Compatibility Love Horoscopes:
What Brings You Together
And What Holds You Together

The Best Sign For You To Love

On this compatibility love horoscopes page we look at different techniques to analyze in a simple but yet VERY accurate way your love match.

Aside from an analysis of the inter-aspects (a short overview of the delineations can be found at Cafeastrology) we hereby present a most simple method with remarkable results in practice.

As discussed on our compatibility horoscopes page, the mentioned synastry technique can be used for any relationship horoscopes (love horoscopes inclusive).

When you want to compare your horoscope with another one, there is a very simple rule, that always works.

It's even so simple that everyone can learn and use it almost daily...

It's the following.

Every planet/point in your horoscope is posited in a zodiac sign that always counts 30°.

Every planet or body in the horoscope of your partner (or in the horoscope of someone else) that is posited at the same (numerical) degree as occupied by a planet in your's, will tell something about you two or the way you both get on.

If, for example, your Mercury is posited at 27° Leo, and Mars of your partner is posited at 27° Virgo, your Mercury and the other's Mars (both at the same numerical degree in a sign) are important and will tell something about the relationship between both.

Read on if you want to know the meaning of this configuration (planets that are in such a configuration are said to build a plactile aspect).

Another rule that we can derive from the above is that the more planets in your horoscope are posited at the same (numerical) degree as occupied by a planet in the other's horoscope, the more there is between you two (and the more meaningful the relationship is -- for good or ill).

Indeed, this does not necessarily mean that you both will get on well with each other (this depends on the nature of the planets).

It's just that you both will have to do with each other for some time, for good or for bad.

Keep this in mind when assessing compatibility love horoscopes.

When in the compatibility love horoscopes there are three or more planets at the same (numerical) degree, you have to blend the meaning of the three planets.

Read them two by two.

If, for example, planets A, B and C are at the same degree, you should read the interpretations for A and B, A and C and B and C and combine the descriptions all together.

In case Saturn is the third or fourth,... planet at the same (numerical) degree, the combination mostly gets a negative (blocking, restrictive, cooling off, turning-off) overtone, causing separation of the partners.

In case Jupiter is the third or fourth,... planet at the same (numerical) degree, the combination mostly gets a beneficial and supportive overtone.

Now, let's take a look at the descriptions of the planets at the same (numerical) degree in the compatibility love horoscopes:

Sun and Sun
When both Suns are in the same degree, these people will often encounter one another.

This is, in itself, a neutral combination.

Sun and Moon
When the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree in any sign, you both get on well.

This combination is one of friendship.

It's always better when the man's Sun is in the same degree as the Woman's Moon as the Sun represents the male archetype and the Moon the female archetype.

Sun and Mercury
The Mercury partner loves to talk to the Sun partner.

Sun and Venus
Venus will love the Sun.

The love of Venus will let the Sun person shine brighter.

In compatibility love horoscopes, this can be a contact of devotion and affection.

Sun and Mars
This combination depends on the sex of the partners.

If the Sun partner is a female and the Mars partner is a male, there is sexual attraction.

The Mars partner tries to impress the Sun partner.

Mars initiates the sexual act, takes the initiative.

Both planets are masculine and active, always energizing the relationship.

In some rare cases, Mars - the Warrior - may (physically) brutalize the Sun, upsetting the relationship.

Mars can be quite pushy in the eyes of the Sun partner.

Sun and Jupiter
The Jupiter partner can bring the Sun partner benefits.

In compatibility love horoscopes, this is a marvelous combination!

Jupiter can bring the Sun protection, wealth and money.

The Jupiter person supports the Sun person.

It's the contact of help and protection.

Anyway, judge the other contacts as well.

Sun and Saturn
The Saturn partner sticks to the Sun partner.

Both partners often want a family.

Saturn can be controlling, though.

For the Sun person, this may become a highly frustrating combo.

