What Are The Worst Aspects
In Synastry To Have?

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

People often wonder what the worst aspects in synastry are.

Considering that a simple natal chart comparison between two persons is still one of the most used and reliable methods to compare the compatibility, attraction and endurability between them, this question is a very understandable one.

However, synastry is not restricted to an aspect analysis alone and there are numerous other ways to compare two natal horoscopes (for example a midpoint analysis, planets in house overlays, an elemental analysis etc.).

It does not always take long to decipher if two people will get on for some time.

From a simple aspect analysis between the persons alone, you can find some clues, but you will still have to take into account the WHOLE chart comparison (and ESPECIALLY a midpoint analysis) to find out how the union will evolve.

If you disregard the total chart analysis and only and solely focus on an inter-aspect analysis, you are self-delusive in your approach that may result in the wrong predictions.

So, keep that in mind!

However, some planetary inter-aspects are just more challenging than others, especially when they are exact, and while there may be some irresistible attraction, some aspects will just let the relationship deteriorate sooner or later if other factors and configurations confirm this.

What are these aspects that are called the worst aspects in synastry?

First there are some assumptions to be made.

We only use the following aspects: conjunction, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile, square, sesquiquadrate, inconjunct and the opposition.

Keep the orb at 1° because close aspects bring out the essence of the relationship and are the most powerful. That's what counts.

Wider orbs between the listed planets or bodies are weakening the influence but can still be important if other configurations or midpoints confirm a mediocre relationship.

In that case, it may also take some more time for the relationship to waver.

Also, the more of these inter-aspects, the worse.

If the majority of all the inter-aspects is harmonious, chances are the "bad" aspects can be offset somewhat.

But still, they will always act like a red flag!

  • Mars of person 1 square any planet of person 2, especially Mars, Saturn or Uranus: the Mars square can bring hate (at first sight).

    While Mars of person 1 square the Moon or the Sun of the other may instantly bring irresistible attraction, the feelings may evolve and end in a painful experience if there are no other supportive harmonious aspects.

    Mars almost always works instantly and in an acute way. At times, Mars can become explosive (especially the Mars-Uranus or Mars-Pluto square).

    The Mars-Mars, Mars-Saturn and Mars-Uranus squares are the worst of all.

  • Saturn of person 1 square or opposite any (personal) planet of person 2: unlike the Mars square, Saturn needs time to let the relationship deteriorate.

    Saturn is the time-keeper and is pulling the relationship away and down over time. In the long run, both partners will more and more avoid each other.

    Also, the Saturn partner is the one blocking the relationship, setting up a wall. This person is the most heavy and cold one too.

    The opposition is separative while the square is plain frustrating.

  • Any inter-aspect combination between the following three planets: Venus, Saturn and Neptune.

    For example
    : Venus of person 1 square Saturn of person 2 and semi-square Neptune of person 2.

    This is a plain bad configuration that may bring irresistible and self-destructive attraction.

    Disastrous results may follow. Inter-aspects between fixed signs often add to the disaster.

  • Avoid the inter-aspects written about in our article about Astrology and the Love Bite.

    You don't want to have an emotionally draining and (self-)destructive love bond, do you?

  • Pluto of person 1 conjunct the Sun of person 2.

    This one may create discord, rejection, and lots of emotional turmoil mixed with HUGE power conflicts.

    The Sun-person may even trigger some feelings of hate in the Pluto-person.
  • After doing statistical research, the German astrologer and retired engineer Harald Hoffmann has identified different inter-aspects that he calls 'killer aspects' and that are detrimental to a love union.

    These are the 20 most important ones:

    1. Male Venus semi-square female Mars (orb 2°)
    2. Male Moon semi-sextile female MC (orb 2°)
    3. Male Mars conjunct female MC (orb 6°)
    4. Male MC sesquiquadrate female Saturn (orb 2°)
    5. Male Ascendant opposite female Saturn (orb 5°)
    6. Male Saturn conjunct female Sun (orb 6°)
    7. Male Sun inconjunct female Mars (orb 2°)
    8. Male Sun opposite female Mercury (orb 5°)
    9. Male Sun opposite female Uranus (orb 5°)
    10. Male Mercury sesquiquadrate female Uranus (orb 2°)
    11. Male Venus semi-sextile female Moon (orb 2°)
    12. Male Ascendant conjunct female North Node of the Moon (orb 5°)
    13. Male Venus conjunct female North Node of the Moon (orb 6°)
    14. Male Ascendant conjunct female Pluto (orb 6°)
    15. Male Pluto sesquiquadrate female MC (orb 2°)
    16. Male MC semi-sextile female Sun (orb 2°)
    17. Male Pluto conjunct or square female Black Moon (mean apogee of the Moon)
    18. Male Black Moon (Lilith, the mean apogee of the Moon) sextile female Black Moon (orb 2°)
    19. Male Uranus sesquiquadrate or inconjunct female Black Moon (orb 2°)
    20. Male Black Moon semi-sextile or semi-square female Chiron (orb 2°)

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