Understand The Different
Styles of Love
With The Help of Astrology...
...And Why Love is NOT the Same for Everyone

Was He Born To Love You?

With the help of astrology you can gain so much insight into the different styles of love and why love is not the same for everyone.

For some people, having sex is a means to show love; for others, sending material goods and gifts is a way to show love.

Expressing love really has many faces...

Unfortunately, people not always recognize the different styles of love, especially not when they are stuck in their own manner to show love and do not grasp that people, "the others" and the own partner, possibly (likely?) are and act differently.

When your style of love is one of caring for "the other" while the love-style of your buddy is one of "having sex" and when you don't realize there are different styles of love (the content of love really differs from person to person), you certainly will get relationship issues in the long run!

Astrology can help to identify the different ways of love.

This can be a real eye-opener as you will gain a deeper understanding of the way different people show love.

Different astrologers (Kenneth D. McRitchie, Robert P. Blaschke, Richard Idemon) have analyzed the zodiac signs and delineated the signs according to archetypal and traditional principles to identify how each zodiac sign defines and shows love.

  • Some astrologers interpret the zodiac signs on the horizon (Ascendant-Descendant axis) to find styles of love, resulting in six styles of love.

  • Other astrologers interpret the fixed signs (the fixed cross) (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), resulting in four styles of love.

Let's take a look at the group of six styles of love delineated from the zodiac signs on the Ascendant-Descendant axis first:

  • Aries/Libra: this is Eros, the erotic lover, representing the most physical style of love. Often, there's love at first sight. First impressions DO count here.

    These signs live for romance and love. They are open and outgoing. Sharing common activities and going out are ways to show and live love.

    They may discuss and fight with ('tease') each other because some competition is part of their love-style.

  • Taurus/Scorpio: this is the possessive lover and the most passionate style of love. There's a lot of intensity in love.

    Initially, there may be lots of misunderstandings and (wrong) assumptions though.

    After the passion, material comfort sets in and is necessary to sustain the love relationship. That's why giving presents and material gifts are important.

  • Gemini/Sagittarius: this is the playful lover with flirts and seduction here and there. Freedom is extremely important in these love relationships.

    Love is letting each other free. While there can be some rules the couple takes into account, the lovers want to remain free and do as they please.

    No limits or boring events because these will break up the relationship.

  • Cancer/Capricorn: this is the pragmatic lover, traditional and the most ambitious. The career drives and family roots/background are important to start the relationship and keep it going.

    This can be a caring relationship in which setting limits is part of it. The lovers nurture each other. Accomplishments count.

  • Leo/Aquarius: this is the friendly lover, often growing from friendship. It's the most affectionate style of love resulting in talks and shared interests.

    Both need fun and pleasure/amusement (the theater, the movies, fun parks, exhibitions etc...).

    However, both lovers remain individuals so that they want to still live their own life and go their own way too.

    Creativity is important because they easily get bored.

  • Virgo/Pisces: this is the unselfish lover, often detached and likely to be celibate. It's the most compassionate and self-sacrificing style of love.

    Love grows when both partners are familiar with each other, resulting in servitude.

    The lovers are servile and serve and help each other out of compassion. Often, a partner is ill or in need of something.

Now, let's take a look at the second group of styles of love delineated from the fixed cross. A predominant sign/house in the fixed cross brings out the following traits:

  • Taurus (2nd house): it's about fixed earth, the most physical sign of the zodiac meaning that love is about the physical body.

    Love is purely a physical thing/expression.

    A touch and a stroke (or physical sex) is part of it. Also, food and eating is another important lovestyle.

  • Leo (5th house): this fixed fire sign is about love-making, children and romance.

    It's sexual love or Eros. No sex without a romantic or playful environment.

  • Scorpio (8th house): this fixed water sign is emotional and spiritual and goes very very deep in love. It's often called Agape.

    No sex without emotional attachments.

  • Aquarius (11th house): this fixed air sign is about friendship, brother- (and sister-)hood.

    It's non-sexual love or Philos (as opposed to Eros) and rather detached in a neutral and non-discriminating way.

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