Describing the Sun Sign Pisces and its Ascendant Combinations

Describing life events, specific personal traits and characteristics can never be based upon the Sun signs alone.

There are numerous other factors that color the Sun sign, like the Ascendant and the other personal planets and bodies.

This article delves deeper into the Sun sign Pisces and all the 12 different Ascendant combinations.

In the table below you can find your Ascendant and a description of the unique combined Sun sign-Ascendant meaning.

Keywords in bold print are highly significant.

The descriptions will be updated when new information becomes available.

Ascendant Descriptions
Aries Impulsive, loves literature, a complicated and moody nature, devoted, fighting windmills, a fighter, unstable life in many ways, cannot be objective, too nervous, medical interest, loyal.

Taurus Artistic, commercial interests, sensual, sociable, wants to please, needs approval, devoted, indulgent, cannot say 'no.'

Gemini Critical, spiritual interests, agitated, changeable, very moody, wants to please, charming, illusive, different or many love bonds and/or marriages, a flirt, sleepless nights, nervous tension, changeable, a traveler.

Cancer Romantic, charming, home-loving, may experience depressions, soft, timid, co-dependent for good or ill, passive, a care-taker.

Leo Intense, needs lots of affection, a chaotic love life, anxious, lacks some self-confidence, vain, needs lots of attention, humorous.

Virgo Critical, analytical, interest in the medical field, hesitant, a perfectionist, a helpful nature, timid, devoted, submissive, economical.

Libra Loves to seduce, diplomatic, strong intuition, gets swayed easily, unstable life and health, attractive, wants to please everyone, has an aesthetically appearance, naive and soft, (too) gentle, should beware of abuse, artistic, cannot resist easily, interest in dance and music.

Scorpio Tenacious, critical, often divorced, lives intense and dramatic passions, humorous, artistic, anxious, cunning.

Sagittarius An expatriate, always on the move, the explorer, escapist tendencies, a mystic, unstable love life, different love unions and/or marriages, agitated, an optimist.

Capricorn Timid, introvert, prefers solitude and a solitary being, never feels at ease, secretive, somber, suspicious, has a melancholic temperament, dutiful.

Aquarius Sexual issues, a humanist, interest in the spiritual fields, creative and innovative.

Pisces Soft and weak, charming, indecisive, often misunderstood, intuitive, vulnerable, lives in an imaginary world, lives illusions, highly emotional, very sensitive.

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