When Talking About Sign Compatibility, Moon Signs Are More Significant than Sun Signs

Was He Born To Love You?

In popular Western astrology the Moon signs are rarely used to interpret how well a couple matches.

Simplified Western "astrology" is stuck with Sun sign compatibility...

Neither the Moon signs nor any other planetary signs are taken into account.

Let's be serious for a moment...

if we know that the position of the Sun in the zodiac signs gives information about the vital energy, willpower, the ego and the creative self-expression etc... are these THE ultimate traits you're looking for in a mate?

You must be kidding...

Isn't it more important to feel comfortable and in sync with one another?

Isn't it more essential that your primary needs and your habits are compatible with one another?

These (primary) feelings and instinctive needs for comfort and security are represented by the position of the Moon.

We agree with Carol Allen's saying that compatibility is all about the Moon.

The Moon's placement indicates the area we feel comfortable and safe with, the things we need to feel at home.

The Moon brings us unconsciously to the things we feel emotionally attached to.

This is the basic reason why we at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) find the Moon signs and its placement more important and significant than the Sun signs.

The Moon and the Moon signs will instinctively point to whom you feel attracted and attached to.

So, the Moon's position is NOT about endurability, not even 'compatibility' as such, but only unconscious attachment and attraction.

After all, you can also be attracted to Ms. or Mr. Wrong!

You may argue that the Moon signs are (again) just only ONE point in the horoscope and that there are other points....


At the risk of oversimplification, our point of view is just that the Moon and the Moon signs show the one you are attracted and attached to.

From all the planets only the Moon will take you to your Comfort Zone. That's all. So we will not neglect the other parts of the picture at all.

But first about the Moon!

How do you know or find the Moon signs and your Moon sign in particular?

You need your date and time of birth.

So please check with your birth certificate from the place where you were born for the exact birth time.

If you have that information, go to the web site of Astrodienst AG in Switzerland to get your totally free birth chart (natal Chart Wheel) by clicking here (this opens a new window).

  • Fill in all your data and have the horoscope wheel at hand.
  • Look at the position of the Moon (Moon sign) in the Chart Wheel.

This said, let's get back to our topic, the Moon signs.

We at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) have done some research (in fact, we are continuously doing astrological research with the AstroDatabank) and we are convinced that in every astrological research about humans there should be made a difference between men and women.

Both males and females have the same basic feelings, intentions, desires etc.., but they totally differentiate in expressing these urges.

These differences can be found in the natal chart.

From our own research between male-female couples and love-relationships we can present the following findings re the Moon signs.

The difficulty with such (research)projects is to find very accurate and detailed biographical information of people to search for (a) common denominator(s).

As an astrologer you rely on the information that your client gives you. But sometimes this information is 'colored' or just false.

It's even more difficult to find the peculiar traits and habits of his/her partner/lover.

By doing the necessary (astrological) research it's always better to look as much as possible for indisputable "facts and figures."

What do the Moon signs tell about the one you are attracted to?

The table below will tell you.

We delineate the the Moon's position making a difference between male and female horoscopes.

As soon as more results become available, we will update the table.

Moon signs Male horoscope Female horoscope
Moon in Aries attracted to inconstant lovers, taking instantly (impulsive) initiatives attracted to (self-)starters, do-ers but also to uninhibited partners who may know no boundaries and prefer living their own instincts and primal urges, the partner might be very active
Moon in Taurus attracted to conventional, quiet, obstinate and strong lovers and domestic partners attracted to businessmen
Moon in Gemini attracted to intellectual, mental or shallow women attracted to younger lovers/partners
Moon in Cancer attracted to careful, tender and rather passive women that can be sticky attracted to caring and family-minded lovers
Moon in Leo attracted to women who love children above all attracted to playful men
Moon in Virgo attracted to distinguished women that may be career-oriented and/or workaholic attracted to lovers who continuously have health-problems
Moon in Libra attracted to subtly passionate, delicate and refined women attracted to (very) tall men (!)
Moon in Scorpio attracted to very sensual and self-willed women attracted to men of power, complicated relationships
Moon in Sagittarius attracted to sporting women,
women from a different origin or country
attracted to non domestic lovers, outdoorsy and high-minded lovers
Moon in Capricorn attracted to broody, capricious and callous, responsible and patient women who want to keep up appearances attracted to older lovers/partner, formal partners, "achievers"
Moon in Aquarius attracted to women with a (very) pale colour of the skin,
significant difference in age and/or origin,
wants unconventional and intellectual women, unrequited love, attracted to above the average women
unrequited love, attracted to men of practical assistance to the native
Moon in Pisces attracted to very sensitive persons, unselfish women seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles attracted to very sensitive persons

