The PISCES Love Horoscope

Is He The Right Man For You?

On this Pisces love horoscope page we will delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, the Moon and Venus, starting with the female horoscopes.

From ten thousands of natal charts (among others analyzed via the AstroDatabank) we tried to find common patterns, events, characteristics etc. that mark the before-mentioned bodies/points in the four elements.

In doing so, we also made a difference between male and female horoscopes.

This way, the delineation of the Love Horoscope is based on strict empirical research.

The Elemental Division

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

It took us more than two full years to accomplish this project.

When we found lots of data for the same elemental division, the presented results will be highly accurate.

In case there were not a lot of data available, the results will vary.

The most prominent and significant traits are printed in bold.

For additional Pisces traits, also check out the Pisces Sex Horoscope page on which we delineate the elemental positions of the Sun, Venus and Mars.

The somewhat updated research results have been published in a more convenient paperback version "Elemental Astrology" since September 2019 as well.


Moon in fire Venus in firepassionate, impulsive, spontaneous, dynamic, energetic, active, stressful marriage, fertility problems, miscarriage(s), travel for work, accidental burns
Venus in earthsocial worker, into the medical or healing fields, nutritionist, loves job
Venus in waterimpulsive, disappointments, wrong judgement, long term compatible marriage, astrologer, often at least one daughter
Venus in airresearcher, interest in astrology/the occult, waitress-restaurateur, institutionalized, on average one divorce, unfaithful husband, on average three children, often at least one son, financial gain
Moon in earth Venus in firegracious, charismatic, loved by all, often different marriages, often has a sister, on average two children, a beauty
Venus in earthparents divorced or lost parent(s) in childhood, perfectionist, selective, prefers quality, moody, not many children
Venus in watertraumatic family events, many lovers, psychological problems, eccentric, bizarre, mental problems, extremely self-absorbed, has most often a daughter, astrologer, criminal perpetrator
Venus in airheadstrong, reserved, cold, escapist, nervous breakdown, astrologer, into the healing fields, has extramarital affairs, different marriages, abortion(s)
Moon in water Venus in fireloves entertainment, noted family, alcohol abuse, a "good drinker", widowed, stressful relationship, lengthy marriage possible, foster- adopted or stepchildren, on average at least one son, financial gain through marriage, many love affairs, parents separated or divorced
Venus in earthrigid, discontented, suspicious, loses a child, a parent dies in childhood, astrologer
Venus in watergorgeous, easy with nudity, suicide (attempt), a beauty, travel for work or many moves
Venus in airoutgoing, dishonest, liar, sociable, age difference with husband, stressful marriage, husband has extramarital affairs, financial gain, many children, religious
Moon in air Venus in firechangeable, mood swings, loves animals, mystical, eccentric, divorced or never married, traumatic events regarding child(ren), bad childhood memories, into the occult fields, loves to travel
Venus in earthambitious, many moves, loves to travel, noted mate, husband has extramarital affairs, long term marriage, philantropist, teacher
Venus in waterenthusiastic, humorous, activist, active, sociable, well-liked, unpretentious, age difference with husband, long term marriage, philantropist, changes name
Venus in airtraumatic events re husband, on average at least one son, divorced, suicide (attempt), into the occult fields, often has a (twin) sister, creative

Moon in fire Venus in fireeccentric, philantropist, unique, charismatic, works in group, has extramarital affairs, widowed, has a loyal wife, financial gain, writer
Venus in earthhard worker, acquisitive, well dressed, perfectionist, at least one long term marriage, public office worker, diplomat, vocational awards, unusual diet
Venus in waterimpulsive, frank, flatterer, hard worker, easy-going, stressful marriage, has extramarital affairs, long lasting marriage, hardy constitution
Venus in airworkaholic, active, unique, courageous, principled strongly, one lengthy marriage, never married, public office worker
Moon in earth Venus in fireoriginal, wealthy, introvert, humorous, solitary, psychological problems, (hot) temper, aggressive, divorced, long term marriage, heavy drinker, adventurer, bitter divorce, traumatic family events in childhood (regarding parents or siblings), mentally gifted, extensive education
Venus in earthself-centered, optimist, business owner, eccentric, divorced, physician, financial crimes
Venus in waterpatient, acquisitive, ambitious, popular, noted mate, different marriages, wealthy, traumatic family events around the age of four, interest in astronomy
Venus in airheart problems, many lovers, stressful work, competitive, wise, considerate, well liked, popular, unique, divorced, long term marriage, into the fields of law, banker or financier or industrialist
Moon in water Venus in fireexpatriate, lasting relationship, contact with law, broken bone(s), kidney problems, heavy set, private, optimist, original, creative, on average one marriage, exceptional mind, homosexual, into the fields of art, wealthy
Venus in earthwill-power, rigid, hard worker, extramarital affairs, pilot, mentally gifted, prison sentenced, homosexual
Venus in watercreative, abusive, acquisitive, aggressive, ambitious, vulnerable, one or two children, travel for work, writer
Venus in airexplosive temper, entrepreneur, fun loving, long term marriage, pilot, heavy drinker, into the fields of law, depressed, criminal perpetrator
Moon in air Venus in fireheart problems, expatriate, travel for work, eccentric, "anti-", sociable, psychotic episode(s), fanatic, two marriages, (reformed) alcohol abuse, assault charges, changed name
Venus in earthmostly 2 kids, introspective, articulate, same job for long, traumatic family events in childhood regarding brother, long term relationship, 2 marriages, first born
Venus in waterself-made man, lasting marriage, creative, charming, articulate, persistent, teacher, exceptional mind, has extramarital affairs
Venus in aircurious, lively, selfish, flamboyant, into the fields of food and beverage, divorced, same job for long, imaginative, widowed, surgery, astrologer, loves to travel

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