The Pisces Horoscope

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Our delineation of the Pisces horoscope follows a very logical method, based on ancient basic and archetypal principles. It's NOT about stereotypes.

Every zodiac sign is the result of the so-called Quadruplicities or Modes (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and Triplicities (related to the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

The Pisces horoscope is based on the Mutable Water energies:

  • The Mutable principle is about circulating, moving and changing energies. Mutables refine and adapt. Mutable is changeable, disturbed and unsettled. They are the "changers."

  • The Water principle is about emotion and compassion. Water runs deep and is highly sensitive, working in a subtle, non-physical way. It is quiet, receptive (introvert) and collecting. Water is imaginative and hiding, retiring (invisible).

Blending mutable water into something tangible or material, you get the keyword of "the ocean."

The main characteristics of the Sun (representing your self-expressing life force) in the mutable water sign Pisces are:

  • sensitive and over-subtle; receptive and caring
  • may be wealthy
  • feels easily overwhelmed by external circumstances
  • needs structure and rest (silence) or a calm environment
  • artistic and very creative
  • loves nature
  • the most compassionate sign of the zodiac
  • Pisces is the most unsettled zodiac sign of all

Depending on your birth date, the Pisces horoscope divides into the following three decanates:

February 20-28/29

  • intuitive and spiritual
  • artistic
  • unstable emotional life
  • humorous, witty
  • gracious
  • health-conscious
  • intense emotionally
  • cannot hide his or her feelings
  • empathic
  • knows it all
  • cannot easily share
  • changes lovers often
  • lives in a world of (unreal) expectations

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March 1-10

  • family-oriented
  • the helping hand (service to others or a worthy cause); selfless
  • needs a lot of emotional support
  • into the occult fields
  • enjoys the solitude, private
  • bigot
  • dislikes pushy people
  • elegant
  • loves music dearly
  • often struck by tragedies
  • can live alone
  • can become addicted
  • has few friends

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March 11-21

  • spiritual and mystical
  • well dressed
  • outspoken, tempered
  • principled strongly
  • ambitious, competitive, hard worker
  • creative
  • eccentric, unique
  • philosophical
  • the teacher
  • strange or peculiar behavior
  • they love comfort
  • unstable and unrealistic love life
  • attracted to the wrong partners

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