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If you want to know all about Gemini in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Gemini zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Gemini or if your partner is Gemini, just find out what we know about Gemini in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on May 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of May 22 and May 24 as well.

Birthday How's Gemini in Love?
May 21 Never gives up. Social interests. Self-made and self-sufficient. Domineering. Very moody and fickle. Talkative. Unstable in interests. Cerebral. Argumentative and outspoken. Talkative. A story-teller.
May 22 The Collector. Family-minded. Compulsive. Emotionally unstable. Hysteric. A flatterer and story-teller. Curious. Independent. Cerebral (living in the mind). Workaholic. Loves variety.
May 23 Energetic. Playful. Handy. Fear for rejection. A breezy personality. Needs mutual understanding. Emotionally detached. Lives in a fantasy world. Solitary. Many love affairs. The eternal romantic.
May 24 Opinionated. Outspoken. Satiric or sarcastic. Playful. Very changeable. Principled strongly. Intellectual. Stubborn.
May 25 A fighter. Religious or spiritual. Emotionally detached. Emotions work restrictive. Needs variety. Very restless. Has secrets to hide. Dislikes routine. Financial losses/expenses.
May 26 Very attractive. Conservative. Impulsive. A serious outlook on life. Fatalistic. Closed. Lives on the mental plane. A dreamer. Needs an intelligent partner. Must learn to walk his/her talk. Should learn to be honest.
May 27 Opinionated. Loyal. Lives best away from the place of birth. Easily hurt emotionally. Very impressionable. Restless. Very changeable. Very restless. Secret love affairs. May have a loud voice. Talkative. Should not marry.
May 28 Original. A do-er. Self-made. Driven. A sharp tongue. Sarcastic. The explorer. Argumentative. Questionable relationships. Intellectual.
May 29 Activist. Sharp-minded. Focused. Adaptable. Needs variety. Communicative. A writer or teacher. Unstable relationships.
May 30 Independent. May lack a sense of responsability. Nervous and restless. Flirtatious. Needs constant stimulations. Talkative. May be obsessive. Questionable relationships.
May 31 Sensitive. Argumentative. Energic. Closed. Needs a passionate partner. Flexible. Rather chaotic. Restless. Technical abilities. Fixed in his/her ways. Smart. Many interests. Many love affairs.
June 1 A trendsetter. Solitary. Can hide feelings. Difficulties in unfolding their creativity. May have severe health issues (eventually lifelong illness). Juggles lots at once. Attracts critical people. Financial losses/expenses. Needs variety.
June 2 The problem solver. Attracted to highly complicated people. Needs variety. Reliable. Emotionally complicated. Sociable. Rather shallow. Work partnerships. Work influences health and well-being resulting in periods of inactivity.
June 3 Expressive. Argumentative. Does not give in. Uncomfortable showing emotions. Easily bored. Tends to break up relationships suddenly. Faces infidelity. Betrayal by loved ones. Power plays. Enjoys traveling. Needs friends instead of lovers. Lots of love's sorrow.
June 4 Sharp-minded. Dual nature. Workaholic. Cerebral. Moody. Changes the mind often. Family-minded. Cool/cold. Too fixed. Strong-willed.
June 5 Idealist. Imaginative. Chaotic. Compulsive. A fast talker. Nervous. Cerebral. Many love affairs. Lots of expenses/purchases. Multiple marriages. Promiscuous.
June 6 Direct. Eccentric. Enthusiastic. Goes to extremes. Needs a harmonious and beautiful environment. High love ideals. Self-expressive.
June 7 A trendsetter. Unpractical. Superficial. Loves to seduce. Eccentric. Sensual. Needs physical expressions. Loves dancing or physical movements. Loves entertainment. Wealthy. Pushy.
June 8 Responsible. Eccentric. Moralizing. Outgoing. Contradictory. Very accident-prone. Has physical issues. Long-lasting love unions.
June 9 Passive. Dual nature. Sticks to the own opinion. Fanatic. Jealous. Unstable love relationships. Easily distracted. Power struggles. Too fixed and stubborn.
June 10 A lot of ups and downs. Attracted to destructive people. Nervous and/or chaotic. Jackyll-and-Hyde. The persuader. Enjoys traveling. Well-liked. Stubborn and independent.
June 11 The adventurer. Intense and passionate. Tough. Giving. Marries for security reasons.
June 12 Optimistic. Responsible. Needs movement. Loves to party. Issues about (in)fidelity. Dissatisfied. Struggles through life. Cannot settle. 2nd half of life is better. Works in service-related fields.
June 13 The traveler or adventurer. Idealist. The sky is the limit. Needs an idol. May have a roving eye. Cannot decide. Needs structure. A hard worker. Gets in a rut easily. Sociable.
June 14 Passionate and intense. Opinionated. Satiric. Critical. Power plays. Fickle. Open-minded. Penetrating mind. Multiple marriages. Many love obstacles.
June 15 Charming. Wants to be appreciated. Very attractive and seductive. Manipulative. Loves to fall in love. Easily gets stuck or in a rut. Argumentative. Lives in the mind.
June 16 The collector. Spiritual. Very possessive. Poetic. Discreet/secretive. Impatient and critical of others. Many love affairs and multiple relationships. Multiple marriages. (Too) spontaneous. Too high ideals. Very creative and artistic. Needs variety.
June 17 Emotionally closed. Sharp-minded. Forceful. Needs an intelligent partner. Workaholic. Smart. Knowledgeable. Very freedom-loving.
June 18 A fighter. A big ego. Playful. Loyal. The social butterfly. Juggles different jobs at once. Willful. Very ambitious.
June 19 Intimidating. Focused. Ambitious. Inflexible. Has courage. Youthful. Lives fast. Financial losses. Argumentative. Very talkative. Loves a debate. Has secrets to hide.
June 20 Emotional. Chaotic. Needs diversity. Easily bored. Willful. Wants to change and manipulate others. Multiple marriages. Creative. Independent.

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