Though this kind of research of a single condition (i.c. Moon signs) has some merit, we at Cosmic Technologies have found that some real good and more reliable astrological aphorisms do NOT come from this kind of research.

This research is again kind of an oversimplification, the same we mentioned when we discussed about the Sun signs, because there is only one planet/body, one factor or condition involved.

Instead, we should try to look for a chain of different astrological conditions that are all present in the birth charts of the researched grouping.

You can compare it with a chemical formula we are looking for, though here it's not the chemical substances that count but the corresponding and similar planetary positions, planetary pictures and geometrical alignments.

Moon signs should (or could) be a single part of it.

Let's give an example:

  • We have found that in the birth chart of a woman (first condition), the Moon in the sign Capricorn (2nd condition) in the 7th house - of the other, of the partners - (3rd condition), this woman will almost certainly be attracted to (much) older lovers, partners, men.

  • We have also found that in the birth chart of a woman (first condition), the Moon in the sign of Gemini (2nd condition) in the 7th house - of the other, of the partner - (3rd condition), the opposite is true.

    This woman will very likely be attracted to younger lovers, partners, men.

Though not infallible, these rules about Moon signs have amazed us over and over.

Still we should try to find more conditions to get better results.

But before we can find such results, we need a lot of data and biographical information and sometimes these data are not available.

We hope you understand that such research is quite time-consuming.

It also needs a very keen insight of the researcher and a most accurate deduction of the available information.

The Moon signs tell another story too. A story about how you relate to the outer world, to your lover, friends and family.

In the table below you can find some general, but most important significations re relating according to the position of the Moon in the zodiac signs.

Moon signs Signification
Moon in Aries Spontaneous, takes the initiative and the lead, self-centered, short and successive relationships/encounters, wants to undertake something with others, achiever, wants to be the first, competitive. Our own research has found that this Moon's position is a red flag re infidelity in both male and female natal charts.
Moon in Taurus dependent, clings to others, passive and reticent, meek, often feels depressed through others, relating can be a stressful experience, rather wants to be left alone, easily influenced by others, lives in the material (and physical) world
Moon in Gemini spontaneous, has numerous relationships at the same time, needs a lot of encounters, influenced by others, difficult to pin down
Moon in Cancer Achiever and competitive in relationships, other people easily come to the native, passive, others bring the native in tears easily, wants to undertake something with others
Moon in Leo dependent, takes the initiative, self-centered, wants to undertake something with others, clings to others
Moon in Virgo stressful relationships, feels depressed through others, rather wants to be left alone, spontaneous, hesitates in relationships, meek and often servile
Moon in Libra spontaneous, takes the initiative, needs a lot of encounters, competitive in relationships, influenced by others
Moon in Scorpio dependent, others can bring the native in tears, others easily come to the native, wants to undertake something with others, bides his or her time, emotionally clings to others, very silent (reticent and secretive)
Moon in Sagittarius spontaneous, takes the initiative, self-centered, wants to undertake something with others, outdoorsy, loves a loose fit
Moon in Capricorn depressive through others, meek, influenced by others, stressful relationships, rather wants to be left alone, very competitive, can be very defensive, wants to be the best, a follower of the hierarchy, has (too) high expectations, loves the slim fit
Moon in Aquarius attached to convictions/ideas, mentally influenced by others, clings to others - especially in the mind, connected with children of others
Moon in Pisces spontaneous, wants to undertake something with others, others come to the native, very creative

The Moon in the houses can bring a slight difference in the meaning of the Moon signs by combining both meanings.

