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Love horoscopes are special (specific) compatibility or relationship horoscopes.

While the compatibility or relationship horoscopes are used to comparediverse people with one another for compatibility, be it family members, co-workers, clients etc..., love horoscopes are only suited to compare lovers with one another.

So, these horoscopes will only be used to compare lovers in courtship. With love horoscopes we will look for:

  1. attraction
  2. endurance
  3. sexual compatibility.

As mentioned on our compatibility horoscopes page, we first have to interpret the single horoscope (natal charts) of both lovers individually before we can compare both horoscopes as a single romance horoscope.

That's what we will do on our individual love horoscopes page. On that page we will discuss items that point to the suitability for marriage and the ability to cope on a one-to-one level, read from the single natal chart.

On this page here, however, we will compare both natal charts of both partners for love compatibility.

Here we will look for mutual endurability, attraction and agreement.

In fact the most important considerations for love compatibility are

  • physical compatibility or sexual compatibility, which is further discussed on our sex horoscopes page

  • mental compatibility or mental outlook, perspective, your point of view and the way you both can communicate (see below)

  • emotional compatibility and the way you can live together from day-to-day (see below)

We, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), have found that every planet represents something we need to make love complete.

Even in matters of love, the language of astrology speaks through every planet or body and not through a single planet alone -- as most astrology books want us to believe (most books only talk about the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars).

So, when we compare two horoscopes together for love compatibility, every planet has a specific signification:

  • the Sun represents the (physical) body, the heart too and your creative desires and self-expression. It's your EGO that grows in and through LOVE.

  • the Moon represents your emotional well-being and points to your Comfort Zone as well as your habits.

  • Mercury tells something about mental compatibility and communication: thinking, writing and talking.

  • Venus is about what you 'love' and enjoy and the harmony and balance you're looking for in life.

  • Mars points to your devotion and dedication, the things you will fight for.

  • Jupiter is your outlook on life (world view) and represents your social class.

  • Saturn is one of the most important planets when it's about endurability. Saturn is the claw, the hook and works like SUPER glue. Saturn sticks to the things it touches.

  • Uranus is - at worst - the most disruptive planet around, - at best - ingenious and inventive, original and freedom-loving. Uranus is detached and leaves space for growth.

  • Neptune can absorb everything it touches/meets, important aspects may indicate a totally wrapping up in your partner. Neptune knows no boundaries.

  • Pluto may indicate power struggles. Pluto represents a deep (inner) passion and greediness.

  • Moon's North Node represents the bond, the relationship as such (without emotional attachments)

Aside from the above mentioned three considerations, people often want to know whether their love partnership will last.

Astrology can give the answer by analyzing the love horoscopes.

It's not because you are attracted to someone that courtship will last. Attraction and endurability are two different things.

After all you can be attracted to the wrong person too.

Indeed, the most irresistible persons may be the most incompatible persons too!!

Before we continue with our considerations for love compatibility, we will show the (astrological) difference between endurability and attraction.

Love horoscopes, endurability and longevity

When talking about endurability we, at Cosmic Technologies, will always look for mutual or reciprocal Sun-Saturn (double whammy) aspects.

When your Sun makes a harmonious aspect with your partner's Saturn AND your Saturn makes a harmonious aspect with your partner's Sun, you will stick together.

Saturn really is a hook, a claw! Only disruptive Uranus can break this claw.

So, when transiting or progressive Uranus aspects one of the Saturns, divorce is still possible.

However, in case there are disharmonious reciprocal Sun-Saturn aspects at work, fasten your seat-belts as it may prove you are stuck in a tumultuous love relationship in which your creative self-expression may be blocked.

This may result in a very painful separation after all that may hurt your EGO quite big.

If you both have no reciprocal harmonious Sun-Saturn aspects, don't panic!

It does not mean that your courtship or marriage will not endure, in fact these reciprocal Sun-Saturn aspects are not always present.

If there is only a conjunction, sextile or trine from Saturn of one partner to the Sun of the other, this may indicate endurability too.

The Saturn partner sticks to the Sun partner, because Saturn works like SUPER glue! The closer the aspect, the better.

According to astrologer Lois Haines Sargent, endurability can be found analyzing the respective Suns. We refer to our sun sign compatibility page.

On the same page we discussed the investigations of Gunter Sachs (confirmed by Didier Castille in France).

He found that the following Sun signs had significant more endurable marriages than others:

Male Sun sign Female Sun sign
Aries Aries
Gemini Taurus
Taurus Cancer
Capricorn Pisces
Pisces Scorpio

Love horoscopes and attraction

Attraction can be analyzed by looking at the aspects that the Ascendant of one partner makes with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars of the other.

Another rule goes that you will have to look at the respective Sun-Moon aspects. If the man's Sun aspects the woman's Moon, there is a possible attraction. Sun-Moon contacts indicate friendship, and sometimes more...

We, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), have found that the male planets (and especially the Sun and Mars) in a male horoscope aspecting female planets (and especially the Moon and Venus) in a female horoscope signify IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION.

The involvement of the planets Mars and Venus can bring about a very strong SEXUAL and FATAL attraction, especially when Uranus and Pluto too are involved.

The reverse, male planets (and especially the Sun and Mars) in a female horoscope aspecting female planets (and especially the Moon and Venus) in a male horoscope too can represent ATTRACTION, but of a minor sort.

Another important configuration is found when Venus of one person aspects Uranus of the other person, though this aspect mostly indicates a relationship of short duration (due to disruptive and freedom-loving Uranus). This configuration VERY often brings love at first sight.

From the research by Gunter Sachs (confirmed by Didier Castille -- and as discussed on our Sun sign compatibility page), attraction can be found between the following Sun signs:

Male Sun sign Female Sun sign
Aries Aries
Taurus Taurus
Taurus Libra
Gemini Gemini
Leo Aries
Virgo Virgo
Libra Libra
Scorpio Pisces
Sagittarius Sagittarius
Sagittarius Aries
Capricorn Capricorn
Aquarius Aquarius
Pisces Scorpio

Love horoscopes and mental compatibility

Mental compatibility can be judged from the respective positions and aspects of Mercury and the aspects that the Moon of the one partner is making to Mercury of the other partner.

Couples will mostly agree in viewpoints and mental outlook when Mercury is placed in signs of the same element in the love horoscopes (we refer to our sign compatibility page) as this points to the same outlook.

These people have the same interests, understand one another and agree more easily IF no other aspects intervene.

The best situation exists when the interplanetary aspect between Mercury of each partner is a harmonious one (conjunction, sextile or trine) and when the cross-aspect between the Moon of one partner and Mercury of the other partner is harmonious as well.

Any adverse aspect (the square) in the love horoscopes can cause friction and misunderstandings.

Especially difficult is the square in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) between Mercury of each partner. Don't expect any fluent communication then.

Love horoscopes and emotional compatibility

Emotional compatibility is judged from the position of the respective Moons of the partners. When both Moons are in the same element, you both get on well together. We already discussed this on our Moon sign compatibility page.

When both Moons are in incompatible elements, a one-to-one relationship and living day-by-day with one another may be more difficult.

There is a very important exception to this rule when there is a midpoint that overpowers this aspect/configuration.

In fact, exact midpoints ALWAYS overpower the aspects. If you don't know what midpoints are, just go to our midpoints page.

An exact planetary midpoint, consisting of benefic 'planets' (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter) from one partner to the Moon of the other will bring a feeling of well-being to the Moon partner.

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