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If you want to know all about Cancer in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the cancer zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Cancer or if your partner is Cancer, just find out what we know about Cancer in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on June 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of June 22 and June 24 as well.

Birthday How's Cancer in Love?
June 21 Sensual and sexual people. Passionate and intense. Beauty-and-the-beast themes are prominent in their life. Addictive behavior. Warmhearted. Has numerous interests. Mood swings and mental changes are likely. A negative thinker. Challenging relationships. Overindulgent. A business-owner.
June 22 Romantic and adventurous. Wants to lose reality. Lives in a dream world. Very confusing behaviour. Very possessive. Very self-sufficient. Bossy. Intellectual. Fixed principles. Proud.
June 23 Obsessed by love and human relationships. Sociable. Indiscreet. Has few close friends. Needs a sensitive partner. Problematic love unions. Love's sorrow. Needs to develop integrity. Deceiving.
June 24 Spiritual. Moralising. Needs a partner/companionship. Sensual. May distrust people. Loves to be in love. Insincere in matters of love.Highly sensual. Too idealistic.
June 25 Caring. Not always stable emotionally. Cautious though. Needs time alone. Very subjective. Generous. Travel for work. Restless. Does not commit easily.
June 26 Extremely sensual. Sports-minded. The importance of 'body-culture.' Needs comfort. Caring. May distrust people though. Needs material security. Never has enough. Dragging on in love relationships. Attracted to questionable people.
June 27 Highly protective. Stubborn. Rigid. Needs a strong partner. Wants to be swept away. Enjoys traveling. A freelance worker. Independent. Indecisive. Communicative. Short-lived love unions. Easily bored.
June 28 Emotional. Provocative. Interest in psychology. Moody. Acts on impulses. Neurotic. Needs to keep a positive spirit. One-sided and subjective. Talkative. Co-dependent.
June 29 Lively and youthful. Immature. Needs a calm love life. Possessive when nurturing. Keeps the own feelings hidden. Many love affairs. Lives in a male-ruled environment. Very confused. Promiscuous.
June 30 Private. Financial interests. Easily bored. Distracted and insecure (anxious). Tends to overanalyze and worry. Argumentative. Marries for money/power. Cannot live alone. Business partnerships.
July 1 Very sensitive. Depressed mood. Solitary. May be aggressive. Big EGO! Fears betrayal. Lots of deceptions in love unions. Love and tragedies go hand in hand.
July 2 Lots of imagination. Self-sufficient. Hysterical at times. Needs a calm love life. Oversensitive. Does never forget. Loves power and money. A workaholic. Ambitious. Headstrong. Unions for money.
July 3 Cynical. Protective. Very curious. Flirtatious. Restless on an inner level. A pessimist. Too proud. Financial expenses/losses. Multiple marriages. Should rather not marry. Wants a luxurious life.
July 4 Proud. Arrogant. Group- or family-minded. Suspicious. Overprotective. Secretive. Immature. Playful. Too high ideals. Very freedom-loving.
July 5 Can't stand boredom. Lively. Hectic life. Lacks stability. Inner conflicts. Wealthy. A business-owner. Career-minded. Wants to be in the center of attention. Loves power and money. Self-centered.
July 6 Magnetic. Obsessive urges. Addictive behavior. Fanciful. Acts like a Chameleon. Talkative. Outspoken. Intellectual. Communicative. Loves mental exercises.
July 7 Difficult to live with. Lives in a dream world. Moody and brooding. Very suspicious. Distrustful. Interest in the occult. Dominating. Masculine behavior. Extremely restless mind. Spendthrift.
July 8 Pragmatic. Workaholic. Materialistic. Needs public success rather than a private life. Discontented. Jealous. Suspicious. Has unhealthy habbits. Wants everything his/her ways. Extremely stubborn. Issues about power and control.
July 9 Independent. Feels rejected easily. Curious. Humorous. Diplomatic to avoid confrontations. Lives very intense emotions. Tough. Fixed mind.
July 10 Distant. Introvert. Protective. Low profile. Shy. Passive. Changeable. Inner conflicts. Restless. Dissatisfied. Worries a lot. Needs to be honest.
July 11 Private. Curious. Manipulative. Caring and devoted. Builds a wall around him/her. Needs romance and security. Stable love unions and/or marriage. Conservative. Gets stuck easily. Very family- and home-minded. Control issues. Co-dependent. Loves children.
July 12 Domineering. Independent. Principled. Needs intellectual partners. Talks about feelings rather than living them. Oversensitive. Indecisive. Enjoys traveling. Adventurous. Nomadic. Secret love affairs. Does not want to be pinned down. Carefree. Should not marry.
July 13 Active. Entrepreneur. Confident. Loyal. Fears rejection. Extremely self-protective. Business partnerships. Fixed attitudes and principles. Good at sales work. Argumentative.
July 14 Charming. Private. The illusionist. Manipulative. Lives inner conflicts. Juggles different jobs at once. Distant love relationships. Enjoys traveling. Very selfish. Wants to be in the center of attention. Achievers.
July 15 Controlling. Jealous. The materialist. High ideals. Needs romance but in an unrealistic way. Communicative. Critical. Argumentative relationships.
July 16 Romantic. Needs excitement. Possessive. Difficulties in maintaining intimate relationships. Suspicious. Willful. Curious. Very restless and impatient. Quick and sharp mind. Often remains unmarried/single.
July 17 Shy. Ambitious. Manipulative. Very emotional but hard working. Cool and detached reflecting an inner weakness. Fixed mind. Stuck in menial tasks. Challenging life.
July 18 Workaholic. Emotionally immature. Needs affection. Needs a strong partner. Avoids conflicts. May have a hidden agenda. Extremely restless and unsettled. Short attention span. Artistic. Attracted to power.
July 19 Loves to dance and move. Emotionally unstable. Very subjective. Generous. Has a big EGO. Self-sufficient. Highly sexed. Playful. Lots of romantic encounters. Co-dependent behavior. Attracts the wrong partners.
July 20 Unstable life. Vain. Wants to be liked. Very family minded. Principled strongly. Needs to learn integrity. Can be a cheater.
July 21 Restless. Talkative. Emotionally unstable. Clings to (physical) excitement and does not shy away from conflicts. Scatters energies easily. VERY moody. Needs to let go. A pessimist. Needs to develop honesty. Disappointed love unions.
July 22 Indecisive. Should learn to walk the talk. Gets stuck often. The propagator or teacher. A catalyst. Loves to be in love. Overindulging.

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