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If you want to know all about Aquarius in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the aquarius zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Aquarius or if your partner is Aquarius, just find out what we know about Aquarius in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on January 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of January 22 and January 24 as well.

Birthday How's Aquarius in Love?
January 20 Gracious. Cool and detached. Needs structure and cannot stand to be rushed into something. Goes slowly. Devoted. Conservative. strong-willed. obstinate. Needs a lover. Many love affairs.
January 21 Ambitious. Driven. Vaccilating behavior. Passionate. The heartbreaker. Short-lived love relationships. Popular. Easily bored. Sports-minded. Distant lovers.
January 22 Expressive. Impulsive. May lead a wild life. Unstable emotional life. Explosive. Wealthy and/or financial success. Independent. Strongly sexed. Restless. Prone to addictions.
January 23 Strong personality. Integrity and ethics prevail. Eccentric. Interest in science, discoveries or investigations. Self-motivated. Fears intimacy. Absent-minded. Unconventional. Easily gets stuck. Independent.
January 24 Highly attractive and magnetic. Self-sufficient. Needs to learn to share the good and the bad. Manipulative. Needs to fight for the own beliefs instead of the others'. Vaccilating re the outer appearance. Emotionally detached. A negative thinker. A life full of challenges.
January 25 Difficult life. A personality with a shadow side. Disruptive love life. Needs time alone. Misunderstood. Too fixed an attitude towards love and marriage. Needs to let go.
January 26 Explosive and aggressive. Can have "a killer" mentality. Extravert. Unstable love life. Freewheeling. Demands constant reassurance. A treveler. Lives a detached love life.
January 27 Precocious. Early love relationships. Tumultuous love life. Playful. Needs to learn to be responsible. Needs drama. Idealistic and humanitarian. Addictive behavior.
January 28 Courageous. Willpower. Needs a kick. Unique. Goes his/her own way. Plainspoken. Not diplomatic. Impatient. Stubborn.
January 29 Vaccilating between active and passive behavior. Needs a secure environment. Easily bored. Courageous. Devoted. Not always honest. Has secrets to hide. Indulgent. Not always responsible.
January 30 The leader. Insightful. Hard and often cold behavior. Eccentric. Cannot stand restrictions. Inquisitive. Independent. Workaholic. Success in career.
January 31 Wants to be seen. Needs lots of attention. Sociable. Attractive. Difficult love unions. A negative thinker. Very sensual and highly sexed.Dishonest relationships
February 1 Stubborn. Cerebral. Emotionally less stable life. Fears intimacy. Talkative. A people-person. May lack integrity.Abusive. Not always honest.
February 2 Refined. Solitary. Wants self-control. Self-sufficient. May avoid social contacts. Temperamental. May be very difficult to live with. Extremely idealistic. Workaholic. Restless. Dislikes routine.
February 3 Issues about timing. Eccentric. Unconventional sexual life or interests. Does not bond easily. Freedom-loving. Flirtatious. Needs to cope with losses. Money is the motivator.
February 4 Unconventional. Rather chaotic. Easily bored. Scattered. Hardworking. Emotionally detached. Determined. A perfectionist. Workaholic.
February 5 Business-minded. Calm. Analytical. Secretive. Unemotional. (Chronic) health challenges and physical injuries. Accident-prone. Very set in his/her way and one-sided. Bossy.
February 6 Popular. Needs tons of attention. Charming and highly attractive. Unstable inner life. Caring. Fears losses. Needs an intelligent or wealthy partner. Promiscuous.
February 7 Idealistic. Critical/cynical. Rather naive but insightful. Spontaneous. Secretive. Moody. Unstable love life. Very restless. Easily bored.
February 8 Imaginative. Chaotic emotional life. Unrealistic. Often attracted to the wrong partner. Workaholic. Cold and distant. Not easy to live with. Financial fears.
February 9 Needs excitement. Compassionate. A fighter. Idealistic. Hides his/her feelings. Lots of financial losses and/or expenses. Health issues. Workaholic.
February 10 Needs appraisal. Rigid. Solitary even when highly popular. Detached. Toggle relationships. A shopaholic.
February 11 Needs a comfortable life. Interest in wellness. Freedom-loving. Humanitarian. Love hurts. Has to learn to cope with losses.
February 12 Talented. Stubborn. Principled. Sociable. Talkative. Needs companionship. Confrontational. Financial fears.
February 13 Lively and youthful. Exhibitionistic traits. Extravert. Cannot keep secrets. Outspoken. Lives on impulses. Expressive. Enjoys a party. Multiple marriages. Too vain. Cannot sustain relationships. Avoids commitments. Easily bored.
February 14 Cynical/crytical. Humorous (practical jokes). Can have a sharp tongue. Sensual. Cool. Fears intimacy. A techno-fetishist. Charming. Persuasive. Immature.
February 15 Inventive and original. Imaginative. Creative. Charming. Nature-loving. Curious. Very sensitive. Wealthy. Selfish.
February 16 Demonstrative. Needs spontaneity. Rude. Better on his/her own. Compassionate. Impatient. Accident-prine. Loves mental (cerebral) relationships.
February 17 Very sensitive. Reticent. A silent fighter. Realistic. Calm. Strong-willed. Detached. Not too much into intimacy. A shopaholic. Financial expenses. Respected. Independent.
February 18 Focused. Independent. Long-term visions are more important than daily living circumstances. Romantic. Novelty is a turn-on. A party-goer. Many lovers (of lower morals!).

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