Mind if there is another planetary contact to this combination because then, this can be really very bad and challenging!

Especially if Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are involved, this multiple combination can get a disaster, to be absolutely avoided in compatibility love horoscopes!

Sun and Uranus
This is a very erratic contact full of unpredictable events.

The self-expression of the Sun can be developed by inventive Uranus.

Mind if Mars, Saturn or Neptune are involved as well because then, the mutual contacts get a very negative meaning in compatibility love horoscopes.

Sun and Neptune
Neptune always idealizes the Sun, but on the other hand, Neptune saps the solar energy, weakening the Sun in the long run.

If Saturn is also part of this combination, one of the partners may be(come) ill.

Sun and Pluto
Pluto has absolute power over the Sun.

This is a very challenging combination with a lot of intensity, causing friction.

Domineering Pluto suppresses the Sun, putting the Sun partner in an insecure position but the Pluto person may experience intense emotional urges too (for good or ill).

Also, in some instances, intense Pluto may harm the Sun partner physically.

In case Jupiter is the other planet on the same degree, this can be a most successful combination though.

Sun and North Node
When the Sun and the Node are in the same (numerical) degree in any sign, you both get on well.

This combination is favorable and points to a 'fated' (karmic) personal relationship.

The Sun gets a helping hand from the North Node.

Sun and Ascendant
The Sun partner motivates the Ascendant.

The Ascendant becomes more self-confident by this mutual contact through the Sun person.

There may be (physical) attraction.

Sun and MC
The Sun partner can influence the career of the MC-partner in a most beneficial way.

Moon and Moon
When both Moons are in the same degree in the compatibility love horoscopes, you may both have the same emotional cycles.

This combination is, in itself, a neutral combination (and can be positive or negative).

Moon and Mercury
Mercury is quite rational and wants to talk to the Moon.

The Moon person may find the Mercury partner too talkative, communicative and distant/cerebral though.

Moon and Venus
Venus and the Moon bring artistic creativity.

This combination may promote laziness.

This is a combination making everything "soft."

Both partners have Family Love and can understand one another.

This combo indicates (a profound) sympathy and shows some kind of affection.

Moon and Mars
The Mars person may be too impulsive and rude for the sensitive Moon partner.

If the Mars person is a male and the Moon person a female, there may be sexual attraction.

However, the Moon partner may feel easily offended by the (sharp and impatient) Mars partner.

The Moon really is too sensitive for penetrating Mars.

Moon and Jupiter
The Jupiter partner may promote well-being to the Moon.

The Moon partner feels very well with Jupiter because the emotions can be freely expressed.

The Moon partner feels emotionally satisfied by Jupiter.

There is a feeling of protection from the Jupiter partner.

Moon and Saturn
Saturn can bring some structure to the chaotic Moon.

The Saturn partner may be too serious, even depressed, for the Moon partner.

Saturn is all about duty and responsibility (not love!).

If the Saturn person is a female and the Moon person is a male, there is the risk of divorce or separation in compatibility love horoscopes.

Moon and Uranus
Uranus is too unpredictable and unstable for the Moon, even when the Moon is not steadfast too.

The Uranus person is quite disruptive.

However, with other beneficial contacts or combinations, this can be a very exciting one.

Moon and Neptune
In compatibility love horoscopes, both sensitive planets can bring disappointment for the Neptune partner.

Perhaps the Moon partner is already married or there may be unrequited love...

There is idealizing and emotionalizing. Platonic love.

Moon and Pluto
Pluto is about power, domination, fanaticism and obsession.

The sensitive Moon cannot cope with such intense forces...

Pluto can be obsessed with the Moon partner, upsetting the relationship in the long run.

Moon and North Node
The North Node partner can be helpful to the Moon.

There's an emotional bond between both.

Moon and Ascendant
The Moon partner feels (unconsciously) attracted to the Ascendant partner.

The Moon (re)turns to the Ascendant, over and again.