In the table below you can read the delineations for the Moon in the Houses.

The Moon in the houses Signification
Moon in 1 always wants to give a sympathetic impression, impulsive (even explosive at times)
Moon in 2 very clingy in relationships, very physical
Moon in 3 very difficult to pin down, on the go often
Moon in 4 very dependent on others, clingy, softy, often home-loving
Moon in 5 loves children, needs children, needs appreciation
Moon in 6 mostly relating to co-workers, loves small animals, does menial tasks
Moon in 7 very stylish, wants to be liked, fashionable, heart-warming in relationships, knows extremely well how to behave and to sell oneself, females with this position easily twist males round their little finger
Moon in 8 fearful and anxious in relationships, extreme morals, moralizing in relationships, emotionally frustrating position because one feels fenced in
Moon in 9 fanatic towards others, flies out easily at others
Moon in 10 wants to be loved in a general and public way, personal (intimate) relations can be a frustrating experience
Moon in 11 not overly spontaneous, erratic
Moon in 12 position of isolation and loneliness, very sensitive and helpful towards others, in the natal chart of women a reliable indication of 'social commitment' that helps the community or humanity

We also tried to find out if the Moon's position at a critical degree would tell us more about relationship issues or happiness.

Evidence and (German) research has shown that this degree area coincides with increased tension and polarization.

Because the Moon is a fast-moving body and describes our comfort Zone, what we love to do or what makes us feel good, we wanted to find out if the Moon's position on a "critical degree" in a natal chart would point to specific relationship issues or characteristics or to whatever common traits that would pop up.

With the help of the Swiss Astrodatabank we have been looking at the Moon's position at 15° in a zodiac sign and, as usual, we divided the research between female and male natal charts.

Unfortunately, the Astrodatabank has not enough categories and characteristics filled out which makes doing research to find common traits still not easy at all.

Moon position Male horoscope Female horoscope
15° Aries sexual and many love affairs (Luciano Pavarotti, Albert II King of Belgium); often at least one son and a brother (Albert II King of Belgium, Yves Allégret); on average, many children (Tim Holt, Gil Hodges, Walter Miller, Albert II King of Belgium, Pierre Mazeaud); periods of addictions (James Taylor, Perry Smith) inconclusive
15° Taurus on average one lasting marriage (Raymond Sheline, Hugh Downs); traumatic relationship with kids (Patrick McMullen); needs lots of physical workouts (Hugh Downs, Loros Stecca, Zane William Smith); many moves or travel for work (Francesca Marchetti-Selvaggini, Patrick McMullen, Hugh Downs, Robert Morane); same job for long (Erwin Rommel, Hugh Downs, Mark Goodson) divorced (Judith Blegen, Isabella Rossellini)
15° Gemini enjoys entertainment (Richard boone, Jere Burns, Billy Connolly, Jean Gabin, Hari Rhodes, Dwight Yoakam); accidental death (Frank Jr. Shea, Bill Robertson, Michel Breistoff, Cattin Marco Donat) started young (as a teen) (Ambra Angiolini, Lena Zavaroni, Amber Tamblyn)
15° Cancer experiences a bitter divorce (Clark Gable, Claude Thomas) inconclusive
15° Leo many kids (Berthold Beitz, Thimothy P Cahill, Chris Dodd, Alan Page, Anthony Quinn); award winner (Alexander Todd, Maurice Schills, Anthony Saidy, Anthony Quinn, Alan Page, Scott Carpenter)) articulate, outspoken, assertive (Sydney Biddle Barrows, Carla Hills)
15° Virgo on average one marriage but often stressful (Mark Urban-Lurain, Roger Theroud, Denny Miller); may be a pessimist or depressed (Arthur Schopenhauer, J. Pierpont Morgan Sr.); traumatic childhood experience involving the father (J. Pierpont Morgan Sr., Arthur Schopenhaure, Mark Urban-Lurain) lots of issues with abuse and control (Candy Barr, Carlota Empress of Mexico) and a traumatic childhood
15° Libra may be tall and/or heavy (George Brejack, Fabrizio de Chiara); important life event at age 14 (Ferruccio Ferragamo, Leonardo DiCaprio); unique or weird or odd personality (Pascal Raffin, Theo van der Meulen, George Brejack, John D. Laudermilk, Walter Gropius) inconclusive
15° Scorpio abusive or forceful father (Willy Coppernolle, Tony Bettenhausen, Czarevitch Alexei); can be ruthless (Robert Hoeg, Hermann Göring, Czarevitch Alexei, Keefe Brasselle, Willy Coppernolle) inconclusive
15° Sagittarius on average a long marriage (Umberto Eco, Ray Bradbury); humorous and witty (Corrado Guzzanti, Umberto Eco, Ray Bradbury); a public speaker or teacher (Ray Bradbury, Otto Dix, Umberto Eco, Giacomo Manzu, Francois Raoult, Fabian W. Bruskewitz); travel for work (Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Robin Guthrie, Göran Kropp) inconclusive
15° Capricorn inconclusive inconclusive
15° Aquarius may have some psychological issues (George Segal, J. R. Andrews); on average one divorce (Paul-Emile Victor, George Segal, Georges Marchais, J. R. Andrews) on average, at least one son (Cheryl Tiegs, Giuditta Saltarini, Caroline Kennedy, Leona Helmsley)
15° Pisces on average, one son (Cary Hunsdon, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Christian Spitz, Mark McGwire) on average, many children (Scott Coretta King, Princess Alice, Marnie Bradley, Betty Ford)

