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This article was partly reprinted with the very kind permission of astrologer Alice Portman who (re)discovered the importance of the duads in relationships and compatibility.

This great method is another gem you need to take into account when assessing compatibility charts.

Duads are twelve 2.5 degree segments of a zodiac sign.

Each duad starts with the zodiac sign and then progresses through each of the following signs in order.

Example: if the zodiac sign is Sagittarius, then the first 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Sagittarius duad of Sagittarius, the second 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Capricorn duad of Sagittarius, the third 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Aquarius duad of Sagittarius .. and so on.

Below you can find the duad table (click here to open the table in a new tab).

Duad Compatibility table

In her article, Alice Portman makes a difference between the duads (that start with the zodiac sign itself) and the dwads (that always start with Aries).

In this article, we only use the duad method because we have found it to be more revealing.

We leave it up to you to experiment though.

The duad of the sign considerably affects the way the sign works.

Example: the duad of your Ascendant will colour the qualities of the Ascendant and the way you use your ascendant sign.

Example: if someone has the Cancer duad of Sagittarius rising they will use the Sagittarian energy quite differently to someone who has the Scorpio duad of Sagittarius rising.

They will even look quite different.

Both will present a more “watery” feel than Sagittarius Ascendant normally does.

The duads show your instinctive attraction towards a person.

The reason why is because these zodiac signs run through the family genes, the person will also attract and be attracted to non-family members with the Sun, Moon, Angles or Nodes in these signs.

Therefore: people frequently marry people who fit this criteria.

For a woman, the duads of your Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant and Nodes are usually the main significators of attraction to the opposite sex.

Example: if a woman has her Sun in Cancer in the Libra duad, she will be instinctively drawn to Libran men, or, to a lesser extent, people with the Moon, Mars, Angles or North Node in Libra.

For a man, the duads of your Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant and Nodes are the main significators of attraction towards the opposite sex.

Example: if a man has his Moon in Taurus in the Aries duad his instincts will draw him to women with the Moon or Venus in Aries, or to a lesser extent, the Sun, Angles or Nodes in that sign.

Sexual Attraction

A woman will find a man sexy if he has Mars in the same sign as her Mars duad.

Example: a woman whose Mars is at 1°39' Virgo will have Mars in the Virgo duad, so she is likely to find men with Mars in Virgo sexy.

A man will find a woman sexy if she has her Venus or Moon in the same sign as his Venus or Moon duad.

Example: a man with his Venus at 16°23' Libra in the Aries duad will find women with Venus in Aries quite beautiful.

He will also like women with the Moon in Aries.

The Nodes are important for emotional connection between people.

These connections show very strongly in marriage and family charts.

Example: a person with the North Node at 4°58' Taurus in the Gemini duad, will be drawn to those who carry Gemini in their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and/or Vertex.

This may indicate a soul connection.

These signs will also run through the family.

If someone does not have the zodiac sign or duads that your genetic patterning requires, there is less likely to be any deep, instinctual level of attraction.

You may like or dislike them according to the synastry of their chart and yours, but there is not the “kick” that starts a relationship.

Therefore: in relationship and synastry charts, the duads are the first step in assessing whether someone will be attracted to another.

Source: //aliceportman.com/190/ 

We are most grateful to Alice Portman for sharing her insights.

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