Moon and MC
The Moon partner tries to influence the life goals, career drive etc... of the MC partner.

Mercury and Mercury
In the compatibility love horoscopes, this combination indicates a lot of talk.

Both partners want to talk to one another.

However, this does not mean that they will agree...

Mercury and Venus
Both partners love "discussions", exchanging (lovely) words, and... little presents...

There are enjoyable talks, a lot of social talks too.

Mercury and Mars
Both partners "love" to argue (and verbally or mentally tease).

The Mars partner loves to (verbally) attack the Mercury partner.

This makes for a lot of arguments!

Mind if Saturn is at the same degree: arguments may become disputes and may bring about very harsh quarrels resulting in a bitter separation or divorce!

Mercury and Jupiter
Philosophical Jupiter broadens Mercury's outlook.

Mercury and Saturn
Saturn is about duty and structure.

Saturn is far too serious for airy Mercury.

Mercury and Uranus
The Uranus partner "electrifies" the thinking of the Mercury partner.

Uranus disrupts the communication.

Both are jumping from one topic to another without finishing any conversation.

This can be a combo of communication break-downs.

Mercury and Neptune
In compatibility love horoscopes you will often find unclear thinking and misunderstandings.

There is a lot of guessing and assuming.

Mercury and Pluto
The Pluto partner causes nuisance.

Obsessive thoughts - thinking about one another.

Jupiter at the same (numerical) degree gives the Mercury-Pluto contact a most beneficial overtone.

Mercury and North Node
in compatibility love horoscopes this contact indicates mutual intellectual interests.

Mercury and Ascendant
The Mercury partner wants to talk to (communicate with) the Ascendant partner.

Mercury and MC
Mercury wants to change the outlook of the MC partner.

This combination often indicates travel, changes of the place and nervousness.

Venus and Venus
This contact is of minor importance.

It may indicate some common artistic and creative interests.

However, tastes may differ (or not).

Venus and Mars
In compatibility love horoscopes, this can be a (very) magic combination, especially when Venus in the female horoscope is in the same degree as Mars in a male horoscope.

Both partners are sexually attracted to one another.

When Uranus or Pluto are involved, the sexual attraction is totally irresistible!

This contact is a very good start for any love or sexual relationship.

However, sexual compatibility is not love!

Venus and Jupiter
In compatibility love horoscopes, you will find this contact most beneficial.

This is a combination of real love and bliss.

When Saturn is involved, you both will be glad to meet and see one another periodically or occasionally (as friends).

A distance separates both of you then.

Venus and Saturn
Dutiful Saturn can bring responsibility to the loving Venus.

This combination may indicate a relationship of convenience and of sorrow.

Also, Saturn has a cooling influence on Venus.

This may be a turn off (the Saturn partner rejects or turns off the Venus partner).

Venus and Uranus
This may indicate an exciting love and attraction at first sight.

The tender Venus partner excites Uranus.

The love life of the Venus partner suddenly gets a boost.

It's a very magnetic and exciting contact.

The attraction is often short-lived though!

This is the overlay of love at first sight; the sparkle in love.

If no other contacts reveal durability, this relationship might not last.

Venus and Neptune
This combination may indicate a platonic relationship between soulmates.

Indeed, this contact may indicate a soul match.

Sometimes Neptune points to unrequited love too.

Both planets signify a tender and sensitive kind of love.

Venus and Pluto
Obsessive Pluto can fall in love with Venus.

This may be a very fateful relationship.

The Pluto partner can be very intense, (sexually) demanding and dominating.

Venus and North Node
In compatibility love horoscopes this contact signifies friendship and, possibly, a love match too.

Venus and Ascendant
Venus can change the way the Ascendant partner dresses, Venus can beautify the environment of the Ascendant partner.

This can be a combo of adoring love.

Venus and MC
Venus can beautify the MC partner's goals.

This is a good contact for home-decorating.