Another way to assess the Moon signs is noting in which house and sign the Moon is posited.

The Moon can be in either a cardinal, fixed or mutable house as well as in a cardinal, fixed or mutable sign.

Take a look at the table below for an overview:

Moon in CARDINAL signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) Moon in FIXED signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) Moon in MUTABLE signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
Moon in CARDINAL houses (1, 4, 7 or 10) (too) spontaneous, very impulsive (acts on impulses), competitive, power issues, goal-oriented, takes the initiative, impatient, egotist knows what (s)he wants, over-stressed, always called upon, wants stability in a competitive environment, holds on to the partner, (unfulfilled) longings, possessive, materialisticcannot cope with standards of others, lots of changes in home & career, cannot live alone, needs "a partner", adaptable, spontaneous, religious, very idealistic and/or philosophical, very sociable, takes the moment, needs a caring/understanding love, interest in human relationships, a thinker, has an opinion
Moon in FIXED Houses (2, 5, 8 or 11) career-minded, competitive, very productive, charming, feels inhibited or limited, tends to overcompensate, bossy, over-doing, life events cause competitive behavior, may be aggressive feels fenced in or boxed in and dependent, sticks to the lover, extremely attached (for good or bad), fixed habits, possessive, persistent, cannot let lose, frustrating position, heaps of disappointment in love, can seldom blossom in love, cannot unfold, unable to get out of (destructive) relationshipscannot stand obligations & restrictions, does not want a boring environment, may be reckless and careless, ambivalent, creative, needs a partner, wants to impress or shine in the environment
Moon in MUTABLE Houses (3, 6, 9 or 12) adaptable, spontaneous, conflict-oriented, needs superficial contacts, outspoken, wants to propagate or educate lives in the own world to feel secure in an unstable/changing world, the rock in the wild seas, life does not go/unfold as planned/anticipated, denies/rejects everything that upsets stability & secure feelings, may feel rejected, possessive, materialistic, insecure feelings between ages 48-54 because of outer changes imposed upon the native, enforced changes, often lives in survival modeunstable relationships, may take risks, careless, needs changes, creative, cannot sit still, always on the move, the wanderer, rational

In this part we have been analyzing the Moon signs in the single birth chart of men and women.

But in fact we should compare the respective Moons (and Moon signs) of both partners to see if they sense the same basic emotional needs and feelings.

It's only when the respective Comfort Zones match well that emotional understanding and relating is possible.

So let's compare both Moon signs and see what makes Moon signs compatible.

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