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The Best Sign For You To Love

Now, let's talk about Moon sign compatibility for a moment, one of the most neglected parts in Western compatibility analysis.

It's a misconception, this time among astrologers, that the Moon is more important in women's horoscopes than in men's.

This is absolutely wrong.

The Moon is the most significant pointer to everything that women AND men alike are (unconsciously and) emotionally attracted and attached to!

The gender is absolutely of no importance here, though the outcome for men and women may sometimes be different.

The position of the Moon will tell you something about whom or what trait you feel attracted to. The Moon will bring you to your Comfort Zone, remember?

As far as we know, there are not much books in the English language about Moon sign compatibility.

Renown Vedic astrologer Carol Allen has very interesting things to say about it in her Right Man Report: Compatibility is all about the Moon. She favors and advocates the Sidereal Zodiac, not the tropical one.

A very well-written article from Nancy Cassidy appeared under the title 'The lunar Factor' in Intimate Relationships.

The other book we know of that mentions the Moon signs, comes from the hand of Jacqueline Bigar and is entitled Women and Their Moon Signs.

In this book, Jacqueline Bigar combines the Moon position with the Sun position, describing 144 relationship options. Though it seems that the author has written this book for women only, men too can gain some insight by reading it.

Michael Geary has written a most interesting book (Moon Astrology for Lovers) on Moon Astrology for Lovers too.

When the respective Moons are in signs of a different element (remember the description we gave under the sign compatibility ?) chances are that both partners do not feel comfortable with each other.

So, it's best to have the respective Moons in the same or a compatible element. This is one of the major conditions to talk about Moon sign compatibility.

But, as it goes, you will certainly know of people whose respective Moons are in compatible signs, possibly even making a harmonious aspect (sextile or trine) with one another, and who were not attracted to one another.

Indeed, as we stated, Moon sign compatibility is more important than Sun sign compatibility, but there are numerous other factors to take into account too.

And some of them DO overrule the Moon signs! We will discuss them when we talk about (love and) compatibility horoscopes.

So far, we have only dealt with Western astrology which is more Sun (sign) directed, whereas Vedic astrology is primarily directed to the Moon (lunar zodiac).

It seems that the lunar zodiac contains the origins of astronomy and astrology since the ancients first looked for the Moon to determine the months and the seasons.

So it was with the Celt's Druidic priests, the Indian (Hindu) astrologers, the Chinese, the ancient Arabic and Babylonian societies.

In their book Perfect Match : Discovering Your Soulmate, Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown cite an old Irish verse that exemplifies the Moon's importance to romance:

Moon, Moon, tell unto me,
when my true love I shall see.
What fine clothes am I to wear?
How many children will I bear?
For if my love comes not to me,
dark and dismal my life will be.

The Moon takes about 27 or 28 days to tour the zodiac, dividing the zodiac in 27-28 parts or lunar mansions of 13°20' (called Nakshatras in Vedic astrology).

These Nakshatras (Moon mansions) are one of the most important factors in Vedic astrology for showing temperamental traits, human interactions and Moon sign compatibility readings, the same way we use Sun sign astrology in the West.

However, the Vedic Nakshatras are more detailed, personalized and thus more valuable.

There is only one thing you MUST know before you start looking for the Moon mansion in your horoscope.

Vedic astrology does not work with the tropical (Western) zodiac, but with the sidereal zodiac. This means that you have to subtract approximately 23° from your tropical natal chart (as given by Astrodienst AG!)

If you don't have software calculating the sidereal zodiac and don't want to recalculate the planetary positions to study Moon sign compatibility, you can find a wonderful tip further on this page that saves you work and time.

One of the better (Vedic) Moon sign compatibility or lunar compatibility systems, called the Kuta point system, compares the natal Moon Nakshatras of the partners.

As this is a very very complicated system, assigning points to various factors, we cannot delve deeper into this topic on this web site.

However, if you're really interested in it, you'l need Dr. B.V. Raman's book Muhurtha (Electional Astrology).

Better still, are Vedic software programs that can calculate (and interpret) the Moon sign compatibility scores in a snap.

Especially Käla beats all other programs when it comes to Moon sign compatibility and general relationship analysis! This software gives all the necessary interpretations too. Goravani Jyotish (this opens a new window/tab) is a good second choice.

In India there is a tradition of consulting a family astrologer to provide guidance and assistance to analyze the marriage potential of the children.

The above mentioned Kuta system is by far the most common system, although it is so complicated.

Just remember that the Moon's position (Nakshatra) is one of the key factors in Hindu astrology when it comes to (marital) compatibility and Moon sign compatibility.

Below you can find a table with the positions of the Moon in the (27) different lunar mansions (Nakshatras) with the respective meanings, but please, remember that the Moon's positions are calculated according to the sidereal zodiac!

Though the below mentioned descriptions are quite accurate, they may, at times, disappoint you too.

The reason is that Vedic astrologers further devide these Nakshatras into four subdivisons (called Padas) related to the four daily positions of the Sun (sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight).

It's this finer division that gives astounding information BUT, unfortunately, and as to our knowledge, there is no English translation of these meanings, so we are unable to give them here.

