.

    After all, you and only you are responsible for your own Self.
  • after all, it's YOUR life, YOUR buddy and nobody else should try to influence (both of) you.
  • computerized printouts of compatibility horoscopes are way too simplistic and can't give the finer delineations human beings can give.
  • you need not look (AND PAY) for an experienced astrologer, because most of all you don't know whether (s)he is a good one FOR YOU.

When you want to start analyzing compatibility horoscopes (or any other horoscope) you will need some tools to help you:

  1. First you need some hardware (computer). In fact any computer will do, but if you want a reliable one, do try to get one of the better known brands.

  2. If you don't want to use the numerous and free online horoscope drawings and calculations by Astrodienst in Switzerland (that we HIGHLY recommend though), you will also need to download some software to calculate the compatibility horoscopes.

    There are numerous software programs that have quite a lot of features.

    In our opinion the best (but expensive) ones in the English language that have some very useful features to delineate compatibility horoscopes are: Solar Fire Gold, Star Trax Millennium, Regulus, Janus and Sirius.

    In the German language we recommend two top-notch paid programs: Sarastro (Fraiss Software) and Astroplus (Astrocontact software).

    Take a look at the different options and choose the one you like most.

    If you prefer free astrology software because of your (strict) budget, we recommend the following free programs (these are NO trial versions but free functional programs with tons of features and techniques!):

    1. AstroWin. One of the most feature-rich free programs available with lots of advanced techniques even not available in paid software!

    It's also easy to set up and use. It's one of the programs we very often use as well.

    Highly recommended!

    2. Morinus. This software runs on every Operating System (Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS).

    There is a traditional version and a modern version.

    The traditional version does not use minor aspects, no outer planets (like Uranus, Neptune or Pluto), it uses the Chaldean planet order, uses orbs belonging to the planets and not to the aspects, uses traditional aspects only etc. etc.

    Both versions have predictive options and features not found anywhere else!

    3. Maitreya. This is an Open Source platform for Vedic and western astrology. All major desktop platforms are supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX.

    This program too is not that intuitive at first sight. You do need to read the instructions first!

    It has basic Western astrology features and is more compelling if you are interested in Vedic astrology.

    4. What Watch. A very neat and beautiful astrology program for Windows only, covering different astrological methods.

    You need to install every country atlas first from their web site (download page) though before you can use the program.

    This is not convenient at all.

    Otherwise, the software is very interesting.

    5. ZET 9 Lite. This astrology software is for Windows only.

    It has basic features and a nice interface but has some inconveniences also.

    It has many settings but it takes some time to get used to.

    6. PlanetDance (highly recommended). This is an astrology program for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and for Android.

    It includes 355.000+ places and is also one of the few programs that has a working timezone atlas for automatic time/daylight saving adjustments.

    We particularly like the different (sub-)programs (click on the 'program' button in the toolbar) like the 'Theme' option which calculates the connections and themes in a chart, the Integrative Transit Force feature, showing the power of transits or progressions, the Bootstrap research feature and many others.

    Also, the other features are overwhelming and top notch -- some of which are not found on very expensive software, like the Boehrer conversion declinations, zodiacal releasing (aphesis), the natal chart following the principles of the Dutch 'Ram School' and so much more!

    Because of the powerful features and most basic astrological calculations already incorporated, this program is absolutely impressive and unsurpassed considering it's also totally free and updated very regularly!

    7. Junior Jyotish. This is a Vedic program for Windows but there are also versions for Linux and Android.

    Make sure you download the free version (on the right column click the link that reads 'Download Junior Jyotish for free here'). 

    This software incorporates the basic principles of the classical Parashara system.

    It is very intuitive, has great value and has all the necessary information to start delineating Vedic charts.

    8. Astrolog 7.40. This free astrology software for Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and Unix is programmed by Walter Pullen and is almost legendary.

    It has quite some interesting features (astromaps, Gauquelin sectors, dispositor graphs, a graphic ephemeris and so much more).

    It allows to import Astrodatabank and Solar Fire format files as well.

    The source code is available for free too.

If this all seems too much hassle for you or if you think that you will never understand astrology, you can always order some computerized astrological profiles and compatibility horoscopes from some internet sites.

We review, report and recommend online sellers of astrological profiles and compatibility horoscopes on our astrological profiles page.

You can as well consult an experienced astrologer.

We, at Cosmic Technologies, will be glad to be of service too (click here to read about our Services).

However, we still recommend you try to understand some basics of astrology by yourself.

It will enhance your life!

And, by the way, if you consult an astrologer, consult a second one. ALWAYS.

A 2nd opinion is almost mandatory.

Never ever rely on only one advice or source, not even if it's our advice you're asking.

Astrology is way too complex to be understood by just one astrologer.

Every astrologer uses his/her own methods and knowledge and some know more than others.

Try to get as much information as possible, after all it's your life!

Don't trust it out of your hands.

This said, let's go back to the compatibility horoscopes.

We can divide the compatibility horoscopes into different types:

  • First there are the relationship horoscopes: you can compare the horoscopes of your parents, of your colleagues, of yourself with your children etc.

    These specific compatibility horoscopes are used for team-building too.
  • Then, there are the love horoscopes: only suited for lovers and people building a love relationship.

    In fact, these horoscopes are special relationship or compatibility horoscopes that we will discuss further on our love horoscopes page.
  • Then, there are the marriage horoscopes, set up for the exact moment of the exchange of the official pronouncement of two people being married.

    This kind of compatibility horoscopes will be discussed on our marriage horoscopes page

The first two compatibility horoscopes can be analyzed using one of the following astrological techniques:

  • synastry (a "simple" comparison of both horoscopes)
  • composite and Davison (Time-Space) horoscopes (blending the single horoscopes of both partners as the symbiosis of both individual horoscopes)

We will start with some synastry techniques that can be used for the first two compatibility horoscopes (relationship horoscopes as well as love horoscopes).

Then, we check out some general compatibility scoring methods that are used to measure compatibility in the compatibility horoscopes.

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