Describing the Sun Sign Cancer and its Ascendant Combinations

Describing life events, specific personal traits and characteristics can never be based upon the Sun signs alone.

There are numerous other factors that color the Sun sign, like the Ascendant and the other personal planets and bodies.

This article delves deeper into the Sun sign Cancer and all the 12 different Ascendant combinations.

In the table below you can find your Ascendant and a description of the unique combined Sun sign-Ascendant meaning.

Keywords in bold print are highly significant.

The descriptions will be updated when new information becomes available.

Ascendant Descriptions
Aries Contradicting personality traits, easily feels or plays the victim, sociable, has a lively imagination, moody, difficult love relationships, numerous clashes, difficulties in the domestic area, lacks stability, needs to be more objective, irritable, may be a good surgeon, persevering.

Taurus Indulgent, charming, nature-loving, family-loving, the cook, a gourmand, simple life style, may be obese, reliable.

Gemini Adaptable and flexible, needs variety, charming, young at heart and youthful, very sensitive, cannot commit easily, often prefers to remain single, may face depressions, sociable.

Cancer Highly emotional and sensitive, a vivid imagination, withdraws easily, artistic drives, changes with the Moon (phases), economical.

Leo Vain, self-conscious, generous, loves some drama, elite-consciousness, very attractive, needs standing, may be wealthy, humorous.

Virgo Shy, fearful, withdraws easily, highly devoted, a perfectionist at work, needs to feel secure, does not want to stand in the spotlight, home-loving, loyal, cannot stand too much noise and buzz, irritable, nitpicking, subordinate, likes administration, low vitality, nervous irritability, the housewife, economical.

Libra Charming, gentle, a diplomat, pleasure-loving, inconsistent in matters of love, gets swayed easily, color-sensitive, loves literature.

Scorpio Magnetic, forceful and strong, intense inner life and emotions, aversions, tragic experiences, passionate, sexual obsessions, attracted to secrets and/or hidden things, wealthy through inheritances.

Sagittarius Lives in a fantasy world, the traveler and adventurer, many love affairs, no stability in matters of love, swayed easily, liver issues.

Capricorn Solitary, sensitive, vital, self-protective, feels misunderstood easily, often a huge age difference with the partner, the family may oppose his or her love life, difficult childhood experiences, business-minded.

Aquarius A complicated nature, lives a lot of illusions, emotional outbursts, financial reversals, physical issues related to the environment or surroundings, may face depressions.

Pisces A romantic soul, very intuitive, high in the sky, needs a harmonious environment, shy and timid, soft and often passive, very sensitive, has it difficult to live in the harsh realities of life, wants to be protected, cannot cope with emotional shocks and intensity, independent, artistic and creative.

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