Moon's Sidereal position Nakshatra Meaning Gana
0°-13°20' Aries As(h)vini passionate, positive outlook, dynamic, horse-lovers, arrogant, marriage between the ages of 26-30, good-looking and charming, fond of movement Deva (Devine)
13°20'-26°40' Aries Bharani strong sexual desires, small family, materialistic, struggle, excessive Manushya (Human)
26°40' Aries -10° Taurus Krittika strong libido, high personal aims, goal-setter, determined, attached to the mother, seductive, fond of the spouses of others Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
10°00'-23°20' Taurus Rohini romantic, affectionate, very critical of others, trouble with the parents, very creative, jealous, trouble with early marriage, beautiful body Manushya (Human)
23°20' Taurus - 6°40' Gemini Mrgas(h)iras(ha) self-doubt, close attatchment to the mother, trouble making a commitment, perceptive nature, trouble with business partners Deva (Divine)
6°40'-20°00' Gemini Ardra intense and enthusiastic, static and critical of others, always waits (too long), suffering, delays or difficulties in marriage and insincerity Manushya (Human)
20°00' Gemini-3°20' Cancer Punarvasu generous, changes residence often, fear of commitment, traveller, critical, trouble in marriage but better for women Deva (Divine)
3°20'-16°40' Cancer Pus(h)ya stable and easygoing, good family life, spiritual mature, wise, charitable Deva (Divine)
16°40'-30°00' Cancer As(h)les(h)a self-reliant, sexual, uncomfortable in the company of strangers, trouble in early marriage, mystical Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
0°00' Leo - 13°20' Leo Magha sensual, voracious sex drive, prefers to be served, strong ego, succesful Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
13°20'-26°40 Leo Purva Phalguni marital happiness, generous, high authority, zest for life, vanity Manushya (Human)
26°40' Leo - 10°00' Virgo Uttara Phalguni very intelligent, high self-opinion, family unity, good for marriage, co-dependent, varied love-life Manushya (Human)
10°00'-23°20' Virgo Hasta resourceful, impatient and conservative, manipulative, quick friendships but detached Deva (Divine)
23°20' Virgo - 6°40' Libra C(h)itra sexually magnetic, self-indulgent, moves far from home, tends to condescend toward others, beautiful body, trouble in marriage for women, forced situations Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
6°40'-20°00' Libra Svati or Swati quiet, lives far from the birthplace, slow, independent, trouvble with marriage Deva (Divine)
20°00' Libra - 3°20' Scorpio Vis(h)akha purposeful, little patience, enjoys arguments and debate, intelligent Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
3°20'-16°40' Scorpio Anuradha family-loving, shy in public, troublesome situations, bouts of depression, jealous, always hungry, moves from place often Deva (Divine)
16°40'-30°00' Scorpio Jyes(h)tha cheerful, irascible, competitive, many job changes Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
0°00'-13°20' Sagittarius Mula marriage causes problems, fixed mind, charitable, troublesome situations Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
13°20'-26°40' Sagittarius Purvas(h)adha extroverted, independent, lucky in love, over-expansive, agreeable spouse, (very) fickle Manushya (Human)
26°40' Sagittarius - 10°00' Capricorn Uttarasadha generous, be aware of enemies, trouble with early marriage, over-active or lazy, sexual incompatibility Manushya (Human)
10°00'-23°20' Capricorn S(h)ravana most intelligent, happy marriage far from the birthplace, fame, charitable, liberal-minded spouse, (very) private Deva (Divine)
23°20' Capricorn - 6°40' Aquarius Dhanis(h)t(h)a courageous, aggressive nature, marital confrontations, several marriages, fond of music Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
6°40'-20°00' Aquarius S(h)atabhisaj private, unobtrusive nature, lonely, restrained, spiritual Rakshasa or Asura (Demonic)
20°00' Aquarius - 3°20' Pisces Purvabhadrapada sensual, changes residence often, talented, hard worker, cynical, nervous Manushya (Human)
3°20'-16°40' Pisces Uttarabhadrapada eccentric, ethical, shy and fickle, self-sacrificing, forthright, happy marriage, likes children Manushya (Human)
16°40'-30°00' Pisces Revati sensual, loves people, fulfillment through marriage, very social, beautiful body, loves animals, separations and transformation Deva (Divine)

Though there are different systems that can be used for Moon sign compatibility (and that are part of the Kuta system), we will only refer to the Gana System (Category system) that compares the Nakshatras of the respective partners.

When your and your partner's Moon's position are in compatible Nakshatras i.e. in the same Gana, you will find that you both are at ease with one another. Here we can even talk about an excellent Moon sign compatibility.

When the man's Moon occupies a deva gana nakshatra and the woma's moon a manushya gana nakshatra, Hindu astrologers speak of a goodMoon sign compatibility.

When the woman's Moon occupies a deva gana nakshatra and the man's moon a manushya gana nakshatra, Hindu astrologers talk about anaverage Moon sign compatibility.

When the man's Moon occupies a rakshasa gana nakshatra and the woman's Moon is in a manushya gana nakshatra, Hindu astrologers speak of bad Moon sign compatibility or just incompatibility.

The same is true when the woman's Moon is in a rakshasa gana nakshatra and the man's Moon occupies a manushya gana nakshatra.

When the man's Moon is in a deva gana nakshatra and the woman's Moon is in a rakshasa gana nakshatra there also is bad Moon sign compatibility or even incompatibility.

When the woman's Moon is in a deva gana nakshatra and the man's Moon occupies a rakshasa gana nakshatra there also is bad Moon sign compatibility or just incompatibility.

The Moon sign compatibility table above can also be applied to the respective ascendants of the partners/couple.

In fact this may give an additional idea about the total compatibility and can even enhance the overall Moon sign compatibility. We encourage you to try this out!

However, when it comes to a total compatibility analysis, the Hindu astrologers do look at quite a lot of other factors too to compare marital compatibility (navamsha, position of 7th house, position of venus and mars etc...).

Since we are only talking about Moon sign compatibility here, we will not go further into this matter.

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