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If you want to know all about Pisces in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Pisces zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Pisces or if your partner is Pisces, just find out what we know about Pisces in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on February 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of February 22 and February 24 as well.

Birthday How's Pisces in Love?
February 19 Curious. Adventurous. Solitary. Needs to develop a caring attitude. Needs to be pampered. Emotionally vulnerable. Wants to be swept away in a dreamland. Financial fears. Attached to money.
February 20 Aggressive (and argumentative). Wants to win whatever it takes. Ultra compassionate. Very sensual. Easily bored. Restless. Cannot settle down. Playful. Creative. Wants to have fun. Romantic. Charming but calculating. Takes it easy. Loves entertainment. Needs tons of freedom.
February 21 Cannot express him/herself easily. Complicated personality. Very sensitive. Difficult childhood/youth. Difficult love life. Needs an intellectual partner. Financial success (may be addicted to money). Workaholic.
February 22 Submissive. Servile. Responsible. High standards. Very private. Easily hurt. Very creative. Money losses and financial worries. Multiple marriages and transitory love unions. Must learn to let go.
February 23 The problem solver. Realistic. Self-sufficient. Independent. Very private. Fears intimacy. Business-minded. Into real estate. Workaholic. Very principled
February 24 Loves to sacrifice for higher purposes. Takes it easy. Falls in love easily. Chameleonlike personality. The Sweet talker. Not up-front. Lots of travel (for work). Restless. Easily bored and dislikes routine. Distant love unions.
February 25 Critical. Opposite. Passionate. Contradictory personality. Turbulent and passionate love life. Addictive behavior. Unstable emotionally. Sticks to details too much. Mental approach to love.
February 26 Solitary. Secretive. Critical. Very sensitive. Too self-sufficient. Too serious. Feels rejected easily. Authoritative. Juggles many interests. Impatient and very restless.
February 27 Insightful. Chaotic love life. Overly critical towards others. Cerebral. Conflicts with the environment (the other) cannot be avoided. Argumentative. Domineering. Inclined to martyrdom. Obsessive thoughts. Irresponsible and often immature.
February 28 Lively. Energetic. Dynamic. Chaotic. Needs excitement and wants to explore. Insecure. Mental restlessness and too much on the mind. Multiple love unions/marriages. Very changeable. Secret love affairs.
February 29 Youthful. Flamboyant. Overcompensates the own weaknesses. Needs beauty. Overindulging in food and alcohol. Negative mental patterns. Involved with unreliable associates or business partners. Extramarital affairs. Sensual.
March 1 Artistic. Aesthetic. The outer appearance is of importance. Flees problems and obstruction. Impatient. Contradictory feelings. A very artistic and creative mind. Fears losses.
March 2 Loyal. Responsible. Determined and rigid. Workaholic. Tends to hang on. Dislikes confrontation. The counselor.
March 3 Imaginative. Scattered energies. Dualistic. Fears commitment. Playful. Health challenges. Physical injuries. Aggressive and strong-willed.
March 4 Reclusive. Focused. Needs a comfortable life. Timid. Reserved. Dreamy. Often feels isolated. Service oriented. Cerebral.
March 5 Bipolar personality. Destructive love life. Intense. Many love relationships and (sex) partners. Fears intimacy. The traveler/wanderer.
March 6 Passionate. Obsessive. Magnetic. Emotionally vulnerable. Issues around financial security. Needs material comfort. Stubborn.
March 7 Reclusive. Solitary. Scattered energies. Conceptual. Overly sensitive and vulnerable. Lots of physical stress and health challenges. Creative and artistic.
March 8 Lively. Eccentric. The actor/actress. Very attractive. Impulsive. Hardworking. Artistic. Toggle relationships. Ambitious but seldom lives the expectations.
March 9 Visionary ideals. Instinctive. Eccentric. Charming. Tends to cling to abusive lovers/relationships. Secret love affairs.
March 10 Very sensitive. Emotional. Easily hurt. Passive. Extremely idealistic. Extremely stubborn. Ruthless. Business partnerships and relationships.
March 11 Progressive. Has a good taste. Possessive. Receptive. Impressionable. Shopaholic. Very critical. Financial expenses and losses. The pessimist. Multiple marriages.
March 12 Talented. Adventurous. Religious/spritual. Dual personality. Talkative. Very charming. Persuasive. Youthful.
March 13 Fatalistic. Creative. Sets emotional boundaries. Critical. Ambitious. Wealthy. Very selfish. Artistic.
March 14 Changing opinions. Independent. Needs constant stimuli. Easily bored. Talkative. The counselor.
March 15 Ambitious. Independent. Sensitive. Very giving. Too naive about others. Complex personality. Shopaholic. Power struggles. Often blond hair.
March 16 Financial issues. Careless. Falls in love with an ideal. Difficult love life. Impressionable. Very creative and unique. Weird.
March 17 The butterfly. Needs physical workouts. Sociable. Traditional. Fears to be alone. Financial fears.
March 18 Patient. Obsessive. Silent waters run deep. A dreamer. Independent. Dissatisfied. Afraid of commitments. Account manager.
March 19 Assertive. Obstinate. Very subjective. Extravert. Impulsive. Falls in love at first sight. Dual nature. Business-minded. Lives in survival mode.
March 20 Talented. Naive. Artistic. Loves music and singing. Complex inner personality. Impatient. A negative thinker. Has to let go.

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