Astrology and the Love Bite

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Planet Earth is the planet of emotions.

24/7 our planet is ruled by people's emotions (of anger, fear, lust, jealousy, sadness, happiness, resentment...).

People can be compared with electromagnetic pendulums.

When they are 'alone', at rest, without interference of another person (electromagnetic pendulum) or outer interference, they are quite centered, grounded and in balance.

However, when another being enters the electromagnetic field of another one, the pendulum starts to swing.

And so do the emotions...

Depending on how close you enter into another's electromagnetic field and how powerful the electromagnetic field (attraction or pull) is, the pendulum starts to swing, often fiercely.

Likewise, emotions may run high and even get out of hand by just being around someone who 'triggers' your electromagnetic field in a powerful way.

Unfortunately, this is not always a nice experience, though it remains an experience, irrespective of the good or bad label we give our experiences...

Because of our emotional focus and emotional responses to outer stimuli, the lack of understanding and insight (awareness), emotions most often lower our vibration overall.

No wonder that Love, which is another wavelength, frequency and higher vibration entirely, cannot reside where low vibrational emotions occur.

Hence, Planet Earth is not the planet of love, actually.

This is proven easily when you consider that Love never judges (which is just the reflection of an emotional response).

Indeed, where there is judgment, there is no Love.

The one annuls the other.

Almost 99% of humans do judge, point, blame, condemn, criticize, vent frustration, anger and a lot of other emotions towards others, the environment, the Universe, the planet... (often fed by 'unloving' religious texts that propagate Ordeals, Judgment Days etc.).

Clearly, 24/7 we are trapped in our emotions and seem not to be able to easily manage and, more importantly, master, them.

All our human (inter)actions and responses are based upon a wide variety of emotions and instinctive reactions controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

When two people are irresistibly attracted to each other, meet and even merge together 'in the (self-)delusive name of Love' but become emotionally entangled and drained, cannot exit a spiral of emotional turmoil and are the victim of emotional vampirism and spiderweb-like interactions, we talk about a 'Love Bite.'

This term was first introduced by Eve Lorgen to describe obsessive relationships and emotional dramas, after a couple is brought together by irresistible forces (attraction) and/or energies (from whatever origin or source).

The effects of the Love Bite can range from simple break-ups of platonic relationships, to destructive divorces, and from “puppy love” to sudden urges to marry a complete stranger.

In this article we present our preliminary research results pertaining to couples/lovers who

  1. were involved in an obsessive-compulsive manipulative romantic relationship (no abusive family bonds or relationships at the working floor that is)

  2. have publicly or openly confirmed and/or shared their 'love relationship' was emotionally draining or abusive

Indeed, not all tumultuous love bonds are based upon the Love Bite and that's why we do not include relationships where physical aggression only is expressed and experienced.

During our research it was not always easy to find reliable and accurate birth information of both partners.

Anyway, though we only have a rather small database of couples who match our criteria, we did find a very predominant astrological configuration in all the chart comparisons.

This astrological pattern contains Saturn, Neptune and Pluto of either partner in a close aspect (inclusive the minor aspects like the semi-sextile or semi-square) and thus these three bodies/planets build a synastrical pattern or configuration.

Actually, this does not really come as a surprise because Saturn is the tenacious hook, Pluto indicates intensity and emotional turmoil and Neptune is the draining energy-sucker.

Neptune and Pluto both rule (emotional) water signs and hence, they often act in a silent and unobtrusive but nevertheless extremely powerful and all-enveloping way.

Additionally, the Sun, Moon and/or Venus of a partner is involved in the picture as well.

Let's take a look at some examples to make this clear and show how this works:

  • Jasmine Waltz (born on August 22, 1982 in Las Vegas, USA, time unknown) and Lee Ryan (born on June 17, 1983 in Chatham, Kent/UK, time unknown).

    In his natal chart we find Neptune sextile the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

    Possibly, his Moon is involved in this natal picture as well.

    In the chart comparison between both, her Neptune is conjunct his Neptune and her Pluto is conjunct his Pluto which is not unusual at all because they are both of the same generation.

    However, his Sun and North Node oppose her Neptune (and his Neptune) and trine his Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

    So, in other words, his Sun builds and completes the astrological picture, pattern or configuration that also involves Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

    Additionally, his North Node of the Moon, her Neptune and Pluto are at the same numerical degree in a sign (at 24°).

    These three bodies/points together denote 'living together in an emotionally draining way.'

    Without a doubt, these two different astrological configurations in the chart comparison (synastry) indicate a 'Love Bite.'

  • Towie Ferne McCann (born on August 6, 1990, place and time unknown) and Charlie Sims (born on March 17, 1992 in Essex, UK, time unknown).

    In Towie Ferne's natal chart there is an exact Venus Saturn opposition at 20° Cancer-Capricorn.

    Her Venus opposes his Neptune and sextiles his Pluto.

    Here too, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto build a close synastrical aspect pattern, confirming the emotionally draining love union they had for a couple of years.

    Moreover, his Saturn opposes her Sun while her Sun squares her Pluto and is inconjunct her Neptune.

    This second synastrical pattern between the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto adds to and reinforces the 'Love Bite.'

In conclusion: whenever you find a Saturn, Neptune, Pluto configuration in the chart comparison aspecting the Sun, Moon or Venus of one of the partners, just run for your life and try not to meet your target at all.

As soon as you meet or encounter each other, the irresistible attraction may set in, resulting in the fulfillment of the tragical trap of the 'Love Bite.'

And in case you cannot avoid the meeting, don't kiss or touch each other at all, not to activate the trap any further... and try to stay as centered and grounded as possible.

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