The Meaning Of
The Composite Ascendant

Was He Born To Love You?

The composite Ascendant in a composite chart reveals how the relationship started and how it appears to the outer world.

Mind though: the composite Ascendant is NOT the same as the 1st house in the Composite chart!

The Composite Ascendant is the midpoint between the Ascendants of both partners. The 1st house is something very differently and is derived from the Composite MC and based on the place where both people live.

When assessing Composites only aspects to the Composite Ascendant are taken into account and NOT the aspects to the cusp of the 1st house.

What do the Composite Ascendants reveal?

Composite Ascendant Aries
Aries is the most impulsive sign of the zodiac, making the couple to initiate a lot. Whether the projects can be finished is another thing though.

It's likely the relationship started very sudden (at first sight), through a mutual project or through team work in which something had to be accomplished.

The couple is very outgoing and lively and arrives early at appointments. Don't expect too much stability in the relationship.

Composite Ascendant Taurus
Taurus is the most material sign of the zodiac making the couple highly interested in material and tangible (practical) goods. Money matters here and it's possible that possessions and/or money are the reason why both people met or are together.

Don't forget that the own physical body is presented by Taurus too, so that physical experiences between the couple are highly important. Both partners want to use all their senses to enjoy each other and the world.

The partners are seldom in a hurry -- they take their time.

Composite Ascendant Gemini
Gemini is the most flexible, changeable sign of the zodiac -- always on the move in unknown directions (like the wind). The partners may have met in public (on the street waiting at a bus station for example, or during a meeting), on a trip or in the same neighborhood.

They communicate like brother and sister and are more distant in their approach. The couple is into fun, playing games and is quite outgoing. They bring the light touch and share a diversity of interests.

You will HEAR them coming from far.

Composite Ascendant Cancer
Cancer is a private sign, very attached to the home. That's why Cancer on the Composite Ascendant makes very family- and home-minded.

They may share real estate and are very interested in the field of food and cooking. Most often they stay together because of their children.

They can be over-bearing and are not very outgoing.

Composite Ascendant Leo
This fixed fire sign wants to shine and makes itself visible (hhmm, yes, they share some exhibitionist traits) and that's why the couple is very outgoing. You will SEE them coming from far.

They love drama and perhaps they met in the theater or at a party. They love children and perhaps that's what keeps them together. Both partners need freedom to experience creative self-expression. If not, the couple will split.

Composite Ascendant Virgo
The Composite Ascendant Virgo is a subordinate sign and represents the (silent) worker. The couple may have met on the working floor, as colleagues or as clients. They are very loyal and dutiful -- often because they have too. They want order.

The couple is more focused on day-to-day things. Virgo is a shy zodiac sign, so the couple doesn't make too much of a fuss but can be too critical and ask too much questions/details.

Composite Ascendant Libra
When Libra is the Composite Ascendant, some astrologers call this a "Patex" configuration -- it's the same with Sagittarius. Patex is a brand of super power glue and that's why some astrologers associate this Ascendant with this brand.

As such, this Ascendant does not say anything about the QUALITY of the relationship but only indicates that both partners are quite "sticky."

The couple is outgoing and enjoys meetings and parties. Perhaps that's where they met.

Also, Libra is an air sign, denoting that communication is very important.

You may find them seldom to be at home. They tend to live with too much compromises, making the relationship not always easy.

Composite Ascendant Scorpio
When Scorpio is the Composite Ascendant, you're in for some extremes, intensity and passion. Both partners may be magnetically attracted to each other -- for good or for bad.

The relationship can be forced at times. Shared resources keep the interest of both, as well as delving into the unknown.

Secrets and/or jealousy may influence this relationship.

Composite Ascendant Sagittarius
When Sagittarius is the Composite Ascendant, some astrologers call this a "Patex" configuration -- it's the same with Libra. Patex is a brand of super power glue and that's why some astrologers associate this brand with this Ascendant.

As such, this Ascendant does not say anything about the QUALITY of the relationship but only indicates that both partners are quite "sticky."

The couple is very outgoing and wants to be on the move. Travel and/or discovering the world in all it's aspects is a favorite hobby or passion. They share the same world view and inspire each other.

Often, they plan more than they can handle.

Composite Ascendant Capricorn
Capricorn as the Composite Ascendant has high standards and the couple is very business-minded. Perhaps the couple met at the working floor (each in a different hierarchical position).

Eventually, there is an age difference between both partners.

Their interest lies in the past. History and/or archaeology they find very revealing. They enjoy classical music and formal meetings -- the more exclusive, the better.

When you meet them, beware of some strings attached, because they will never tell it all.

Keeping up appearances is their motto.

Composite Ascendant Aquarius
You cannot pin down any relationship in which Aquarius is the Composite Ascendant. It's an unusual couple to say the least (due to the age difference or because it's a relationship between different cultures/races,...).

The couple gives a detached impression. They may share the interest in ICT, novelties, innovative and/or strange/weird objects. They love their freedom at all cost.

Perhaps the couple met as a member of the same organization or because they work with the children of other people. They are very amiable and helpful.

Composite Ascendant Pisces
The couple is very private as Pisces is the most silent sign of the zodiac (some astrologers call Pisces a "mute" sign). You wil seldom hear them coming in the room.

Perhaps the couple met during some hardship or emotional trying times. They are reclusive and have very artistic tastes. So, they may also have met (as clients or co-workers) in large institutions or organisations ("behind closed doors").

Don't forget that Pisces is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac (aside from Taurus that is; but Taurus is more physical while Pisces is more mystical). Spirituality and artistic interests keep them together.

They should stay away of dependency or addictive things/behavior.

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