The SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

On this Sagittarius love horoscope page we will delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, the Moon and Venus, starting with the female horoscopes.

From ten thousands of natal charts (among others analyzed via the AstroDatabank) we tried to find common patterns, events, characteristics etc. that mark the before-mentioned bodies/points in the four elements.

In doing so, we also made a difference between male and female horoscopes.

This way, the delineation of the Love Horoscope is based on strict empirical research.

The Elemental Division

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

It took us more than two full years to accomplish this project.

When we found lots of data for the same elemental division, the presented results will be highly accurate.

In case there were not a lot of data available, the results will vary.

The most prominent and significant traits are printed in bold.

For additional Sagittarius traits, also check out the Sagittarius Sex Horoscope page on which we delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, Venus and Mars.

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.


Moon in fire Venus in firetalkative, verbally active, age difference with partner, different marriages, hasty marriage, on average at least one son, idealist, rude, noted husband
Venus in earthdivorce possible, teacher, active, often at least one daughter, financial gain, athletic, financial issues, adventurer
Venus in watercharming, private, on average at least one son, many children, outspoken, large family, heart problems, financial ups and downs, exceptional mind
Venus in airlasting relationship, divorce after a long marriage, same job for long, sensitive, raped, often at least one daughter
Moon in earth Venus in firepossessive, ambitious, rational, cold, obese, overweight, blonde hair, disadvantaged or poor childhood, from rags to riches, one or two children, unusual or difficult birth circumstances
Venus in earthpossessive, cautious, nervous, volcanic temper, weight problems, verbal and vocal, many moves, trips, adventurer or explorer, outdoorsy, divorced, into the fields of food and beverage
Venus in waterdesigner, artistic, beautician, most often at least one daughter, spiritual, astrology-minded, into the fields of healing or medical fields, early marriage
Venus in airactivist, headstrong, independent, breast surgery, animal lover, noted family, parent killed or died in childhood
Moon in water Venus in fireteacher, hard worker, astrology-minded, long term marriage, loves dancing and aerobics or physical workout
Venus in earthoutdoorsy, interest in astrology, divorced, 1 brother or sister, loves reading
Venus in waterlarge family, long term marriage, beaten and physical abused, business owner, interest in astrology
Venus in airinterest in astrology, loves to cook, enthusiastic, energetic, heart problems, georgeous
Moon in air Venus in fireambitious, shy, reclusive, one marriage, persistent, mystical, spiritual, travel for work
Venus in eartharticulate, one marriage, (severe) headache, hard worker, well liked, sociable, lost a child, on average at least one son, lasting marriage may end in divorce or stress, surgery, blonde hair, philantropist, financial success
Venus in waterprivate, financial gain, head or brain problems, accidental death, unusual birth circumstances
Venus in aircurious, original, lively, seldom more than one child, stressful relationship, social worker, animal lover, activist

Moon in fire Venus in firealcohol/drugs abuse, heart problems, party animal, hard worker, outspoken, ambitious, acquisitive, homosexual, first born, depressive/melancholy, fine art artist, into politics, loves job, autobiographer
Venus in earthsociable, principled, top executive, large family, traumatic family event(s) in childhood, abused in childhood, overly sensitive, depressive, vulnerable, stubborn, attorney/jurist, extensive education
Venus in watermostly 2 children, one lasting relationship, suicide possible, exaggerated voice, typical voice or speech, high pitched voice, into the fields of law, good looks, talks fast, aggressive/rages, two marriages, sexual extremes or perversions, eccentric
Venus in airone lasting relationship, humorous, problems with the eyes, interest in the occult, sports awards
Moon in earth Venus in fireruthless, metaphysical, loves to read, fiery, one lasting marriage, top executive, vocational awards, into the fields of food and beverage, tall and/or heavy
Venus in earthmany lovers, public office worker, prinipled strongly, psychological problems, disturbed, anti-social, private, traumatic family events in childhood, bad childhood memories, age difference with wife
Venus in watershort life possible, travel for work, alcohol/drugs abuse, accidental death, modest, psychological problems, different marriages (one long term), unfaithful, business owner, into the fields of food and beverage, loves job
Venus in airteacher, into the fields of public relations or marketing or publishing, many children, humorous, eccentric, large family, traumatic family events, obese, heavy and/or tall, extremes in sexuality
Moon in water Venus in firetemper, hard worker, into the fields of food and beverage, works in group, bad childhood memories, criminal victim or perpetrator, financial crimes (theft, fraud,...), business owner
Venus in earthidealist, lasting marriage, explosive temper, prison sentence, ambitious, attention seeking, humorous, mystical
Venus in wateryouthful, sociable, financially inapt, temper, top executive, entrepreneur, loves job, liar, attorney, energetic, parents divorced, publisher/editor
Venus in airextravert, many lovers, sports-minded, ruthless, aggressive, attention seeking, one lasting marriage, principled strongly, abusive to wife or women, prison sentence
Moon in air Venus in firefreedom-loving, noted family, financial or economical interests, philantropist, many children, humorous, unusual death, pilot
Venus in earthcreative, psychological problems, one lasting passionate relationship (often stressful though), extramarital relationship, fine art artist, stressful work, original, principled strongly, pilot, courageous
Venus in waternervous, charming, superficial, psychotic, robust, persistent, hard worker, extremely strong sexual drives, sex crimes/rapist, homosexual, financial gain, on average two marriages
Venus in airperfectionist, activist, gracious, hard worker, generous, anxiety disorder, into the fields of law, many children, into the fields of insurances/accountancy or banking, instrumentalist

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