The Cancer Horoscope

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Our delineation of the Cancer horoscope follows a very logical method, based on ancient basic and archetypal principles. It's NOT about stereotypes.

Every zodiac sign is the result of the so-called Quadruplicities or Modes (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and Triplicities (related to the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

The Cancer horoscope is based on the Cardinal Water energies:

  • The Cardinal principle is about acting (doing) and urges. It implies initiating activity and executing power.

    Cardinal is changing, disturbing and unsettling. Cardinals are the "do-ers" and initiators.

  • The Water principle is about emotion and compassion. Water runs deep and is highly sensitive, working in a subtle, non-physical way.

    It is quiet, receptive (introvert) and collecting. Water is imaginative and hiding, retiring (invisible).

Blending cardinal water into something tangible or material, you get the keyword of "the source."

The main characteristics of the Sun (representing your self-expressing life force) in the cardinal water sign Cancer are:

  • family- and/or home-minded
  • caring, nurturing and a love of the heritage and the past (protective)
  • courteous
  • very attached to someone or something when familiar with him/her/it
  • unobtrusive but tenacious
  • easily feels pushed away or neglected
  • careful about money
  • female Cancer is attracted to a 'family man'

Depending on your birth date, the Cancer horoscope divides into the following three decanates:

June 21/22-30

  • very ambitious and business-minded
  • motherly but more home- than family-minded
  • loves the own home or apartment
  • if born during a waxing Moon: energetic; if born during a waning Moon, rather slow and dislikes working (i.e. takes it more easy)
  • highly sensitive and receptive
  • shy in early life
  • very romantic and devotional (needs an idol)
  • wants to remain anonymous, private
  • can be assertive
  • easily seduced!
  • has innocent charm
  • sympathetic
  • loves to work at home
  • lives in a dreamworld
  • passive selfishness
  • needs love, love, love (even a platonic one)
  • persistent
  • capable of giving love... and withholding it
  • seldom has children
  • high romantic needs
  • emotionally complex people (the emotional chameleon)
  • needs protection
  • financially astute
  • very persuasive

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July 1-10

  • passionate, possessive and very jealous
  • persevering and more forceful (stubborn)
  • very active in household activities
  • wise and with premonitions (more mystical)
  • very family-minded
  • very attracted to the bizarre and the unusual (very wacky, especially in their free time)
  • lives in a secret world!
  • wants to remain anonymous and not disturbed
  • the collector
  • drawn to the dark sides
  • loves extreme persons
  • obsessive compulsive behavior
  • uncontrollable desires
  • self-destructive tendencies

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July 11-23

  • friendly, very sympathetic and compassionate
  • busy and very helpful
  • attracts money and/or possessions
  • religious and/or spiritual (psychic)
  • artistic
  • rather slow and chaotic
  • acts like a sponge and absorbs the atmosphere
  • manipulative
  • very ambitious
  • good observers
  • knows the depths of emotions
  • behind the scenes worker
  • can live alone
  • does not require luxury
  • obsessive-compulsive behavior
  • controlling
  • always advises and judges
  • needs a stable, solid and practical partner
  • contrasting affections (swinging according to their moods)
  • dynamic
  • emotionally blocked and unable to feel
  • craves excitement

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