Mars and Mars
At best, you both spend energy on the same projects.

At worst, there is too much competition, resulting in a harsh fight.

Your relationship is quite cyclical, changing, growing or declining almost every 2-2.5 years.

Mars and Jupiter
Both fiery planets can indicate a very stimulating relationship with a lot of things to do.

Mars and Saturn
In compatibility love horoscopes, this is a contact you better try to avoid.

Saturn is too strict, too controlling.

Mars will get frustrated.

It sometimes indicates hate at first sight!

Mars and Uranus
If you want a fight, a conflict, an accident or some other unpredictable events, then this combination has it all.

Only the presence of Jupiter in the same degree too makes this a beneficial combination.

The Mars-Uranus combo can be quite explosive at times.

Mars and Neptune
The Neptune partner may be delusive, sapping the energy from the Mars partner.

If the Mars partner is a male, there may be sexual dysfunctions (impotence) -- because the Neptune partner is just the wrong one.

Mars and Pluto
In compatibility love horoscopes, this contact may promote a lot of mutual projects and working together.

It may denote marathon sex too, or sex in extremes.

Mars and North Node
In compatibility love horoscopes this combination indicates a working together (on the same project or as co-workers,...), though the Node has to endure what Mars initiates.

So, if Mars initiates the wrong things or acts the wrong way, the Node partner will be damaged!

Mars and Ascendant
This combination can be critical.

The Ascendant partner is too vulnerable for the Mars partner.

Mars attacks the Ascendant partner making this relationship a battlefield.

Initially, there may be attraction though.

Mars and MC
Mars will push your career or goals to new heights, or depths...

Jupiter and Jupiter
This combination is not that important.

Both partners live together a cycle of ups and downs every 12 years.

Jupiter and Saturn
This contact may be a stabilizing factor in any relationship, BUT, especially in compatibility love horoscopes, this combination is not that good, unless there are other beneficial combinations.

The Saturn person can be restricting and blocking the ideas and drive of the Jupiter partner.

This is a combo of friendship, not love.

When both partners want to marry, chances of divorce are really high!

Jupiter and Uranus
This combination promotes creativity and originality.

Jupiter and Neptune
Here, we find some mutual interests and ideals.

Both partners share a mutual respect and admiration, unless Saturn is in the same degree!

Jupiter and Pluto
Powerful Pluto always dominates the other partner, so here, with Jupiter, it's no exception.

Jupiter may have a lot of ideas, though this does not mean that Pluto agrees.

And if Pluto says 'NO', it is NO.

This combo might result in some power conflicts.

However, this combo may also bring huge successes too.

Jupiter and North Node
Here we have a wonderful and most enjoyable combination.

In compatibility love horoscopes it is one of understanding and mutual respect.

The Jupiter partner can bring some fortune to the North Node.

Jupiter and Ascendant
This is a wonderful contact, promoting wealth to the Ascendant partner.

This uplifting contact broadens the outlook of the Ascendant partner, especially if the Jupiter person is male and the Ascendant partner female.

Jupiter and MC
Here too, we have a marvelous combination.

Jupiter has a helping hand in the career or goals of the MC partner.

Saturn and Saturn
This contact points to different life experiences.

Every 7 years, the relationship may be questioned.

Also, there can be differences in age and/or frustrating events that prevent the relationship from growing.

Quite often, separation or divorce becomes highly bitter and harsh.

Saturn and Uranus
In compatibility love horoscopes, we have found this a most disruptive combination.

The Uranus person cannot live his/her own (progressive and innovative) ideas.

Conservative and controlling Saturn doesn't like and appreciate the erratic behavior of Uranus.

Saturn and Neptune
As most contacts with Saturn, this one is not favorable too.

There is illness, sorrow and/or disagreement.

There are unhealthy suspicions also.

According to the Saturn partner, Neptune is too elusive and cannot be trusted.

