Our Individual Love Horoscopes Tell if YOU are Cut-Out-For-Love or Marriage

The Best Sign For You To Love

When talking about individual love horoscopes we're once more talking about your own (individual) horoscope (natal chart).

Honestly, everyone now and then wants someone to rely on, to share something more than mere words, to share feelings and intimacy, life experiences, feelings of commitment and feelings of being an important TEAM.

However, for some, these needs remain dreams... Sadly enough!

Indeed, reality is sometimes clearly different....

With the individual love horoscopes you can see some indications on how your love life will unfold.

Are you cut-out-for-love or marriage? And now we're not talking about sex (this subject will be dealt with on our sex horoscopes page), but just about personal attraction and sympathy, mutual understanding, tolerance, harmony and relating on a one-to-one level.

Some configurations in the individual love horoscopes point to problems in relating on such a level:

  • the Sun or the Moon square your Ascendant in female or male horoscopes. If you see a red square in the position we've indicated with a red arrow on the aspect grid below, you know that the Sun is square the Ascendant.
Sun square Ascendant

According to Nance McCullough (in her Love Formulas-2), these people are at battle with themselves. We have found this not always to be true, it all depends on the rulership of the Sun or the Moon.

If your Sun is square your Ascendant and the Sun is ruler of your MC (when Leo is on the 10th house cusp), it will be more your career-drive that will cause problems in relating.

If the Sun rules your sixth house of health (when Leo is on the cusp of your sixth house), your health may prevent you from relating on a one-on-one level.

However, we DO agree with Nance that this aspect is (most) difficult in any relationship. And, by the way, Nance's book still is the best ever written about astrological compatibility and love horoscopes!

If the Sun or the Moon are afflicted by other planets, courtships and marriage will never be easy. A divorce belongs to the possibilities.

  • Mars-Uranus conjunctions, squares, inconjuncts and oppositions in female individual love horoscopes. So boys, beware of any girl that has such an aspect in her natal chart! It will really seldom last!

    This girl is definitely NOT-cut-out-for-marriage. She will be extremely independent, doing everything just her way. Also, it denotes inconsistent behavior -- even for the sake of it.
Mars square Uranus

The aspect grid on the left contains a Mars-Uranus square.

  • However, we've observed that the Mars-Uranus square has worked wonderfully well when there is a HUGE age difference between the man and the woman (of 20+ years).

    Perhaps, the Mars-Uranus square here points to a highly unconventional relationship in which the woman successfully marries or dates a much older man.
  • plactile Venus-Uranus aspects in the individual love horoscopes. A plactile aspect is an aspect in which both planets (bodies or points) are at the same degree (in whatever sign).

    Venus and Uranus together are way too freedom-loving. Especially the plactile inconjunct can suddenly break the bond (often without a single warning). Beware!

How can you see in the individual love horoscopes what kind of a partner you will get?

There are different rules, but we will only take a look at the most comprehensible one.

It's all in the position of the Sun and the Moon.

And to make it clear we will make a difference between female and male individual love horoscopes:

In female horoscopes: look at the position of the Sun in the horoscope. The planet that is conjunct the Sun will reveal most.

If there is no planet conjunct the Sun, look at the planet that opposes the Sun.

Otherwise take the planet with the most exact aspect to the Sun.

The characteristics of the planet that thus aspects the Sun will - in a general way - describe your mate and husband.

  • Moon: nurturing
  • Mercury: programmer or IT-specialist, merchant or trader, on the road-job
  • Venus: social, very creative and artistic
  • Mars: self-made, (small) businessman, entrepreneur, soldier or police-officer
  • Jupiter: teacher, sports-minded, genial,
  • Saturn: civil or public servant, stiff, suspicious, reserved, formalist
  • Uranus: mechanic, technician, difference in age
  • Neptune: sensitive, weak constitution, possible health problems, retiring
  • Pluto: psychologist/psychiatrist/social worker, business-owner

In male horoscopes: look at the position of the Moon. The planet that the Moon is first going to (in a counterclockwise direction) reveals who your flame will be.

In this picture on the left, the Moon is first going to Saturn

The characteristics of the planets the Moon is going to, will describe your Princess:

  • Sun: child-loving
  • Mercury: lively, rational
  • Venus: aesthetic, dressed up
  • Mars: enterprising
  • Jupiter: optimistic, tolerant
  • Saturn: civil or public servant, suspicious, reserved, formalistic
  • Uranus: irritated, intelligent, fanciful
  • Neptune: sensitive, weak constitution, possible health problems, introvert and retiring
  • Pluto: psychologist/psychiatrist/social worker

Of course, you cannot expect that these 9 planets can give very detailed information.

All in all there are thousands of characteristics, attitudes, job classifications etc... that cannot be found by only one planet.

Other rules and methods must be taken into account too. Because this would be too technical, more difficult to grasp (and boring), we will not go into all this any further.

Instead we will delve deeper into the individual love horoscopes, sign by sign.

When we discussed the individual sex horoscopes, we analyzed the elemental positions of the Sun, Venus and Mars.

Unlike the individual sex horoscopes, the individual love horoscopes are assessed by the elemental positions of the Sun, the Moon (= the Lights) and Venus (the planet of Love).

Just remember that we are continuously updating/expanding/editing these individual love horoscopes as soon as new findings from our research (with the help of the AstroDatabank) become available.

So, even while our individual love horoscopes may still be quite general and will not always fit for 100%, the delineations are very well-researched and often highly accurate and stunningly to-the-point!

Just see for yourself and click on your (or your partner's) Sun Sign to jump to the individual love horoscopes...

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.

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