What You Must Know About Composite Charts

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

Composite Charts are specific horoscopes that let you assess relationships in a different and quite unique way.

These specific horoscopes show how two people operate as a couple, as a team, symbolizing the central life force energy of the relationship as another personality.

Technically, composites are based on the (near) midpoints of all planets and points in both natal charts.

Some astrologers say and even claim that Composite Charts are only valid until a couple has been together for some time. This, we find quite unbelievable because there is not a single reason why these specific horoscopes would work out with (some) delay...

Pointing to "free will" to prove the delayed action would be the same as saying that these specific astrological charts can be delineated in any way that fits the relationship best.

In our opinion this would either indicate a lack of understanding how reality works or a lack of astrological technique/practice.

Why then don't the same astrologers also claim that natal charts should work out with delay if "free will" prevails? Natal charts work out immediately and progress and evolve over time in a cyclic way out of their own origin/source.

This is the basic understanding of any astrological chart.

In our opinion, when two people meet, the central life force energy is there INSTANTLY -- without any delay and the interaction between both people as a team can be analyzed instantly and evolves as both people together evolve too.

What you must remember though is that composite charts are amathematical construct and artificial!

Unlike natal charts and other horoscopes, composites do not exist in time and space and are a fiction!

You have to take this into account when analyzing Composite Charts and that's why you have to be aware that assessing these specific compatibility horoscopes need a different approach and a lot of common sense.

That's why you should remember the following facts:

  • Don't interpret the planets in the signs because the composite is not a 'real' chart (for example: there are no retrogrades).

  • Only interpret the planets in the houses and the aspects

For some astrologers, the Composite Chart is the bottom line and the final word. It's told to overpower the simple chart comparison.

Other astrologers delineate the Composite Chart in addition to the simple astrological chart comparison to find additional information about the relationship.

We at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) have VERY mixed feelings about the Composite Chart because it's a pure mathematical and technical construct. It does not operate on a Time-Space level (as horoscopes should do) so that you cannot delineate this chart like another horoscope.

For example, you cannot delineate the planets in the signs. Moreover, the Composite Chart may hold some surprising aspects like unreal Sun-Mercury aspects you cannot decipher by following standard astrological rules.

Instead of the Composite Chart, we recommend using the Davison Relationship chart which is also a midpoint chart that really exists in Time and Space and thus is a real horoscope you can use any astrological principle on.

From A. Einstein's theories, we learned that everything on planet earth is related to Time and Space and that's why we also think that in the fields of esoteric topics, this principle should be followed.

From the Composite Charts you cannot delineate attraction though. Composites tell you about the new entity that this couple becomes and the transformation that happens when two people are (brought) together.

If you want to know how to delineate a Composite Chart, click here to read our article about delineating Composite Charts.

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