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If you want to know all about Capricorn in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the capricorn zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Capricorn or if your partner is Capricorn, just find out what we know about Capricorn in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on December 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of December 22 and December 24 as well.

Birthday How's Capricorn in Love?
December 21 Driven. Reticent. Difficult love relationships due to communication issues. Repressed anger. Ardent. Can't stand too cloying love unions. Self-centered. Attracted to power. Needs an audience. Spendthrift. Wealthy. A planner. Critical. Enjoys a debate. Multiple marriages.
December 22 Rigid. Calculating. Serious. Closed. Satirical. Wants to always be in control. Workaholic. Ambitious. May have very difficult love unions.
December 23 Conservative. Calculating. Stubborn. May lack empathy. Not overly romantic. Wants to be in control. Cannot express emotions. Detached. Cynical. May abuse power. Manipulative. Magnetic.
December 24 Complicated and complex personality. Critical. Needs to keep a positive spirit. Wants to be in charge and in control. Refined. Jealous.
December 25 Extravagant. Highly ambitious. Serious. Cannot express emotions. Devoted. Very moody. Needs periods of solitude. Very persevering.
December 26 The rebel. Critical. Rude. Difficult love life. Insecure in matters of love. Dutyful. Extremely sensitive. Possessive. Needs lots of love experiences.
December 27 Servile. Introvert. Religious or spiritual. Romantic. Generous. Self-sufficient. Very family-minded.
December 28 Ambitious. A hard worker. Needs tons of appraisal and appreciation. Very self-possessed. A perfectionist. Authoritative. Lacks finesse. Wants to be in charge. Needs multiple lovers/relationships. Free love. Interest in the fields of finance and/or accountancy. Mentally creative and insightful. Can hardly decide.
December 29 The leader. Needs power. Aggressive. Insecure in intimate relationships. Can be hard on others. Needs trust. Blends love and work. Cannot live alone.
December 30 Conservative. Dogmatic. High standards. Flirtatious. Needs mental stimuli. Lives detached emotionally. Selfish. Impulsive.
December 31 Aesthetic interests. Pragmatical. Needs a harmonious environment. Melancholic. Very high standards and feelings of insecurity. The best is never enough. Extremely independent.
January 1 Authoritative. Needs structure and order. Bossy. Ambitious. Principled. Sensitive. High standards. Very cautious emotionally. Demanding. Very controlling. Seldom lives up to the expectations. Wants to rise to the top. Mentally and/or intellectually not always able to reach their potential.
January 2 Serious. High standards. Obsessive-compulsive behavior. Needs time alone (independent). Needs a partner with a strong sense of purpose. Lacks flexibility. Servile. Struggles in life.
January 3 Loyal. Very commited. Stubborn. Domineering. Needs a sensuous partner. Tends to test and question the partner continuously. Spiritual.
January 4 The problem-solver. Practical. The collector. Well-organized. Excentric. Cautious emotionally. Afraid of rejection. Single-minded. Workaholic. Vacillates between a career and a family.
January 5 Has huge transformative powers. Innovative and insightful. Self-sufficient. Restless. Ultrabusy. Various interests. Needs to let go (faces lots of emotional endings).
January 6 Religious. Courageous. The teacher. Ambitious and hardworking. Lives a luxurious life. Materialistic. Lots of determination.
January 7 Eccentric. Nervous. Needs a very positive and uplifting environment. Difficult to maintain intimate relationships. Needs lots of time alone. Moody. Fears rejection. Faces physical injuries.
January 8 Impressive personality. Insightful. Self-sufficient. Lusty. Very high expectations. Not easy to live with! Stubborn. Often at odds with society and everyone around him/her.
January 9 Ambitious. Climbs the (social) ladder. Not always successful though. Dynamic. Workaholic. Lots of self-doubt. Wants to live life to the full (dislikes a boring life). Loves travel.
January 10 Rude. Opinionated. Jealous. Not subtle. Competitive. Difficult to adjust to the other's needs. Dominant. Wants to be in charge at all times. Workaholic.
January 11 Rigid. Conservative and moralizing. Stubborn. Shy. Fragile. Artistic. Severe health issues.
January 12 Obsessive. Workaholic. Focused. Identification with higher goals. Questions everything and everybody. Very volatile. Cannot live alone. Love comes later in life.
January 13 Needs financial/material security. Proud. Needs structure. Secretive. Very ambitious. Love hurts. Emotionally unstable.
January 14 Needs excitement. Courageous. Stubborn and rigid. Stormy love life. Self-sufficient. A gambler. Fears intimacy. Can be ruthless. Very confrontational.
January 15 The hero. Courageous. The rebel. Issues about (in)fidelity. Very protective. Easily bored. Too proud. Cannot sustain love unions.
January 16 Needs a secure environment. Fixed habits. Very private. Easily misunderstood. Lonely. Very high ideals. Immature.
January 17 Domineering. Manipulative. Aggressive. Ambitious. Fears rejection. Demanding and controlling. Jealous. Extremely high personal standards. Can be very successful in professional life but less so intimately. Wealthy (through marriage or inheritance).
January 18 Playful. Loves children. Needs a serious partner. Needs excitement. Cautious emotionally. Cool. Faces financial losses.
January 19 Strong personality. Wants to shine. Difficult life. Unstable emotional life. Nervous. Intense. Tends to go to extremes. More in love with work and career. Business-minded. Shopaholic. Women significantly often have blond hair.

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