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If you want to know all about Aries in love, this is the place to be.

Every single birthday is listed with a delineation of the love life of the Aries zodiac sign. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are Aries or if your partner is Aries, just find out what we know about Aries in love!

Because the Sun does not always move into the twelve zodiac signs the same time every year, the birthdays we discuss can vary approx. 1 day. So, give or take a day when reading the table below.

Example: if you are born on March 23th, we recommend reading the birthdays of March 22 and March 24 as well.

Birthday How's Aries in Love?
March 21 Many admirers. Falls in love easily and not the most faithful. Cannot stand boredom and needs tons of excitement. Attracted to clever and powerful people. Fresh and enthusiastic but rather naive. Work partnerships. Money is a motivator.
March 22 Assertive and generous without cuddling. Needs constant change and stimulation. Confused to what you want. Self-willed and persistent. Assertive and not likely to cuddle a lot. Moody. Animal-lover. Distant relationships. Very restless. The communicator.
March 23 Magnetic but still detached (cannot stand dependency). Idealistic. Rather wants friendship. Needs a secure emotional environment. Charisma. Sharp mind. A maverick. No relationship without shared interests. The communicator. Addictions. Workaholic.
March 24 Enjoyable relationships. Needs harmony and balance in relationships. Conflicting feelings (between the heart and the mind/head). Pleasant and kind. Domestic. A worrier. Can be very stressed out.
March 25 Difficulties in keeping relationships. Might have problematic relationships. Difficult to live with. Extremely independent and needs huge amounts of excitement. Easily bored. Secret unions. Self-aborbed. Exuberant (life) style. Argumentative and talkative. Too cerebral. Fixed opinions. Questionable relationships.
March 26 Not the most romantic but very strongly sexed and sensual. Attracted to assertive people. Ambitious. A workaholic. Needs recognition and fame above "love." Extremely independent. dissatisfied. Fickle. Cannot commit.
March 27 Very independent. Cannot stand emotions so that maintaining love relationships is not easy at all. Cannot settle down. Secretive. Timid and rather insecure on the inside. Very receptive to outer influences. Highly sexed. Many love affairs. "Loves everyone."
March 28 Very independent. Does not want to bond easily. Very outspoken and passionate. Needs excitement, change and some conflict (might create it!). Instinctive and intense. Critical. Very outgoing and impatient racing through life. Opinionated and a fixed mind. Attracted to powerful people.
March 29 Very charming and generous. Magnetic. Rather passive/calm. Reticent and inclined to internalize anger. Gracious. Friendly. A negtative thinker. Needs to learn honesty and integrity. Lives in the mind.
March 30 Emotional issues may disturb love relationships. Too demanding. Too restless and a fast-paced lifestyle. Needs creative self-expression. Reflective. Youthful and a born entertainer. Jumps too easily to conclusions. Verbal skills. A negative thinker. Emotional restless. Lives in the mind. Abusive.
March 31 Loves teasing. Cynical. Finds love late in life. Very private. Dislikes restrictions. Big dreams and ambitions. Workaholic. A restless mind. Secret love affairs. Cannot commit. Jealous and suspicious.
April 1 All-or-nothing. Believes in fairy tales. Too talkative. Impulsive, direct (linear) and energetic. Has it difficult to cooperate and compromise. Too single-minded and often insensitive. A negative attitude. Lots of physical issues. Very self-centered and very fixed in the mind.
April 2 Difficult and demanding. Inconsistent and complex personality. Needs intellectual and clever people. Jealous. Dogmatic. Power struggles. A dreamer and escapist. Spendthrift.
April 3 Playful and outgoing. Lives fast. Sociable. Devoted. Lacks determination and hard to pin down. Too independent to maintain long-lasting relationships. Cannot finish anything and easily sidetracked. Possible issues re fidelity. Very restless. The traveler.
April 4 Bewildering. Demanding. Contradictory. Materialistic in relationships. Lacks patience and cannot compromise. Workaholic. Stubborn. Needs material comfort. Determined.
April 5 Stormy love relationships. Secret affairs. Lacks determination but very outspoken and direct in approach. Adventurous. Lives emotionally detached. Changes partners easily, often in a shocking way. Cannot stand regulations. Artistic and creative. Very freedom-loving. Juggles many things at once. Restless. Financial losses.
April 6 Looking for idyllic love. Lives idealistic dreams. Easygoing in social settings. Manipulative. A natural leader. Fair and just. Influential friendships. A workaholic. Toggle relationships. Power struggles.
April 7 Supportive in relationships. Too sensitive. Pre-occupied with self-interests. Too critical and outspoken of others. Intimate unions seldom last. Moody and very suspicious which may cause love relationships to break up. Emotionally unstable. Restless. Meets lots of personal disappointments.
April 8 Too career-oriented to sustain intimate relationships. Power games and controlling with loved ones. Charismatic. Compulsive marriage drives. Outerly rather impersonal. Ruthless. Very business-minded. Domineering. Loves money. Fixed mindset.
April 9 Lonely. Very physical. Worry over relationships and disappointments. Intense, fiery and magnetic. Compassionate. A consummate romantic. Loves variety. Spendthrift. Very critical. Pessimistic. Multiple marriages.
April 10 Impulsive. Cannot live alone. Not very sensitive and quite direct. Does not share emotions and feelings easily. Persuasive. Immature. Indecisive.
April 11 Impatient. Needs stability and cannot stand a relationship to break up. Passionate. Single-minded and persistent may result in ruthless behavior. Business-owner. Wealthy.
April 12 Youthful. Needs friendship and shared interests. Driven. May lead an active love life and/or be flirtatious. Progressive and intelligent. Industrious. Loves traveling and some danger. (Very) talkative and communicative. Financial losses are possible. Addictions. May experience a long-lasting marriage.
April 13 Wants to be in control. Protective. Jealous and insecure. Straightforward. Determined. Shopaholic. Smart. Independent. Platonic love life.
April 14 Very family-minded. Often dictatorial towards the partner. Needs intellectual partners. Age difference between partners works best. Fickle. Very unique and different. Inventive and creative.
April 15 Needs freewheelers. Needs romantic events and intimacy. Home sweet home. Inventive mind. Hesitant one moment and erratic the next. Divorced. Challenges in relationships.
April 16 Extremely sensitive and self-contained. Very moody. Argumentative. Inventive mind. Too high expectations. Very loyal. Has it difficult to get over hurt feelings. Financial losses and/or expenses. Cannot settle down. Freedom-loving. Dissatisfied.
April 17 Too self-sufficient. Hesitant and careful. Moody. Unsettled relationships. Lacks drive and self-reliance. Business-like attitude toward love. Restless. Enjoys traveling. A hard worker. Sociable. Popular. Difficult love unions.
April 18 Restless. Exploring. Can be indifferent. Into social work. A born fighter. Impractical and gets carried away by impossible dreams. Lots of disappointments in life. Feels insecure and worries a lot. Relationship issues.
April 19 Acts first, thinks later. Busy. Manipulative and power plays. Theatrical way of expressing oneself. Impulsive romances. Loves money. Argumentative. Financial losses and/or expenses.
April 20 Sensuous. Needs affection and security. Selfish. Impressionable. Stable but also stubborn and possessive. Impatient. Distant relationships.

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