In compatibility love horoscopes, this contact seldom promotes close relationships.

And if so, it may become a horrible experience.

To be avoided at all cost.

Saturn and Pluto
A Saturn-Pluto combination is one of a frustrating and bitter halt.

Not recommended!

Also, it may indicate a severe illness of the Pluto person.

Saturn and North Node
This contact is very limiting and frustrating.

Controlling Saturn will dampen the helpful Node, holding him/her down.

The North Node will have no freedom and will be restricted.

Saturn and Ascendant
The Saturn partner takes the lead and wants to control the Ascendant partner.

In compatibility love horoscopes this contact can be tricky: Saturn prevents the Ascendant from socializing, resulting in frustration.

Saturn may be too strict.

Saturn and MC
Saturn can restrict the goals of the MC partner.

The MC partner may feel fenced in and controlled.

Uranus and Uranus
This combinations is of minor importance, unless other planets are posited in the same degree.

Uranus and Neptune
This contact too, is of minor importance.

Both idealistic persons may deal with new forms of technology and innovations.

Uranus and Pluto
Both partners have a different vision/belief.

Uranus and North Node
This exciting combination can bring some unusual results.

Unusual (and short-lived) love affairs are indicated in the compatibility love horoscopes.

Uranus and Ascendant
This is a most exciting contact putting the Uranus partner in the better position.

The Ascendant partner follows the erratic and adventurous behavior of Uranus.

Uranus and MC
In compatibility love horoscopes the Uranus partner may shake and suddenly disrupt the goals and life direction of the MC partner.

Neptune and Neptune
This combination between these outer planets is of little meaning.

Neptune and Pluto
This combination between these outer planets too, is of little meaning.

Neptune and North Node
This contact may indicate a long lasting romantic relationship if confirmed by other combinations.

Otherwise it may indicate that the North Node person "flees away" if (s)he feels boxed in.

If Saturn is involved, there is sorrow and illness and this combo should be avoided in compatibility love horoscopes.

Neptune and Ascendant
In compatibility love horoscopes, the Neptune-Ascendant contact might indicate a very devoted and romantic relationship -- on condition that Saturn, Uranus or Pluto are not posited in the same degree.

Mind though that Neptune also indicates disillusions!

Neptune depletes the energy of the Ascendant partner.

Neptune and MC
Both partners should be careful not to be disappointed in one another but there can be quite a lot of devotion.

Pluto and Pluto
This contact, in itself, is of minor importance.

Pluto and North Node
Dominating Pluto will enjoy power plays with the Node doing more harm than good.

Pluto and Ascendant
This is a contact of power and manipulation.

Pluto dominates the relationship, the Ascendant partner has to submit him/herself.

Venus in the same (numerical) degree gives this combination a VERY obsessive sexual overtone.

Pluto and MC
Pluto gets a grip on the career or goal of the MC person.

Pluto can try to control the life path of the other (for good or for bad).

The Pluto partner may be too intense in changing the life path of the MC partner.

North Node and North Node
This contact is of minor importance but it can indicate that both people are working or coming together for whatever reason...

North Node and Ascendant
This combination seems to indicate a fatal attraction.

As always, the Ascendant partner is the follower, the Node in the lead.

Most of all, this contact indicates a one-way direction in which the North Node does the job, the loving, the helping...

North Node and MC
The North Node person helps the MC partner in the career drives or life path.

Ascendant and Pars Fortuna
In compatibility love horoscopes this combination is absolutely recommended. There is attraction.

MC and Pars Fortuna
This can be a very fortunate combination.

Both persons like one another and are brought together for a mutual purpose.

Ascendant and Ascendant
In compatibility love horoscopes this combination signifies that both partners have met in the same social situation (at a meeting, when shopping, or as co-workers, etc...)

Ascendant and MC
Chances are that both partners have met as co-workers.

MC and MC
Both partners try to influence career interests.

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