The Aries Horoscope

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Our delineation of the Aries horoscope follows a very logical method, based on ancient basic and archetypal principles. It's NOT about stereotypes.

Every zodiac sign is the result of the so-called Quadruplicities or Modes (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and Triplicities (related to the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

The Aries horoscope is based on the Cardinal Fireenergies:

  • The Cardinal principle is about acting (doing) and urges. It implies initiating activity and executing power. Cardinal is changing, disturbing and unsettling. Cardinals are the "do-ers" and initiators.

  • The Fire principle is about enthousiasm, spirit and a lively disposition. Its direction is upward and outward (the combustive state). It's hot and fast. It wants to give in an expansive way.

Blending cardinal fire into something tangible or material, you get the keyword of "the spark."

The main characteristics of the Sun (representing your self-expressing life force) in the cardinal fire sign Aries are:

  • a commanding and rather pushy (forceful) behavior (taking the lead)
  • wants to be the first and the fastest
  • selfish, a self-starter, self-confident, self-centred
  • a direct style, often too linear in manner and way of thinking
  • needs more perseverance
  • not always sensitive to others' feelings
  • a little rough, blunt and bold at times
  • wants to DO (for the sake of it)
  • lives and acts on (im)pulses, a little premature
  • sometimes 'innocent', immature in a certain way and naive
  • Aries is the most unsettling sign of the zodiac

Depending on your birth date, the Aries horoscope divides into the following three decanates:

March 21-31

  • the most impulsive and domineering Aries type
  • courageous but rather impatient, cannot stand chaos
  • ambitious and very competitive (competition is important to them)
  • quite adventurous and daring (can be reckless)
  • unusually direct, frank and open demeanor
  • very outspoken
  • often naive, superficial and simple approach
  • often refuses to change
  • lacks some introspective sight
  • dislikes to be "babied"
  • dislikes restrictions

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April 1-10

  • more emotionally acting, too passionate
  • more stable and organized
  • self-centered and wants to lead
  • wants to conquer and win
  • needs to be at the center of life, and the world
  • feels lonely often
  • needs admirers, supporters, a group
  • vain
  • goes for a cause
  • may lack some introspection
  • impatient and irritable
  • very hard worker
  • love relationships cool off quite soon
  • seldom discloses the inner self

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April 11-20

  • more philosophically inclined, living on the mental plane
  • curious
  • fluctuating energy level
  • very enthousiastic and loves propagating
  • very social and involved in social groups
  • cannot stand a domineering partner
  • highly sexual
  • too forceful
  • can't stand a negative mindset and complaining
  • outdoorsy

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