Romance Horoscopes
- How To Find Out When
Love Is In The Air... -
By Analyzing the Position of Progressed Venus

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

Our romance horoscopes will tell you when love is in the air.

How exactly?

Actually, we will assess the secondary progressions (1° for a year rate) and look at the position of progressed Venus through the degrees of the zodiac.

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac but some degrees are more important than others.

In our romance horoscopes, we will only delineate the position of progressed Venus at the so-called "critical degrees": 29° - 0° and 15° in a sign.

Every time (secondary progressed 1° = 1 year rate) Venus is at a critical degree your love life may get in the spotlight - for good or for bad.

By analyzing the position of (direct or converse) progressed Venus in the romance horoscopes you will know when love is in the air.

Don't forget to cast your converse progressions as well as our romance horoscopes are valid for direct and converse progressions.

Moreover, we have found that the converse secondary progressions give far better results!

And now to the delineation of the position of progressed Venus in the romance horoscopes:

Progressed Venus Position Signification in the romance horoscopes
29° Pisces - 1° Aries Seductive, unrequited love, sexual fantasies, secret one-night-stands, disappointments in love, easily seduced, marriage
15° Aries passionate love, sudden love actions, many love affairs
29° Aries - 1° Taurus physical love actions, sensuality
15° Taurus lustful events, passionate love, to be stuck in love
29° Taurus - 1° Gemini new encounters, change of residence, social talks, flirting
15° Gemini talking about love, to receive presents, to tease others, pleasant conversations
29° Gemini - 1° Cancer the importance of the outer appearance, the love of a young girl
15° Cancer disappointments in love, craving for love, feeling lonely, breaking up the relationship
29° Cancer - 1° Leo marriage, a prosperous time to have in the romance horoscopes
15° Leo sudden love, love at first sight, short but intense love relationships
29° Leo - 1° Virgo thinking about love, enjoyable talks about love
15° Virgo short but intense love relationships, love dreams, to adore somebody who is out of reach
29° Virgo - 1° Libra social talks, many (new) encounters, socializing, marriage
15° Libra sudden deep and passionate love (often at first sight), sensuality, socializing
29° Libra - 1° Scorpio lustful events, to be stuck in love
15° Scorpio lustful events, to be stuck in love
29° Scorpio - 1° Sagittarius fortunate love actions, happy love life, to be in love with many
15° Sagittarius to love a stranger, talking about love
29° Sagittarius - 1° Capricorn love of the home, to move, beautifying the home, breaking up an engagement, to feel happy about a separation, to travel
15° Capricorn feeling lonely, craving for love, marriage in female horoscopes
29° Capricorn - 1° Aquarius stressful love events, breaking up, separation or rupture in love, divorce
15° Aquarius unrequited love, distant love, love at first sight, exciting love events, love of short duration
29° Aquarius - 1° Pisces to adore somebody who is out of reach, unrequited love, love dreams
15° Pisces disappointing love events, love dreams, longing for love, platonic love

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